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Biography LARIONOV Alla D.
photo LARIONOV Alla D.
CAREER Alla Larionova a vertical take-off star. And what a star! Most beautiful film actress-sixth of the Earth!.. Her coming to the cinema to duplicate the tale of Cinderella. True, she was the favorite child is quite affluent parents: father - the director raypischetorga, "of these Communists" (as she later recalled), mother - assistant manager in kindergarten. Once her school-girl, called on the street by an unknown woman: "Girl, you want to act in films?" So Alla Larionova got on "Mosfilm", it were put in a card index involved in the extras ...

After school, went to GITIS: "Has Goncharov. And he was such a beautiful. I forgot the text of excitement, which was supposed to read. And he is not without malice asked me: "Girl, how old are you?" - "Seventeen" - say. And he says: "So at seventeen must have a better memory ..."

But to do it all the same to VGIK, where the course was considered the most beautiful student. Among the many admirers of her turned and Nicholas Rybnikov, whom she initially perceived as a friend. No more!

In 1952 it was opened by Alexander Ptushko, was invited to a major role in the beauty Lubava film "Sadko. The film won the "Silver Lion, Venice Festival:" see us off to Venice at the highest level, he Mikoyan ... We, the three actresses immediately for three days from the same material sewed three dresses. Fortunately, different styles. However, upon returning, we passed them ... "Her appearance caused a storm of delight. Philip Gerard, wrote poems to her. Foreign producers and directors vying offered withdraw. Hollywood fought for the right to offer her a contract. But in those years that it was impossible to think: this was considered a betrayal.

In the mid-fifties, she becomes a star of Soviet cinema. The film "Anna on the neck, shook Soviet viewers. The then Minister of Culture Alexander, the famous Don Juan's escapades, drew attention to her beauty: "He walked past, getting acquainted with the studio. He saw me, stopped dead in his tracks and stood there all the time while I tried (for the role of Olivia in "Twelfth Night". - Ed.). Then it went to the gossip ... "But the rumors could not tarnish the true beauty. Each of its role became an event, whatever may have been ideology-oriented films - like "Destiny drummer.

January 2, 1957, just after New Year's holiday, she registers the marriage with the darling of the Soviet screen by Nicholas Rybnikov, whose song is not about the firemen and carpenters from the movie "Height" has been on the lips of the whole country. At the premiere of "Heights" in the Cinema House in memory of Alla Larionova, she sat with Nikolai Rybnikov close. When the hero of the film, also named Nicholas, pronounced with the screen: "Oh, good, Kolya, your bachelor life!" - Hall burst into applause.

In recent years, Alla Larionova lived alone in a two-bedroom apartment on a pension of 500 rubles. Just two days before the death of Alla Dmitrievna we spoke with her on the phone and agreed to an interview to Nezavisimaya Gazeta. Well, as an "advance" big conversation Alla D. told us about World War II in his fate. This sketch of the failed talks was the last interview in her life:

- As I reflected on World War II? I was a child. My father went to the militia. Was surrounded, in a kind of village he saved an elderly woman: when the Germans were in the villages of prisoners, she rushed to them to give her his brother (that is, our father). Somehow, the Germans believed her and gave. So she saved the life of his father. I was small, but remember, this woman - her name was Pelageya - came to us in Moscow, and we were grateful to her life ... Throughout the war we were evacuated to a town of Tatarstan - Menzelinsk. Remember, Musa Jalil is the poem "Menzelinsk baths". I well remember those Menzelinsk baths. Time was "lousy," all my life I remember how my mother terribly painful rubbing my washcloth ... Much later I learned that at the same time was Menzelinsk and Zinovy Gerdt, which we then have, in the postwar period, were shot in the movie "Magician". Once in the late sixties we were sitting with him in the House of Cinema. Suddenly he turned around and said to someone, that during the war was in the hospital in Menzelinsk. And we, the children went to hospitals and the wounded were reading poems ..

. Filmography:
. Sadko (1952)
. Hostile Whirlwinds (1953)
. Team with our street (1953)
. Anna on the Neck (1954)
. Twelfth Night (1955)
. Fate drummer (1955)
. Central Avenue (1956)
. Road of truth (1956)
. Poliska Legend (1957)
. Witch (1958)
. Fathers and Sons (1958)
. Furkat (1959)
. Thrice resurrected (1960)
. Two Lives (1961)
. To me, Mukhtar! (1964)
. Three Sisters (1964)
. Third youth (1965)
. Conscience (1966)
. Wild Honey (1966)
. Uncle's Dream (1966)
. Showman (1967)
. Long day Pavlyukova Kolka (1968)
. An old acquaintance (1969)
. Young (1971)
. Seventh Heaven (1971)
. Leo Gurych Sinichkin (1974)
. Family Ivanov (1975)
. There is an idea! (1977)
. Forbidden Zone (1988)
. Pacific angel flying ..
. (1995)

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  • There are no actresses. It's great and beautiful. Love generations!
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  • Such beautiful and stunning actresses, what was Alla Larionova a long, at least 100 child, yet not be in our film. Really beautiful people of our future communist society, the idea that messed our modern dermokraty. It is a pity, of course, but after a certain historical period, we still come back to this and build a society. which will voshischatsya all mankind
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    LARIONOV Alla D., photo, biography
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