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Lagutin, Boris Nikolayevich

( Honored Master of Sports, Olympic champion and chairman of the board `Improvement and Sports'.)

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Biography Lagutin, Boris Nikolayevich
photo Lagutin, Boris Nikolayevich

Born June 24, 1938, Mr.. in Moscow. Father - Lagutin Nikolai Borisovich (1917 - 1970). Mother - Lagutina Hope Gavrilovna (1918 - 1972). Wife - Lagutina Tatiana (1941 g.rozhd.). Sons: Peter (1970 g.rozhd.) And Alexander (1972 g.rozhd.). Lagutin family lived in Red Presnya. Childhood Boris was painted in military colors. My father went to the front. It has been a lot of soldiers as military roads, was wounded. His mother worked at the post office, and my grandmother on Trekhgornij Manufactory. Until now, Boris remembers the bombing of Moscow, trains, faces of war. He grew up normal boy, not to say very hooligan. I tried to smoke, drink. Fought by necessity, when it was necessary to protect the weak.

In the postwar years in sports, like most of their peers: football, hockey, volleyball, skiing. The desire to become a strong lead in the ring, a sports club "Wings of the Soviets", to the coach with a surprisingly consonant with his professional name V. Trenin. An experienced master singled out the young Boris Lagutin of the peer group, gave him the primary school of boxing, prepared for the first leg. After just a couple of years, under his leadership, BN Lagutin became the champion of Moscow in boxing. By this time, Boris graduated from the Moscow Electromechanical College (1957), worked as an electrician at a defense plant. So the training of future Olympic champion took place after the end of a shift.

In 1959, Mr.. Lagutin won the Sports Day of the Soviet peoples, and gets right to the Olympic Games in Rome. As Boris worked at a defense plant, he got himself into some serious difficulties with the departure abroad. But given that he was talking about the Olympics, the authorities went to some relief, and he was able to go to the Olympics. Not having essentially no experience in international meetings, the young athlete won a bronze medal, broke the semi-finals. In a battle with American Mc Klyurom judges (with a difference of one vote) prefer rival. This battle was the only fight in which Lagutin was counted defeat of 29 international meetings held by them at the highest level. There, in Rome, Boris promised myself at the next Olympics to win.

Began four years of hard work. In those years in the Soviet Union in the first middleweight champion, . in category, . which appeared Boris Lagutin (from 67 to 71 kg), . There were many excellent boxers: A. Koromyslov, . I. Sobolev, . I. Budman, . V. Tregubov, . Ageev, . who had to win, . to get to the core of the team,

It was during these years a particular style of behavior boxer in the ring, his manner of fighting. Tall, with long, cautious Boris Lagutin has established itself as a subtle tactics, a boxer who prefers to "work" in the long haul. However, he ably led the fighting and in middle distance and "infaytinge (melee), easily maneuvered around the ring, and often sharply counterattacked with a variety of accurate and powerful blows to the head, right. Economical use of force, well-defended, had a knockout punch. International meetings on boxing Lagutin, as a rule, ended prematurely due to knockout or apparent advantage.

Before setting off on his second Olympics, Boris Lagutin won all the competitions, in which participated: became the champion of the country (1961, 1962, 1963, 1964.), Two times European champion (1961, 1963.). In Tokyo the ring he was not equal, for that matter, and the USSR national team, the best in those years, the world's boxing squad.

After Tokyo triumph question arose: what dalsheN behind was State Central Institute of Physical Education, which Lagutin graduated in 1963. This gave the opportunity to work a coach or sports officials. Boris decides to get a "secular" education. In 1965, Mr.. he entered the Faculty of Biology Moscow State University,. Parallel to his studies he worked as an instructor for the sport of the Moscow City Council DSO "Spartak" (1964-1971 gg.), Coached boys.

The difficult conditions under which placed itself Lagutin, affected its sports results. Lectures, social work, training ... - All this has led to what he has to play and four years after the "golden" Olympic Games he was not in the team. But on the eve of the Olympic Games in 1968, Boris Lagutin won the title of champion of the country and the right to "beat" on his third Olympic Games. And again in brilliant style wins gold medal. The victory over a young Cuban boxers then Garbeem (later a world champion in boxing) in the final of the Olympic Games-68 was the most expensive for Boris Lagutin. He became Olympic champion - so the title does not have any boxer of the Soviet Union, Russia, CIS countries, and in the world of sports items.

During the period of his unique career BN Lagutin held at amateur boxing 298 fights, of which 287 won. Boxer, . whose name is inscribed in golden letters in the history of sports, . Olympic Movement, . gratefully paid tribute to coaches, . which helped him in the ring: among them the brothers Eugene and Victor Ogurenkovy, . KV Gradopolov, . GA Kirshtein, . S. Shcherbakov and other, . as well as the outstanding boxer, . that fate brought him: Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay), . Benvenuti (Italy), . Stevenson (Cuba), . Boris Nikanorov, . Richard Tomulis, . Valery Popenchenko,

Boris Lagutin finished, Moscow State University and goes to work in the Komsomol Central Committee responsible organizer of the department of sport and the defense of mass. Then he was elected deputy chairman of the Republican Council of society "Spartacus" (1982-1987 gg.). During this period, BN Lagutin is directly involved in organizing activities aimed at improving children, youth, workers by means of physical culture and sports. He plunged into the organization of clubs in the community and in the sectors of the economy, spoke to children, it can often be seen in the factories, dormitories, prisons and penal colonies. Useful and knowledge gained at the Faculty of Biology, especially in organizing recreational work in hazardous industries. With the active participation of specialists such as BN Lagutin DSO "Spartak" has become the leading sports associations in the country for training athletes, successfully defending the country flag on the national championships, European, World, Olympics.

Do not interrupted Boris Lagutin, and with boxing. From 1976 to 1981. he heads the Boxing Federation of the USSR.

In 1987, BN Lagutina appointed head of department of mass physical culture and sport of All-Union Council of Trade Unions SWD. During this time, on his initiative and with direct participation has been done to the material and technical base of physical culture in enterprises, institutions, educational institutions, in rural areas. In this capacity, he works up to 1991.

In 1991. together with like-minded Boris Lagutin created a foundation "Improvement and Sports" and was elected chairman of its board, president. Foundation - one of the few organizations in Russia, which really helps to revive the sport and recreational and sports activities. Among his priorities - children, teenagers, their interests. Broad program of sports events: the young footballers, . Hockey, . Boxers, . tennis and volleyball, . marathon, . winter swimming and tourism, . organization of sports activities in the community - all this naturally with the knowledge of the native land, . labor skills, . meetings and conversations with interesting people,
. Sports schools and training provision - a change of masters, the solution of everyday economic issues. Attention to adolescents who have committed offenses and are in prison, participation in scientific symposia, consultations with specialists. Foundation works closely with the International Confederation of sports organizations, advisor to the president that since 1996. is Boris Lagutin. Both organizations have significant health improvement work, including those with disabilities and veterans of the Great Patriotic War. With the active assistance of the International Confederation of sports organizations, the Olympic Committee of Russia, the Fund's sports committees in the field with disabilities for the first time Russia became participants in the Paralympic Games. This work has been recognized and reflected in the new legislation on sport.

Boxing continues to be in the interests of Boris Nikolayevich, as an effective means of physical and moral education of youth. At times, responding to their queries, Boris Nikolayevich, not only explains and demonstrates the secrets of sporting skills. Participates in the traditional events commemorating the veterans of war and sport, establish prizes, awards. He is a member of the Presidium of the Boxing Federation, the Bureau Rossiyskogo society "Spartak", Moscow Federation of Disabled.

BN Lagutin - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1969), Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Russia (1982). Awarded the Labor Red Banner (1965), . 'Honor' (1968), . "Friendship of Peoples" (1981), . "For merits before Fatherland" IV and III degrees (1996, . 1998.), . medals "For Labor" and "850 anniversary of Moscow", . as well as the award of the International Olympic Committee - Olympic Order of Glory,

In his spare time, Boris loves not only being in nature, fishing, walking to the theater, nothing human is alien to him. With a sufficient degree of irony and humor belongs to fame - the phenomenon of capricious and rapidly changing its opposite. One of the wise men said: "If a man has no mercy, then he is terminally ill heart failure". This idea is very accurately describes the credo Boris Lagutin.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: Moscow, Soljanka st, 14 / 2.

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Lagutin, Boris Nikolayevich, photo, biography
Lagutin, Boris Nikolayevich, photo, biography Lagutin, Boris Nikolayevich  Honored Master of Sports, Olympic champion and chairman of the board `Improvement and Sports'., photo, biography
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