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Korotaev, Oleg


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Biography Korotaev, Oleg
photo Korotaev, Oleg
Oleg Korotaev was born in 1949, he was one of the best cruiser weight in the USSR in the early to mid-seventies. The first time Moscow resident, who had exercised under the guidance of coach G. Dzheroyana in the sports society "Petrel", won a gold medal champion of the USSR in 1970, winning the final of his compatriot Vladimir Nesterenko. In total, during his sporting career he had five (!) Just became the champion of the USSR, and was silver medalist.

Oleg in the ring preached an aggressive style of boxing, had a strong knockout punch. Experts compare its impact with such celebrated masters of the ring as Boris Kuznetsov, Vyacheslav Lemeshev, Viktor Rybakov.

In 1973 Oleg Korotaev, consisting of the national team, took part in the XX European Amateur Boxing Championships. As part of our team were then B. Backfilling, B. Kuznetsov, Klimanov, V. Lemeshev. In the semi-final battle Oleg met with the famous at the time European champion boxer Yugoslav V. Parlovym. In equal battle won Yugoslav, who later became a champion, and Oleg Korotaev went to a bronze medal.

In 1973 an extraordinary congress of the AIBA has decided to hold the world championships every four years in even years, as the Olympic Games. Day 17 August 1974 entered the history of sport as the opening day of the first world championship among amateur boxers. 263 boxers from 45 countries arrived to Cuba to Havana in the ring the Sports Palace to identify the strongest boxers of the world. Among them was Oleg Korotaev.

Successfully conducting a prior fights, in the semifinals of the tournament Oleg met with aspiring American boxer Leon Spinks and heavy encounter battle won by the Americans. Three years later, Leon Spinks became the absolute champion defeating the legendary Muhammad Ali. In the final Oleg Korotaev met again with his friends at the European Championships Yugoslavs V. Parlovym and unfortunately the judges again preferred over eminent repeated twice European champion. Oleg won the silver medal in the first World Cup.

After the performances in the ring Oleg Korotaev not retired from boxing, he became vice-president of Russia Boxing Association. January 12, 1994 from the U.S. came the tragic news of the murder of a remarkable boxer and man Oleg Korotaev. He was killed Jan. 12, 1994 at four o'clock in the morning shot in the neck. There was this terrible crime in southern Brooklyn Avenue in Brighton Beach, on the very same street, which has been the third generation immigrants from Russia are sad and funny songs. Deputy Chief of the group to combat organized crime in New York, Greg Stashuk said: "He acted a hired killer, who at the time of the shot could only be with him. Apparently, the killer (or killers) did not cause suspicion Korotaeva. Maybe they even sat in a restaurant at a table. And only once on the night deserted street, the killer calmly pulled out a pistol and fired a shot in the neck Korotaeva ".

Russia rushed to print to link the murder of Oleg and the fact that he allegedly was a gang grupprovku Valyulinsa somewhere SDC past information that Korotaev moonlighting as a bouncer at the bar and hurt them the visitors retaliated boxer. Let all these speculations and conjectures, and sometimes the fruits of the wild imagination of journalists, for the FBI, who unsuccessfully already 6 years investigating the case. For thousands of people who came to say goodbye to the Vagankovskoye cemetery of the capital with Oleg Korotaev, he was big and open person, a great athlete, who all have always wished nothing but good.

In 1995 published a book of Nicholas Kosmina 'Who killed chempionaN'. This book describes the tragic fate of our outstanding boxer Oleg Korotaev, whose death from the assassin's bullet shocked the world. Author in an exciting, exciting form reveals the background of the mysterious events surrounding the hero of his incredible life.

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  • Anonymous for Korotaev, Oleg
  • He was friends with Mafia leaders - Zavadski, Mansun and Otari... seriously, who would want to kill an athlete, unless he had to be put out... vlad
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    Korotaev, Oleg, photo, biography
    Korotaev, Oleg, photo, biography Korotaev, Oleg  OUTSTANDING BOXER, photo, biography
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