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MacKay Oleg

( cportsmen, boxer)

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Biography MacKay Oleg
photo MacKay Oleg
Oleg Maskaev was born in Jambul (Uzbekistan) in 1970. In amateur boxer, he won the championship of the USSR Armed Forces, National Championship, friendly armies of the Warsaw Pact, the Cup of the Soviet Union, was a champion of Asia, and repeated, was a silver medalist in 1992 World Cup. By the way, at a tournament friendly armies Oleg won the first round by Vitali Klitschko.

In 1994, Oleg decided to try his hand at professional boxing. In his first fight he was supposed to meet with Europe's most promising heavyweight Alexander Miroshnichenko, who had to fight the age of 21, all won, with 19 knockout. Moreover Miroshnichenko was aimed at the early holding of title fight for the title of absolute world champion. So the chances of Oleg regarded as zero.
The battle proved to be fleeting, in sight of the amazed public newcomer in the third round knockout of his distinguished opponent. Unfortunately Alexander Miroshnichenko never recovered from this defeat and left the ring, but Maskaev has acquired a manager Alexander - Vyacheslav Trunov.

In 1995, a young boxer moves in the U.S.. First, as expected, his career is an unhappy. Particularly sensitive was the defeat of former world champion Oliver McCauley. Oleg and then there was weaker McCauley, but said the lack of experience in professional boxing. Maskaev second defeat, this time from David Tua, currently the number one contender in the International Boxing Federation, many taught by Oleg. Ten rounds, Maskaev literally beat his opponent, . but in the 11-round missed quite a blow; hardly keep his feet, . Oleg was ready to continue to fight, . but referee, . not even had time to open an account, . suddenly stopped the battle, . announcing the winner by David Tua,
. In the American press is a decision the referee called "the most suspicious of the decision". Referee suspended from refereeing professional fights, but Maskaev promised a rematch, which, however, due to the fact that Tua categorically evades him, he still had not taken place.

The fight with Tua, though, and lost out because of unfair refereeing, convinced all of us and, above all, most Oleg that he had to shoulder any rivals. After losing to Tua, Maskaev won the title of champion of Asia among professionals, which is the so far won 8 fights in the professional ring, of which 7 - KO. Among the defeated his rival, Alex Stewart (4 times fighting for the title of world champion), who knocked out Oleg in round 7; Korridzh Shabalala (the rising star of South Africa, a knockout in round 9), Jeff Wooden ...

In the last fight Maskaev knocked out Hasim Rahman, one of the main contenders for the title of world champion. The final blow Oleg in this battle, from which Rahman flew over the ropes of the ring, was so beautiful and powerful that American newspapers have called it "the most beautiful, the knockout blow, and maybe even the decade '.

Television channel HBO shows only the most elite fighting. If a fight, even high-level, must meet inherently unequal forces on the boxers, HBO, he is not interested. This channel, which belongs to Warner Brothers, has at the moment only three of the contract with the heavyweight boxer: Lennox Lewis, Michael Grant and David Tua. Even Holyfield, not to mention Tyson, is not worthy of this honor. So, after a fight with Rahman, HBO offered a contract and Oleg Maskaev.

It should be noted that Oleg acts under the flag of Russia, but because of bureaucratic red tape still has not received Russia's passport. Oleg twice became the champion of PAVA (Pan-Asian Boxing Association).

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  • Alec for MacKay Oleg
  • In the mid-80's Maskaev lived izanimalsya boxing in Abai, Karaganda region. Does anyone know the details?
  • bake for MacKay Oleg
  • Jambul is a city in Kazakhstan and is named in honor of the great Kazakh poet Zhambyl Dzhabayev, . the very same who during the siege of Leningrad, wrote the poem "The citizens of Leningrad, . my children, . Leningrad pride my ...". These need to check, . particular geographic - it is not so difficult.,
  • maikl88 for MacKay Oleg
  • Maskaev was born in Kazakhstan, in Jambul (now a city of Taraz), then lived in Abai Karag.obl. By you stupid!
  • Anonymous for MacKay Oleg
  • He was born in the town of Abai Karaganda region
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    MacKay Oleg, photo, biography
    MacKay Oleg, photo, biography MacKay Oleg  cportsmen, boxer, photo, biography
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