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Sri Aurobindo

( The Thinker, social and political activist, poet and visionary, yogi)

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Sri Aurobindo, an outstanding thinker, social and political activist, poet and visionary, yogi, was born in Calcutta on 15 August 1872. family doctor Ghosh, came from a noble family of warriors, Kshatriyas. From the age of seven he studied in England, first in the school N SW. Paul's in London, and then at King's College in Cambridge, specializing in the study of classical and modern Western literature. From an early age he showed outstanding ability in Latin and Greek, as well as in versification.
In 1893, Mr.. age 21, Sri Aurobindo returned to India. Over the next 13 years he has held various positions in the administration of the city of Baroda, teaches English and French literature at the local university, and in 1906. moved to Calcutta, where he became rector of the National College. Furthermore, in these years, it's turned into active political struggle for Indian independence. Magazine titles it LBande Mataram Б■┌ became a powerful voice of the liberation movement, first put forward the ideal of complete independence, as well as formulating specific methods of achieving. Simultaneously, he continues his poetic creativity, and immersed in the study of cultural and spiritual heritage of India, takes possession of Sanskrit and other languages, and it starts to comprehend its ancient scriptures. Realized the true power and value of spiritual discovery that gave birth to all of its rich ethnic culture, he in 1904. decides to step on the path of yoga, trying to use the spiritual force for the liberation of their homeland.
In 1908, Mr.. Sri Aurobindo was arrested on suspicion of organizing the attempt on one of the officials of the British colonial government and was jailed on charges, . threatened him with death, . but after the investigation, . lasted a year, . was fully acquitted and discharged,

. This year was for him Luniversitetom yoga Б■┌: he reached the fundamental spiritual realizations and realized, . that its purpose is not limited to the liberation of India from foreign domination, . but it is the revolutionary transformation of the whole nature of the universe, . in the victory over ignorance, . lie, . suffering and death.,
. In 1910, obeying an inner voice, he leaves Lvneshnyuyu Б■┌ revolutionary work and retired to Pondicherry, a French colony in southern India, to continue intensive yoga
. In our own experience by implementing the highest spiritual achievements of the past, . Sri Aurobindo was able to beat them and realized, . that the ultimate and natural to the spiritual quest is a complete transformation of human, . up to the physical layer, . and the embodiment of the divine on earth Lzhizni Б■┌,
. This goal he devoted himself to this by developing his Integral Yoga.
From 1914 to 1921. He publishes a monthly philosophical review LArya Б■┌, . which publishes his major work, . which considers in detail the main areas of human existence in the light of higher knowledge, . gained in the practice of yoga, . reveals the true meaning of the ancient Vedic scriptures N, . Upanishads, . Bhagavad, . significance and role of Indian culture, . explores the problems of society, . the evolution of poetry and poetic creativity,
Sri Aurobindo left the physical body on Dec. 5, 1950, Mr.. His literary heritage has 35 volumes, . among which are the philosophical writings, . extensive correspondence with students, . many poems, . plays and a grand epic LSavitri Б■┌, . he created over the past thirty-five years of life and which was effective embodiment of his multi-faceted spiritual experience.,
. In the center of a unique vision of Sri Aurobindo N assertion that the global evolution is a gradual samoproyavlenie, samoobnaruzhenie Deity hidden abode in Nature as a result of the previous involution
. Incrementally proceeding from the stone to the plant, . from plant to animal and from animal to man, . Evolution does not stop at man, . but, . realizing their inner truth, . secret divinity, . rushes on, . to create better, . Lbozhestvennogo Б■┌ species, . which will exceed the rights to a much greater extent, . than the superior animal,
. Man N, only a transitional mental being, whose vocation N to reach a higher Lsupramentalnogo Б■┌, level of consciousness, Consciousness, Truth, and to cast him into the world, converts all his being and his whole life in a direct expression of truth.
. Throughout his life, Sri Aurobindo devoted to approval of our world that Supramental consciousness, realization of which should lead to peace in the land of truth, harmony and justice, predveschennogo prophets of all time.
. Publisher 'Aditi', the translation of works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother


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Sri Aurobindo, photo, biography
Sri Aurobindo, photo, biography Sri Aurobindo  The Thinker, social and political activist, poet and visionary, yogi, photo, biography
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