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Biography Primo Carnera
photo Primo Carnera
Born in 1906 in the village Sekvale that an hour's leisurely steps from Venice.
His parents - the poorest in Sekvale - provoked huge size of their teenage son because of what appeared unsolvable problems with food, shoes and clothing.
One day they drove him out of the house, and Primo went to work in France where he was taken for the hardest and dirtiest work, until he got lucky and he did not champion a wandering circus. The owner filed Primo public as a kind of vast and ruthless monster, declaring his "monsters Giovanni", to which external data is quite consistent with Carner. In maturity he was 208 cm of growth and 119 kg. Neither before nor after did not champion boxer with dimensions. Another thing is that the nature of the Italian giant is not a villain, but rather an agreeable, somewhat naive and.
At a presentation at the Karner highlighted professional boxer Paul Zhunve, he introduced a non giant with Leon Sue, energetic and successful manager. I must say that Sue is not immediately decided to make Carner boxer. Yes, tremendous growth and power, yes, shoes N57, yes, a bear's endurance and courage. But there were circumstances that bothered and manager.
In addition the Italian physiologists, which Sue invited to the consultation, see anomalies, typical of gigantism: say, a few fragile skeleton, the nodes venous leg, slowed reflexes and not trouble-free heart. Also, 20-year-old Carnera did not have the slightest skill in boxing, which is always later than the effect on his career.
Yet Leon Sue ventured. Being first and foremost a businessman, . it is easy to imagine, . what impression to the public appearance of this monster in the squared ring, . and in this he guessed: Primo always evoked an unhealthy interest in his ferocious appearance, . coarse manners, . which he taught the directors of a large box,
But Sue is not only interested Carnero, and the mafia, and for which he became a cash cow. It was rumored that Al Capone himself had something to do with countryman. Him all the way released the way to the throne. In particular, opponents are not picked up from the very strong number. It is known that when in battle with Ace Clarke giant sometime after 5 th round clearly went to defeat, to the ring and approached a certain gentleman, throwing the floor of his cloak, showed Ace "Colt", after which he quickly and
. sensibly collapsed on the floor
Of course, not all the fights with Primo become trickery, this is impossible, but it is his chief title fight with champion Sharkey was clean, no suspicion here and did not arise. A year earlier they had fought in New York: On the day Sharkey weighed 92 kg, and the Italian colossus - 118, and
It seemed that the applicant will crush opponent. It seems to be and went - the first three rounds of Carnera won decisively. The strike did not pass without a trace, ameriknets skillfully and ruthlessly destroyed the opponent, and Karner be given credit for is that he kept up until the last round.
This relatively easy victory played a cruel joke on Sharqi, because he is not afraid of Italians before the second match. And vain. The world champion is not bothered in training, forgetting that just in its certain age (Sharkey was already over 30) relies very diligently to maintain form. But the 27-year-old Carnera very seriously preparing for a cover to match with the champion. In addition to the hard training, he was on the advice of the remarkable specialist Dr. Bruel took pills and fed on a special diet, in order to strengthen
their fragile skeleton. The results were encouraging, at least, never to even the most ferocious attacks did not break his ribs and jaw, these earlier vulnerabilities Italian.
Have become more harmonious, powerful muscles, and Carner, as is evident from photographs. Especially anterior deltoids, triceps and abdominals. Mark and some semblance of a waist, well, let alone swing shoulders
Colossus has always been a gigantic. But most importantly - Primo Carnera became much more mobile, whereas prior to the training of it resembled a clumsy cart-horse. In short, in this match against Sharkey Carnera had to go Transfiguration.
In all this the public is more than a cool reception to their struggle. Everyone knew that the champion and challenger will never become great fighters. Moreover, all were convinced that Sharkey (formed from the sharks), and this time easily and quickly swallow the Italian bumpkin. But one tragic event sharply increased interest in the match. Shortly before the main battle Primo went to the ring against Ernie Schaaf, who had brutally knocked out dashing veselchak Max Baer. Of course, as Ernie health
ought to look after themselves. But he went. And was killed in the ring Carnero, then broke out of passion, that "monster from Italy and is able to devour the Shark.
But that's okay, fortunately, did not happen. Initially, Sharkey had a distinct advantage, and this is described as that part of the battlefield reporter for The New York Herald: "During the 5 rounds, and most of the 6-th Sharkey fought very strongly. Moreover, at the end of the 5 th round Carnera, weakened by short, quick punches in the body, was forced to hang on Sharqi, so as not to fall ".
All 30 thousand spectators, yawning, waiting for the inevitable end of the Italian. But it is precisely in these moments Carnera began to slowly come to life and push back the champion. Even a little later, smiling serenely Sharkey went straight to the bidder who push, missed a sweeping swing, and hit the left slightly below
belt, and would be better if he did not do.
This blow was not accentuated, and the referee had made no comments. But Primo Carnera was hurt, and he got mad, and know that there is nothing more dangerous than the phlegmatic giant if it is brought to rabies. With unusual playfulness rushed to Sharkey Carnera and began to thrash him with both hands. At some point the world champion in complete confusion stopped in the middle of the ring, and then a powerful blow to the jaw dropped him to the floor.
It was all over. Silent and perplexed audience left the arena. Thirteenth World Champion once again proved to be not their countryman. For Sharqi this defeat was the epilogue of his boxing career, while Carnera tasted at home all the charm of great glory. Signal applied himself to Mussolini, which adopted and seduced a fresh champion in his residence.
The local masters of boxing, the press claimed that in the face Carner happy Italians faced with a miracle of nature, really sure of the unthinkable - his alleged Homeric physical data completely
consistent technical skill. Incidentally drum and a thought: the emergence of this phenomenon is only possible in a country with a fascist regime, and thus, we can say that after
. Shmellingom guileless Carnera became a kind of trump card in the high political games
Soon the Duce and his associates came to believe that it is not superfluous to show the hero and in. Fearing a scandal, if Carnera defeated, they picked him in the rivals already familiar to us basque Paolino, who in general does not showed himself to be bright in the ring. Besides, he was older Primo right on to eight years and lighter at 26 kg. Nevertheless, the event is declared a match for the crown of the strongest fighter in the world-heavyweight, although the outcome of the battle was obvious and very much ignorant.
Italian champion, it seems, went into the role of national hero. Ring erected on the main square of Rome, all of it was packed with 70 thousand visitors. And when he appeared Carnera, the first thing he turned to the tribune of honor and gave Mussolini's fascist greetings. And when the 7 th round Paolino made a dangerous movement, and the referee gave him the remark, Carnera condescendingly patted opponent on the shoulder and asked the arbitrator not pay attention to such trifles.
Of course, won the Primo. Won on points and in a rather uninteresting battle. Part of the audience followed him with a slight hiss, as the waiting KOs.
Meanwhile, over Carnero hung a terrible danger: Max Baer, who spoke with a six-pointed star on his shorts - he was a descendant of German Jews. It was a strange figure, and well-known American writer Norman Mailer, a lively interest in boxing, once called Baer's "enigmatic clown".
Leaving the ring, he usually did a somersault. Could a break in my own way chat with someone from the audience, curious, say, mothers-health or crops on the farm. He gave the most extravagant interview
Reporters shaft cut down on his press conference, and here in the spring of 1933 he told them that put their lives to do away with "two-Nazis", ie Shmellingom and Carnero.
With all the vivacity of his character, reputation in the desperate ladies' man and drinkers, Bair to match with those two fighters preparing very seriously. He was much more mobile Shmellinga and Primeau had a wonderful addition with the growth of 190 cm and weight 92 kg, and his powerful right hand was compared with a sledgehammer.
In short, Americans are hoping that this eccentric, handsome spihnet Carner from his throne.
So, June 8, 1933 in New York, which has become a constant scene of fighting boxers heavyweights in the ring and climbed Shmelling Baer, whose victory in this match opened the door on the title match with world champion Carnero. But Shmelling was confident in its strength, besides it's not without reason to believe that the arbitrators had unjustly taken away from his victory over Sharkey, and with it the first tutul gloves peace.
Alas, he zabluzhalsya about its capabilities: a wailing audience: "Beat the Nazis!" Baer vividly set to work, brought down his namesake to the ground and all the ten rounds raced around the ring for crazed with fear and pain Shmellingom. In the end, the referee stopped the fight, Baer raised his hand and declared him the official challenger for the match for the championship.
Shortly before this match Baer and Carnera weighed in a film where the first played the role of a dashing, gay boxer, and Primo, of course, the dark villain ring. When the shooting ended, her dancing gait Max went to the champion and publicly stated: they say, is the director would not let me send you to the next world, but now make haste to choose a spot in the cemetery.
Kill it Carner did not kill him, but all 11 rounds of relentlessly pounding the Italian. Champion looked doomed, and before the match, it seems, self-confidence Baer, scathing articles in newspapers and the open hostility of the public who knew something about his blown victories, heavily pressured ingenious soul Carner. He stayed
11 rounds in the ring again, the New York Madison Square Garden, and in each this Makhina fell on the floor. 11 knockdowns in a fight! Nobody could remember. Three times Carnera came up, staggered to the referee and pleading to stop the fight, but he, feeling the desire to crowd more and more suffering posmakovat hated champion, threatened the Italian lifetime disqualification and drove toward his tormentor.
Only in the 11-round referee stopped the fight, realizing that just about Bear actually kill your opponent completely helpless. All were confident that the new champion - a feisty, clever, young - will be able to
long retain his title. But things turned out otherwise. Total year Bear sat on the throne. And then completely lost the match with the very first candidate: against him came James J. Braddock, a descendant of Irish immigrants.
Taking the highest title, Max Baer changed his life. He admitted to reporters that he had never loved the battle is a different matter - a careless high life. Sports reporters have been in despair, they could not capture the Max in a training room, with fighting gloves. But their colleagues from other publications now and then published the photographs, where the champion nezhilsya on the beach, filmed in Hollywood, squeezed the winners of beauty contests ... That is why this extremely talented boxer did not become great, ignominiously lost
ordinary Braddock.
And to match with Baer was a matter of life or death. Becoming a boxer, he earned the nickname "Cinderella," and with good reason. Child of the New York slums, the young James could not later recall the case when he had eaten to satiety. Then he dockers, but just in those years in the U.S. came the Great Depression, and this young,
burly man loitering in the rank of the unemployed on the streets of New York, interrupting odd jobs.
Some pennies James J. Braddock received by participating in third-rate boxing fights. But he had some ability to boxing, strength of character, and gradually he began to stand out from a number of losing themselves into drinking, unskilled brawlers.
Like Cinderella by Charles Perrault, he was incredibly lucky. Before the match against Baer, he spent only three bouts with more or less strong boxers - with Carnot Griffin, John Lewis and the art proficiency Lasky, and overcame them, to the surprise of all was declared a member of the Board of boxing title match with Baer. Bosses were aware of professional boxing, . that the world champion did not survive the battle with the class warrior, . and Max was they wanted it as the "king", . because he liked the public, . and especially the Jewish part of the country, ,
In fact, Braddock had just one big battle. He had only one well-known opponent - this is, you know, Max Baer. And the victory over him dockers were introduced to the gallery of "immortal" in life happens, and so. But it should pay tribute to James J. Braddock: He is 30-year-old who does not have high skill struggled with Baer istuplenno since realized that fate had given him one and only chance to break free from poverty, and he used this chance.
His opponent went into the ring in the good-condition. Enough to roll about a strong team to fool the referee, he immediately attacked James: flippant, cocky and Max in the head never held that the applicant will have a resistance to it.
Yes, as he was rastrenirovan Baer, but according to his ability, he excelled in the class of the dark voltage Braddock. But she wants to freely quote the famous expression: "A hungry boxer - a terrible boxer". Champion did not let up in clowning and antics in the ring, not realizing that before him, embittered and ready for all rival.
The first round took place in a fairly equal fight, but an advantage for the applicant was still. In the sweat of his brow, he gained the winning points, that did not bother Baer. In the sixth he finally breaks through the protection of James, who started epistaxis ... In the eighth round champion driving the opponent into a corner, and his right, sharp blows, it would seem, must finish Braddock, but he just otfyrkivalsya and in general was far from being able to collapse.
But this was only an episode. Braddock missed a beat, and then sent not less sensitive, and he has recruited more. Going down the challenger in the center ring in the last round, Baer friendly whispered: "I am glad that the big money will go to you, James. You spend them with much better than I ". Although Baer won this round, the referee declared the world champion stubborn Irishman: Braddock won 7 rounds, Baer - 4, the remaining arbitrators shall be considered equal.
Fifteenth champion and really skillfully handle your money. He sent two sons to Yale University, and daughter - in a music school. Himself became fermerstvovat. In 1942, he enlisted in the army and took part in combat operations, showing himself a brave soldier. From the life he
left in November 1974, died quietly on his farm.
Finally the same should sincerely say that the gallery "immortal" everything mentioned in this essay are not the champions occupy a prominent place. Somehow they were strong, with something original. But no more - not great.
But schestnadtsaty, that's for sure - at all times ". Joe Louis, the legendary "black scorer" ... The next essay - entirely about him.

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