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Raihelgauz Joseph L.

( Artistic Director of the Moscow Theater School `modern play`)

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Biography Raihelgauz Joseph L.
photo Raihelgauz Joseph L.

Director, teacher, author and drama articles. People's Artist of Russia (1999), Honored Artist (1993), Professor of the University of Rochester (USA), Professor of the All-Russia State Institute of Cinematography. SA. Gerasimov (1998).
In 1964 he entered the contest for support staff artist in Odessika TUZ.
From 1965 to 1968 he lived in Leningrad, where he studied at various universities and worked as a stagehand BDT. His first directorial work Raihelgauz put on the stage of the Student Theater of Leningrad University.
In 1973 he graduated from GITIS (rate AA. Popov and M.O. Knebel). In the same period, Joseph Raihelgauz together with Anatoly Vasiliev directed the theater-studio on the street Mytnaya v Second Arbuzovskoy studio, the birthplace Lnovyya wave - modern drama. Raihelgauz one of the first in Moscow put the pieces P. Zlotnikov, L. Petrushevskaya, IN. Slavkina, A. Remizov and others.
From 1973 to 1979 and from 1985 to 1989 - director of the theater LSovremennik -. In plays Raihelgauz were employed in. Gaft On. Dahl, M. Neelova, L. Dobrzhanskaya, A. Myagkov K. Raikin, SW. Bogatyrev On. Tabakov, D. Volchek, P. Shcherbakov and other artists.
Joseph Raihelgauz repeatedly became the author not only performances, but also the literary material to them. His plays on the works of contemporary writers were put in many theaters of the USSR and foreign countries. The first performance in the theater LSovremennik - v LIz notes Lopatin - (1975) - And. Raihelgauz - put on his own dramatization of the novel by Konstantin Simonov.
In 1976, together with G.B. Volcheck Raihelgauz created a performance LEshelon - to play Roshchina. Later Raihelgauz wrote a play based on the story in. Shukshina l= - morning they woke up and realized it was posed in 1977.
Since 1977 Raihelgauz v rezhisservpostanovschik and member of the board of director's theater. Stanislavsky. Time when A. Vasiliev, AND. Raihelgauz and B. Morozov led the theater, now being studied as a significant episode in the history of the Soviet theater. Admitted by the directors at the time they put their best performances. For Joseph Raihelgauz is LAvtoportret - A. Remez.
Total Raihelgauz put about 70 performances, including many of Moscow theaters.
1973. v LMoy Poor Marat - Arbuzov in Odessa Academic Theater of the October Revolution.
1973. v LI without saying a single word - G. Boll Theater in the Soviet Army.
1981. v spectacle LPrishel man to woman - P. Zlotnikova in Theater. Pushkin.
1982. v play LTriptih for two - P. Zlotnikova and composition LPredlozhenie. Weddings. Love. - based on works A.P. Chekhov, M. Zoshchenko, A. Vampilov theater LErmitazh -.
1982. v LProletarskaya mill happiness - In. Merezhko in the theater studio v O. Tabakov.
1985. v LStseny fountain - P. Zlotnikov in the theater of drama and comedy on Taganka.
1989. v LPrivideniya - G. Ibsen in the theater LSovremennik -.

Raihelgauz lot of work in provincial theaters in Russia. Among the productions:
1984. v LGospozha ministersha - Nui+ to play in Omsk Drama Theater.
1986. - LVecher late autumn - F. Dyurenmatta in Lipetsk Academic Drama Theater. LN. Tolstoy.
1987. v play-opera on his own libretto LVremya love and a time to hate -, who wrote the music for A. Vasiliev in Lipetsk Academic Drama Theater. LN. Tolstoy.

In 1989 he founded the Moscow theater Raihelgauz LShkola - modern plays and is its artistic director. In the first play of the theater were occupied by artists Albert Filozov and Lyubov Polishchuk. Later came LShkolu-- A. Petrenko, A. Gurchenko M. Mironov, M. Gluzskij, T. Vasilyev A. Durov C. Jurassic AND. Alferov, E. Vitorgan, A. Filippenko, IN. Cachan IN. Steklov.
During the existence of the theater on its stage was played more than 25 prime. Including: LPrishel man to woman - (1989), LVse will be good as you like - (1993) and LUhodil old man from the old - (1995) v all the plays Zlotnikov, LBez mirrors - (1994) H. Klimontovich, la choy something you're into frakeN on LPredlozheniyu - - Chekhov (1992) and LChayka - Chekhov (1998), L-Yours sincerely, Don Quixote! - - Arrangement Raihelgauz on M. Cervantes, A. Minkus, MA. Bulgakov and others. (1997), LZapiski Russian traveler - E. Grishkovets (1999), LPrekrasnoe cure for boredom - P. Zlotnikova (2001), LBoris Akunin. Seagull - B. Akunin (2001) and others
Currently rehearsed play by play LGorod - E. Grishkovets
. Joseph Raihelgauz put many performances in overseas theaters, including the Israeli national theater LGabima -, - LLa-Mama in New York, in the Theater of Rochester (USA), LKenter - in Turkey, etc.
. Performances Raihelgauz repeatedly represented Russia on many theater stages around the world and received prestigious Russian and foreign awards
. In June 2000 a performance of Joseph Raihelgauz LZapiski Russian traveler - opened the most representative in the European review of contemporary plays v Bonn Biennale, and the performance LChayka - participated in the VI International Arts Festival. Sakharov.
. Raihelgauz took more than a dozen television movies: LDva plot for men -, L1945 - (1986), notes LIz Lopatin -, LEshelon - (1985), LKartina - (1987), LPrishel man to a woman -, LVse will be good as you like - and others.
. In 1997 Raihelgauz was the author and presenter of television series LTeatralnaya shop -.
. In 1997, Joseph Raihelgauz received the thanks of the President of Russia for participation in the preparation of the presidential address
. In 1999, the mayor of Moscow v gratitude for outstanding service in the field of theatrical art.

S1974 to 1989 he taught at Raihelgauz GITIS.
In 1994, reading Chekhov - LDramaturgiya special course at the university, Mr.. Rochester (USA).
. Since 1990 and still directs the workshop LAkterov theater and cinema - VGIK.
. Since 2000, gives lectures LIstoriya and theory of directing - in Rossiyskom State Humanitarian University (RGGU) and regularly conducts workshops in the Central House of Actor.
. Raihelgauz is the author of art, . memoirs and journalistic works, . are regularly published in newspapers and magazines v LSovremennaya drama -, . LOgonek -, . LNezavisimaya - newspaper and in many printed editions of St. Petersburg, . Kiev, . Lipetsk, . Israel, . Sweden, . Romania, . Hungary,
. The publishing house LTsentrPoligraf - prepares to leave artistic and journalistic book Raihelgauz - LNe believe -.

. Official website of the Moscow Theater "School of modern play '


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  • anncool for Raihelgauz Joseph L.
  • Dear Joseph L.! Greetings from sunny Odessa native of the singer and saksofonostki Anna Stepanova. I was at your theater on anniversary with. Govorukhin. I would be very glad to see you at my solo concert, which will be held January 14 at 17.00 in Gnessin Concert Hall at Cook's. I would be in Moscow from January 8. How is it possible to convey to you an invitation? Sincerely, Anna Stepanova.
  • anncool for Raihelgauz Joseph L.
  • Dear Joseph L.! The concert was successful. There was a lot Odessa. Pity, . that you were in Iran! Newspaper Porto-Franco Number 04 (851), . 02/02/2007 FIRST AND ORCHESTRA OF SMALL THEATER Surely even the most avid theatergoers do not know Odessa, . that the Moscow Maly Theater is a chamber orchestra, . who regularly appears before the public,
    . The first of our countrymen, the orchestra played a singer and saxophonist, winner of many international competitions Anna Stepanova. The concert consisted of works for saxophone alto and soprano saxophone, a variety of genres and composers - A. Glazunov Mr.. Kalinkovichi, A. Piazzolla, Dzh.Hyuzena, C. Wonder. True, . as told to our correspondent Alexander Stepanov (father, . artistic director and producer of non-resident), . the rehearsals of the orchestra conductor of the Maly Theater, . Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Semkin carefully drove Odessa temperament and virtuosity of the soloist to the orchestra through its,
    . Still had to act in the walls, which worked with many great masters of the past and which is now on the scene celebrities, such as E. Bystritskaya, SW. Solomin, AND. Muraveva and other. And yet. Stepanov said the creative atmosphere and high culture theater. Expressive detail: the great artists, and technical staff first welcome everyone, regardless of rank. The culmination of the same stay in Moscow, Odessa became a subscription concerts of the Moscow Philharmonic "Old New Year on Povarskaya". As promised in the posters surprise Anna Stepanova gave Moscow public vocal jazz compositions for voice and saxophone. This concert was attended by First Lady saxophone - People's Artist of Russia Margarita Shaposhnikov. I wonder what she is devoted to one of the works, performed by Anna - "Concert-on a Theme of Paganini's Capriccio for Saxophone" by composer D. Kalinkovichi. The choice is not accidental, since Stepanova is an assistant trainee Shaposhnikov on saxophone Russia Academy of Music. Gnesinyh. Odessans could see and hear this "surprise concert" in a recent television program "Culture" and radio broadcast "Commonwealth". Andrew TISHKOV.
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    Raihelgauz Joseph L., photo, biography
    Raihelgauz Joseph L., photo, biography Raihelgauz Joseph L.  Artistic Director of the Moscow Theater School `modern play`, photo, biography
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