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Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.

( Actress)

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Biography Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.
photo Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.
Honored Artist of Russia Nadezhda V. Rumyantsev was born on September 9, 1930 in the village Potapovo Smolensk region. His father worked on the railroad, her mother was a housewife. It was she who instilled a love for Nadia dancing and movies. Shortly after her birth the family moved to Moscow suburban town Larks.

In 1947, after graduating from high school, Hope Rumyantsev agreed to act in GITIS, but ended up in the studio at the Central Children's Theater, where she was advised to go to study by A. Goncharov. After closing the studio budding student left in the support of the MDGs, where she worked in 1948 1950 years.

At the same time she became volnoslushatelnitsey, and then a student at the acting department of the State Institute of Theatrical Arts. A. V. Lunacharskogo (GITIS). Actress and teacher Olga Pyzhova placed upon the Rumyantsev high expectations, took her with him to VGIK, which eventually went to work.

In 1955, Hope Rumyantsev graduated All-Union State Institute of Cinematography, where she was engaged in a workshop Pyzhova O. and B. Bibikova and was admitted to the studio theater actor.

Debut of the actress in the movie took place in 1952 in the film directed by Nikolai Lebedev 'Towards Life'. Later she acted in films: 'Alyosha Ptitsyn produces character' (1953), . 'Chaser' (1954), . 'The Mexican' (1955), . 'Son' (1955), . 'The sea is calling' (1956), . 'Gori, . my star ... ' (1957), . 'The next flight' (1958), . 'Intractable' (1959), . 'Three times the resurrected' (1960), . 'Free Wind' (1961), . 'Girls' (1961), . 'Queen of the petrol station' (1962), . 'Pavlukha' (1962), . 'Halt' (1963), . 'Marriage Bal'zaminova' (1964), . 'Easy Life' (1964), . 'To hell with the briefcase' (1966), . 'Die Hard' (1967),

Glorified same hope Rumyantsev comic strip director Yury Chulyukina 'intractable' and 'Girls', who still enjoy the audience's love.

In 1967, Rumyantsev throws work in film. She marries a diplomat Willie Hshtoyana and goes with him to Malaysia. Together with her husband, H. Rumyantsev held abroad about 15 years. She lived in Egypt, Lebanon, Malaysia,.

Only in the late 1970 the couple returned to the USSR.

On the movie set Actress back in the mid 1970's, playing in the films' Ay oo! " (1975), 'Minor' (1976), 'Sold Laughter' (1981), 'married bachelor' (1983), 'vultures on the road' (1990).

She voiced cartoons: parrots '38 ',' Hello monkey ',' Closure of the Great ',' Charge for the tail ',' Grandma boa ', etc.. Was a leading children's TV presenter 'alarm', participated in the transfer of 'My Family'.

Hope Rumyantsev Laureate of All-Union Film Festival in the category 'award for the actors' for 1960. Awarded the prize for Best Actress in Edinburgh (1961), in Cannes (1962), Mardel Plata (1962). Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1963). Was awarded the Order of Merit (2002).

Rumyantsev, in recent years moved away from the cinematic affairs, is not removed, trying less to attend the public, all the time devoted family - husband, a famous diplomat Willie Hshtoyanu and daughters Karine. Two years ago, Nadezhda V. withdrew the last of his life in a TV program - "Lifeline" on the channel "Culture".

April 8 at 21:40 after a long and serious illness Hope Rumyantsev died in Moscow. People's Artist of Russia was 77 years.

. Filmography Hope Rumiantseva:

. Towards Life - 1952
. Alyosha Ptitsyn develops character - 1953
. Chaser - 1955
. The Mexican - 1955
. Son - 1955
. The sea calls - 1956
. Star Boy - 1957
. Gori, moya zvezda - 1957
. The next flight - 1958
. Intractable - 1959
. Thrice resurrected - 1960
. Free Wind - 1961
. Girls - 1961
. Queen of the petrol station - 1963
. Halt - 1963
. Pavlukha - 1964
. Marriage Bal'zaminova - 1964
. Easy Life - 1964
. The devil with a briefcase - 1966
. Die Hard - 1967
. Au-u! - 1975
. Minors - 1976
. Sold laugh - 1981
. Free Wind - 1983
. Married bachelor - 1983
. PE District machshtaba - 1988
. Vultures on the road - 1990
. Wonderful Valley - 2003

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  • Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.
  • Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.
  • Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.
  • Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.
  • Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.
  • Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.
  • Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.
  • Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.
  • Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.
  • Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.
  • Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.
  • Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.
  • Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.
  • Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.

Photos of Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.
Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.

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Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V., photo, biography
Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V., photo, biography Rumyanzeva Nadezhda V.  Actress, photo, biography
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