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Shatkov Gennady Ivanovich


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Biography Shatkov Gennady Ivanovich
Gennadiy Shatkov was born May 27, 1935 on the birthday of St. Petersburg, a city with which it is connected all the subsequent life. Boxing Gena started with 12 years at the Leningrad Palace of Pioneers of. Zhdanov a coach Ivan Pavlovich Osipov. In 1949, Mr.. came the first success - III place in the championship of the USSR among youths in Rostov-na-Donu.
In 1951, Mr.. Gennady graduated from the 222-th school in Kuibyshev district of Leningrad and entered by dialing 24 points in the five entrance examinations at the Faculty of Leningrad State University. By that time, Gennady Shatkov has become the champion of Leningrad among youths and adults of the first medium weight (67-71 kg).
Period of the student body was successfully completed in all respects: it advances to the championships of the USSR (1953. - III place, 1954. - II, 1955. - I), . gold belt at the XI European Championship in Berlin (1955), . where in the final he beat former European champion, . Shvedov Schelina, . ppobeda at the World Student Games and the captaincy in the USSR team, and this diploma with honors and graduate school of the University, . where he came as a winner I Spartakiad peoples of the USSR, . in November 1956,
. LSU graduate student Gennady Shatkov XVI becomes the champion of the Olympic Games.
XVI Olympic Games held in Melbourne. This is the second Olympic Games, in which participated USSR team. Team coach boxers was 10-times champion of USSR, Sergei Shcherbakov, recently left a ring. Gennady spent his fights subtly and cleverly, . owning all means of defense and attack, . master-class he had a peculiar, . a characteristic style of warfare, . gipnoteziruyuschaya during which the enemy gave way to slow explosive counter konratakami,
. In the finals of the tournament, he defeated a boxer from Chile R. Tapia, and brought the team of the USSR third gold medal and a first team place in the unofficial standings. In Gennady Shatkova champions are Vladimir Safronov from Ulan-Ude Vladimir Engibaryan from Yerevan. They became the first Soviet Olympic champion in boxing.
Next in 1957 was not entirely successful. At the national championship in the finals gave Gennady A. Lyasote, and at the European Championships in Prague, came only up to 1 / 4 final. But in 1958 Shatkov again becomes a champion of the USSR, and at the European Championships in Lucerne (1959) returns a honorary title by winning the final of the Pole T. Valaseka, the future champion of Europe.
. All is going well and Gennady Shatkov in the USSR team arrived in Rome at the XVII Olympic Games
. Suddenly it became known that the team is not worthy of a boxer in the light heavyweight weight class, and just before the Olympics Gennady instructed to gain weight. While commanding the interests of the team put above the interests of the athlete. Apparently this was one of the rare mistakes Sergei Shcherbakov - coach. Here's how he remembers the events Gennady Shatkov: "With great difficulty I gained the desired weight, some losing the physical shape. So that Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali at the Olympics played under that name) More to the battlefield was a hefty handicap. Besides, I had to change their usual tactics of warfare, as I was among the most stunted Cruiserweight.
. At the Olympics, I spent only two battle: one won on points at the Luxembourgers Siyena, lost the second (also on points), Cassius Clay.
. 18-year-old Clay was considered the best boxer of the American team
. Tall, athletic, it is easy, as if dancing, traveling over the ring. He was taller and heavier than me. About my favorite battle in the distance there could be no question. At first the course of the meeting was forming for me is not so bad. However, my attempts to enter the melee Clay contrasted sharp scathing attacks from both hands. But he himself missed them a lot.
In two rounds - Draw. But in the third, I felt that to win a beautifully prepared light heavyweight "potyazhelevshy" middleweight could not. My strokes did not reach the opponent's head. They came to the body, on what seemed to me, Clay is absolutely no reaction. Only a great effort of will, I forced myself to fight in the clinch.
. As a result, the judge recognized the winner of the American boxer: 60:57, 60:57, 60:57, 60:58, 59:56. "
. November 15, 1962 Gennady Ivanovich became a candidate of legal sciences, and somewhat later - Senior lecturer of "Theory and History of State and Law"
. In 1964, Mr.. he became vice-rector of Leningrad University. GI Shatkov - author of several books he has written extensively on his specialty and the sport of boxing, the identity of the Athlete. Here are some of his works: "Big Ring" (1963), "The brutal Rounds" (1979), "Young Boxer" (1982).
For outstanding achievements in sport Gennady Ivanovich Shatkov awarded the Order of Lenin.

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  • Shatkov Gennady
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  • Shatkov Gennady
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    Shatkov Gennady Ivanovich, photo, biography
    Shatkov Gennady Ivanovich, photo, biography Shatkov Gennady Ivanovich  OUTSTANDING BOXER, photo, biography
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