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Biography LACHIN Irina
photo LACHIN Irina

Irina was born in a family of actors Lachin-Tom. At one time, her mother, actress Svetlana Toma, Radu that played in the film by Emile Lotjanu 'Queen of the Gypsies', called 'main gypsy country'. Father - Oleg Lachin - did not manage to achieve such popularity. He died tragically early in his career. Irene was then only eight months.

Irene's childhood passed in the Moldovan city of Balti, where her grandmother and grandfather. They then engaged in raising grandchildren. But its traditional A student can hardly be called. Coming from school, the girl could tear herself away as. Together with his cousin, they rushed across the yard, running around the garage, climbed over fences. Irina says: 'I felt like Little Robber from a fairy tale' Snow Queen '. Gerda was not interesting to me '.

As the daughter of an actress, Irina knew the world of cinema from the inside. Therefore no illusions about the acting work she was not - she knew that this required components such as talent and luck. Is she all that? Perhaps, instead of the theatrical act of journalism or foreign languages?

For that to understand itself, Irina at the end of the school decided not to rush blindly to do much either, but take a year to prepare. During the year she worked. At the post office, in a newspaper, an editor at the studio. She proudly admits that even the self-assembled a documentary film.

Check out Our profession helped her Vsevolod Nikolayevich Shilovskij. Once he came to visit them and invited Irina to withdraw in his new film 'Wandering Stars' by the product of Sholom Aleichem. Irina was very happy, despite the fact that it was a small part holy fool girl, to completely without words.

Remembers Irina Lachin: "I flew to Odessa on the sample. After the trial, during which my disheveled hair, stuffed them in the straw, put me some rags, Shilovskij asked: 'Can I get you to try on a central role? It's nowhere obligates'. At first I did makeup for fourteen girls. It was close and clear, because then I just turned 16 years old. And then came the 'age' makeup, and there I also played the scene. Naturally, I did not count on a major role. It would be presumptuous on my part. When Vsevolod Nikolaevich called us back and said I was approved for the main role, my mother and I were in shock. Nobody expected. I knew it was very interesting and at the same time, very responsible, I was a non-professional actress, and next to me had to be removed actors who earned the love of spectators. Due to filming, I realized that chose its own path '.
Shchukin School. Love

Irina Shchukin had gathered to enter the school, but some doubts still remain. They dispelled the famous actor Yuri Katin-Yartsev. He listened to the girl and said: 'Go. Do what '. For her it was a real blessing. Then Irina appeared self-confidence, and she successfully entered the Theater School. Shchukin, a course of Alexander Shirvindt.

At age 18, married Irina Lachin. She was chosen one actor Oleg Budrin. It all happened suddenly. As recognized herself Irina: 'At that time, be honest, I was not ready for this step: neither of marriage or family, especially the children do not even think: And suddenly I saw him - Oleg. I thought we met, and then, maybe, and let us part ... Nothing of the sort! I was married, had a baby, and then it began like this: the longer we were together with Oleg, the more I realized that I could not live without it. Until now, it's hard to leave her husband in a lengthy shooting expedition '.
Theater and cinema

In 1993 she graduated with honors from Irina Shchukin School. For some time she worked at the Taganka Theater, then went to the 'Contemporary'. Currently, Irina Lachin plays entreprise, a producer who has recently become her husband Oleg Budrin.

But as a film actress, a wide audience for a long time Irina Lachina not know. Indeed great work on its account was not so much. In 1995, she played a major role in the melodrama Sergei Mikaelian 'French Waltz'. Its heroine - a girl, Lena, escaped from a Nazi concentration camp, became commander of a partisan. Against the backdrop of the dramatic events of the war breaks out love between her and the hero of the resistance Frenchman Henri:

. In 1998, Irina Lachin played a major role in the Polish film 'in clover', for which was awarded the Special Prize of television Gdynia
. But for Russia's audience, this picture is still unknown.

A people's popularity Irina came in 2001, after logging serials 'Lady homeless' and 'Lady Boss'. The audience's liking the story of how miserable and worthless Lisa Basargina in front of them to transform into a rich, stylish, confident woman.

Irina is so entered in the image that many believe in the reality of her character. She says such a case. Somehow she had to catch a ride to get to the 'Mosfilm'. Seeing her, one of the drivers stopped and wondered: 'Hey, where is your' Merce '? - 'What' Mers'? - 'Well, how? It was you ... Boss Lady! " What was his disappointment when Irina explained that she was just an actress:

It often happens that successfully played the role imposes on the actor or actress stamp, which then can be very difficult to leave. In an interview with Irina confessed: "I hope I will have more vibrant role, and I will not stay in the memory of the audience only 'homeless'.

Want to believe that this will be. In any case, viewers could already see Irina in the role of Vera Gladilin in the series 'best city of the earth'. And in 2004 in the series 'Gentle Beast' she played the main heroine Alain, which falls down the chain of mysterious murders.

Act in films and his daughter Irina Lachina Maria. Her debut in the series 'Maroseyka, 12'.


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LACHIN Irina, photo, biography
LACHIN Irina, photo, biography LACHIN Irina  Actress, photo, biography
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