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Biography KORZUN Dina
photo KORZUN Dina
Graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School (Class AB Pokrovskaya)
Award "Nika" for Best Actress (1998).


1995, diploma spectacle Moscow Art Theater School "Miracle of St. Anthony" after Maurice Maeterlinck, directed by Roman Kozak
1995, "Buried Child" by Sam Shepard, directed by ...
1995, "Love in the Crimea," Chekhov Art Theater. A. P. Chekhov, on Slavominu Mrozheku, directed by Roman Kozak
1996, "I can not imagine what will happen tomorrow" by Tennessee Williams, directed by Anatoly Flyusarenko
1997, "Crime and Punishment" by F. M. Dostoyevsky, directed by Victor Sergachev
. 1997, "Old House" on ....., director Hadzionidis
. 1997, "Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare, directed by Nikolai Sheiko
. 1997, "Painting" by Eugene Ionesco, directed by Starchak
. 1997, "Retribution" by Alexander Volodin, director Vlasov
. 1997, "Thunderstorm" by Ostrovsky, on a
. N. Ostrovsky, director Dmitry Brusnikin
. 1998, "Gold" by Joseph Bar-Joseph, directed by Roman Kozak


. 2003, "Martha", London-Russia-Switzerland, directed by Louis Frank
. 2003, "The Steadfast Tin soldier," Russia, directed by Sergei Snezhkin
. 2002, "Theory binge," a comedy, Russia, Natalia Pogonicheva
. 2001, "Road", a comedy, Russia, Natalia Petrova
. 2000, "Citizen of the head, serial, Russia, directed by Nikolai Dostal
. 2000, "The President and his granddaughter, x / p, Russia, director Tigran Keosayan
. 2000, "Last Resort", London, directed by Paul Pawlikowski
. 1999, "The original Chagall", x / p, Russia, directed by Anna Fenchenko
. 1998, "Country of the Deaf", x / p, Russia, directed by Valery Todorovsky
. 1994, "It is inside the walls", a film-parable, Russia, directed by Margaret Podyapolskaya

. Interview with Dina Korzun:

. Once upon a time there was a girl in the city of Smolensk
. Her name was Diana. Name your girl is not loved, believed his sishkom too loud and pretentious. And renamed themselves Dinah. And she loved the girl to arrange performances, sing, recite poetry, dance and draw. The girl grew up and became akrisoy that our viewers know of the role of deaf dancers Yayi fima Valery Todorovsky "Country of the Deaf". Of course, this is Dina Korzun. Despite her popularity had fallen, Dina is not infected "star disease" and not terribly fond of giving interviews. Perhaps that is why there is a perception among reporters about the difficult, intractable nature of the actresses?
. Actresses do not suddenly become

. - Dina, after school you came to art-graphic faculty of the Smolensk Pedagogical Institute
. How is it that after the second course you suddenly dropped out and went to Moscow to become an actress?

- Yes, all right, I was going to become a sculptor. Seriously engaged in painting, graduated from art school and began studying at the institute. And then all left, went to Moscow and entered the preparatory courses at Moscow Art Theater School. For me passion for theater began in his childhood. I lived in Smolensk to 16 years in this huge house where they were solid communal. And there were many children. We liked to organize concerts for adults, I have always been their inspiration. Adults were given tickets, and they took their seats in rows, according to the specified places. We have them, even in those days were not allowed to watch football. Everything was very serious. At that time, in my yard, I was already a popular artist of the USSR Dina Korzun. It is there in my childhood, and received an expression of my yearning for submission.

- Dina, how do you refer to what you call a fashionable actress? Do not hurt it, because a short-term fashion: fashionable today, but tomorrow is not?

- Do not hurt. I think that came up with this concept, journalists are not for me, as long. And to me prikleelos, because the film "Country of the Deaf" was such a stylish, striking and unexpected. And the image of Yayi was unusual. But no particular joy from all kinds of beautiful words, as, indeed, from the prizes and awards, I do not feel. And there is no hypocrisy. The fact that the film "Country of the Deaf" watched a lot of people. And for me, really important that people recognize me, fit in and share experiences, wish me luck, health, good and new roles. I have these words becomes warm heart.

- What do you feel when you have worked role slaboslyshashey girl?

- Work on this role was very difficult but very interesting. I taught three months of its role as a special instructor for slaboslyshashih, went to college and the Institute for the Deaf. Thought a lot about these people. Therefore this role and turned out such a success, it was a lot of my personal. I realized these people do not uscherbrye, they are just different. They do not have any fear, nor feel sorry for them. Sometimes I even admired, among them a unique, strong people. For them everything in life is harder. Deafness from our point of view - is limited. It is difficult to imagine that a child does not hear any man sounds: words, music. And therefore they think of specific categories, without the nuances. But they are able to distinguish very subtle gradations in human relations.

What is left behind the scenes

- Dean, tell us a little about your theatrical works.

- I always work in the State Theater, they. A. P. Chekhov. I'm playing Katerina in "Storm", Sonia in Crime and Punishment "show" Gold "- this is my first experience in entreprise. I agreed, because it suggested Yefimovich Roman Kozak, my teacher. He took me to the training courses conducted throughout the study and have always believed in me.

- You were taken at Lenfilm in the film directed by Alexei Uchitel "Female name" of the writer Ivan Bunin. Filming has already ended?

- No, we just started. But now everything had to "freeze".

- How do you your personash Marga?

- With Margo I'm a very complex relationship. In fact, I'm even a little glad that all suspended. I thought a lot about that image, at first he told me was even unsympathetic. And even if we were filming at the moment when it all began, I'd go the easy way. And now I'm ready, when shooting resumed feel this way in another, much deeper.

"I do not like rigid framework"

- Dina, who you sign?

- Aries.

- So, you are by nature a very stubborn?

- Perhaps because of this particular character traits, I am in any case try to achieve some result, the success. And as soon as something we can have, I get bored. And I start to think about something else. Like now, I think.

- Do you want to leave a career as an actress now, when you are on a crest of popularity?

- I'm not saying that I want to leave. I say that I would like something a little bit to change their lives. I do not like rigid framework. For example, last spring I ran from one rehearsal to another. We then did the director Sheiko "Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare, I played there Helen. And while rehearsing a maid in the play Volodina "Somewhere brewing retribution". I really liked both the author and the role, but was rolled so mad tired from which wanted very much to escape and free himself. Sometimes I want to stay home with her son. Timur is an adult, and he needs more and more attention, he learns in the second grade. And sometimes I really want to draw. And I have no time, I draw sometimes at night.

- That is, you still live two passions, and neither one nor the other can not take the upper hand?

- No, circumstances have already formed, so that I had to make a choice.

- But a painting you can always return. Andrei Makarevich, Boris Grebenshchikov doing solo exhibitions?

- It's wonderful, of course. But they probably their own masters. And we, artists, dependent people. Maybe I too will someday be possible to deal seriously with painting.

. "I do not like to throw dust in the eyes"

. - Once you said that you always accrue to the role of martyrs, but now the trend is broken?

. - No more
. But I'm just so over the grieving. In the theater I play different, sometimes diametrically opposed, but most tragic role. I think that this is due to feature of my abilities, my talents. I think I can express my deep spiritual experiences, suffering. When I play on a maximum, then get something unexpected, my personal, individual. The director, sensing this, they want me in this use. I suddenly thought, what happens when shifting to the paper all that I have just said. There also will be left of the intonation, which I pronounce it all. It's so funny when the actress sits and praises himself: what is it talented, what is it good ... My relationship with journalists is difficult to fold because of this. I'm sitting candid. And they hear only what they want to hear. I write my text, but it sounds the printed word. In another. Changing the meaning at all, meaning I. I think that my words have sometimes gone.

- But the actress can always tune out the talking and play what he expects from it?

- Why? Of course, the actress, in my opinion, this is a special kind of animal, with a keen instinct and intuition. It is possible in life to play anything. But I do not want to write about myself myths and splurge. But in an interview, much depends on my mood. Perhaps it would be me now, another mood, and the conversation turned to a more cheerful ...
. Natalia Urazova
. Interview with actress
. Sharp turn Dina Korzun
. Dina Korzun - HOT Maximalist

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KORZUN Dina, photo, biography
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