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Dougan Vladimir

( Entrepreneur)

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Biography Dougan Vladimir
photo Dougan Vladimir
A detailed biography can be found at www.vladimir-dovgan.ru

The site is dedicated to his new project.

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  • nik for Dougan Vladimir
  • And that he sobstenno, created and introduced a new business? Is that multiply their fotomordu on the labels of well-known to all foods!
  • leo-53 for Dougan Vladimir
  • Vladimir! Require reporting outrages in the Hop-go! With such approaches, as some of the project will be ruined and destroyed! "And it will counter-advertising! By this all goes, Thank you Vladimir, Samara
  • fedor for Dougan Vladimir
  • Who knows what anything is in the process Dougan?
  • iwan for Dougan Vladimir
  • W. Dougan is a member of the Board derektorov fastest growing MLM company "Edelstar" (in translation Noble Star)
  • Els for Dougan Vladimir
  • Once viewing a lecture on the dangers of alcohol from Vladimir, questioned, and some ask dick you fucking fed Queer floor offers Russia swill vodka if alcohol is evil?
  • Els for Dougan Vladimir
  • and I am more than confident that he Vladimir NEVER here is not peep that used at least one eye to see what people think ... but think of it as a last fag who 10 years hunted the dirtiest and after all that he has the right to put all that alcohol is poison, my fucking ц╠ц╤цЁц╙ц╝ diagnosed him a Jew
  • Broni for Dougan Vladimir
  • account spaivaniya.v 1995 in the newspaper, . he read that of singed vodka died 45 thousand chelovek.on was outraged by the fact that the killers are svobode.v the end, he simply decided to "run" their qualitative, . protected against forgery vodka! thus wipe those bastards who bullied people!,
  • Smelter for Dougan Vladimir
  • Aga Dougan you calabash vodka poured through a watering can 10 years. Do not blame the mirror, if you mug curve. Business is your one single principle - profit. don `t know what they (Dougan), driven by what is in it of anti-vodka hit, unless of course strangle wine and vodka buddies \ competitors - a rare beast he was, but if a person's conscience woke up, we can not exclude the fact that option ...
  • Michael for Dougan Vladimir
  • And I think that fellow comrade Dougan. Well, vodka is produced, but quality. About the people concerned - and he earned the money, now also cares about people, and I am confident that earns more. Combines business with pleasure.
  • Maxim for Dougan Vladimir
  • About the guys know the man but many. Normal people find the time and took up correctly at the time business. At the expense of feeding and poil shit 10 years old so everything is just nehochesh not drink, do not make. It always is for anyone who saw that stupid ass, who produces the cleverer. I do not drink alcohol, he drove me to drugs. I clean for 3 years and Dovgan understand as never. By the way I had tied up with this whole x y th e n th is my first job was selling vodka singed by Sinelobov points r. Odessa. Thus here rebya. Be healthy all.
  • Michael for Dougan Vladimir
  • A holy place is never empty. Dougan even good vodka tried to do, until I realized what was what. Lectures he has a very cognitive. And that changed, so it is better late than never.
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    Dougan Vladimir, photo, biography
    Dougan Vladimir, photo, biography Dougan Vladimir  Entrepreneur, photo, biography
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