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Biography NAZIMOVA Alla
photo NAZIMOVA Alla
She became known in Russia. Studied scenic art by K. Stanislavsky. World fame was in Hollywood, but not only for his acting talent, but also for ekstravogantnoe behavior.
Alla Nazimova was born June 4, 1879 in Yalta. Her real name Adelaida Leventon. It was the third child in the family. In early childhood, everyone called her Adele, but she decided that Allah would be more sympathetic.
Later the family moved to Switzerland. Little Alla very early showed a talent for music lessons, and at the age of 7 years for her began to take music lessons. From 1885 to 1890 Alla attended Catholic school in Switzerland, but after her parents' divorce and remarriage, his father, the family again returned to Yalta.
In Russia Alla howled dramatic talent. In the absence of the father who did not share the biases of Alla and was very severe, she crept into his pharmacy and entertain employees and clients. After turning 15 years old, his father sent her to Odessa for further study music at the Philharmonic.
After his father died, she was legally entrusted to the care older brother, who prevented the request of Alla study theater arts in Moscow. Finally, when she was 17, he relented, and Alla was in Moscow. Here she goes to an acting academy and learns in her three years. Studying young Adele took place in a unique period. Two talented artists Konstantin Stanislavsky and Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Art Theater will organize, in a scene where the young actress and falls. Once, after reading the novel 'Street Children', Alla has a surname of the protagonist of the novel Hope Nazimova.
After an unsuccessful love story Alla Nazimova leaves the theater and hastily marries a student of Sergei Golovin. But this marriage is only called marriage. Later, Alla played in theaters and Kislovodsk Kostroma. In Kostroma, she falls in love with theater legend Paul Orleneva. In 1904, their company has received permission to tour Europe, and arrived in Berlin. From there they moved to London. The troupe performed the play Gorky and Chekhov. Game Nazimova electrified the audience, and it quickly became the center of attention.
Successful performance in London, the reason for the invitation Nazimova, Orleneva and part of the troupe in New York. Here game Nazimova was highly appreciated by critics. Actors put a classical plays of Chekhov and Ibsen. Despite the successes Orleneva on Russia's stage, here called attention to the brilliant play of Alla Nazimova, and she signed a contract with one of New York theater, and the other actors have returned to Russia.
. To begin with Ala had to learn English, and then in the next few years, Nazimova was a leading actress of the New York Theater
. As her fame grew, Alla began offering big roles in the movie, and she soon became one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood.
Not only the successes on the stage and silver screen forced to talk about Alla Nazimova. She shook the country to its 'dance of the seven sheets' in the film 'Salome', though not dare throw the last, seventh.
. This was a blunder that Nazimova was going to fix during the two-day party thrown in 1921 in her home in the 'Garden of Alla'
. This is a place the size of three and a half acres, was very popular among Hollywood's elite. Betty Blythe chose the costume of Queen Sheba: her breasts were barely covered by threads of pearls. Pearl White, Colleen Moore, Dorothy Gish and Constance Talmidzh also not hesitate to bare. Their example was followed by a chaste young star of 'Paramount' Mary Miles Minter.
Mary Pickford, dressed in a suit 'the little Lord Fauntleroya' velvet suit with lace collar and short trousers, with no success. Another thing - Barbara Lamar, who had conquered America, 'too beautiful girl': she knew what Hollywood. Before her bungalow by the pool in the 'Garden of Alla' hung slogan: 'All are invited. "
. About nazimovskoy party said she was put in a big way: as soon began to play music, twenty naked girls shriek with jumping into the pool, which had the shape of the Black Sea, which reminded her home Nazimova
. After the girls jumped all men who were able and did not know how to swim. Nazimova then retired hurt in his bungalow.
. In men, when they looked at Nazimova, one of the first kinobogin sex, quickened pulse, although she was a lesbian, and even lured the first wife of Charlie Chaplin, Mildred Harris, accelerating their divorce
. Sexual orientation did not prevent her, however, make a career in the beds directors and producers. It is regularly summoned by the boss 'Paramount' Selznick, famous for his pranks. No sooner had the pretty young actress to appear in his office, he warned that it did not spend his time in vain. With dressed women, he basically did not talk. Undressed, he showed the whip and asked whether she is ready to suffer for art. Stars of the studio realized that they were required. Knowing about sexual preference Nazimova, it gave him pleasure to call her to his office in the evenings and zakazyvatpredstavlenie. No wonder the future creator of 'the twentieth century - Fox' Darryl Zanuck Nazimova nicknamed 'Queen kinoshlyuh'.
. Alla Nazimova surrounded herself in the famous 'Sewing Circle' lesbians and taught good sense brand new, just arrived in Hollywood.
. At the same time she showed platonic interest in Hollywood stars, homosexuals, supplying their partners if their sexual orientation threatened to expose
. When rumors (not confirmed) that Rudolph Valentino prefers boys, Nazimova gave him a marriage with Jean Acker, one of her friends. Marriage was, of course, a pure formality: from the couple did not require a change of sexual orientation.
Press was granted, but Hollywood did not take this marriage seriously. Aker tired of being a laughing stock, and it shocked the entire female population of America's sudden divorce from 'great lover'. Then another Nazimova forced his girlfriend to go to the order for Valentino. Winifred Hadnet renamed Natasha Rambovu to give her an exotic charm of the reputation of 'Sheikh'. Herself Nazimova also donated a: married actor homosexual Ramon Navarro.
In the late 20-ies Alla leave the cinema, to devote himself to the stage. In the early 40-ies, for financial reasons, she again returned to Hollywood, where it plays the role of the second plan until 1944.
Great actress died July 13, 1945 in Los Angeles.

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NAZIMOVA Alla, photo, biography
NAZIMOVA Alla, photo, biography NAZIMOVA Alla  Actress, photo, biography
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