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ARAT Alexander

( Founder and editor in chief of the All-Russia Russian Publishing Group `True`)

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ARAT Alexander

RUSSIAN. Born 09.06.77 g. Moscow. Parents: Father v Aratov Mikhail Leonidovich, Russian; mother v Aratov (nee Karlukovo) Tatiana, Russian.
Since 1984, Mr.. by 1992. v education in secondary school N 535 g. Moscow.
Since 1993, Mr.. by 1994. v Study for Shack college of agricultural mechanization Ryazan region.
Since 1994. by 1997. v studies at the printing school g. Moscow, which ended prematurely. Diploma in Lotlichno - on LOperativnaya Printing -.
Since 1998. to 2001. v study at the Faculty of Humanities and Russian technical college and the Russian Institute of Management (RIU). Diploma in Lotlichno - on LOsnovnye directions and forms of international cooperation among States in combating crime -.
. The policy has been actively engaged since 1991, when he did not remain indifferent to the genocide of the Russian People, conducted by the Jewish mafia
. Began with the spread of national-patriotic press.
Participated in numerous patriotic Congresses, the Unions and Councils, held in different cities of Russia. Member of the Russian Party of Russia (V. Korchagin) since 1992.
In 1992 (at the age of fifteen!) Became deputy chief editor of the All-Union newspaper LRusskoe Resurrection -. His articles, reports and interviews published in newspapers: Sunday LRusskoe -, LSovetskaya Russia -, LPuls Tushina -, LRussky pulse -, LNashe Fatherland -, LZavtra -, LSovety Baba Yaga -, LLimonka -, - LAriets etc.
. Alexander Aratov v disciple and close associate of the founder of the movement LPamyat - Academician Valery Nikolaevich Emelyanov (1929-1999).
. In pagan religion v
. Slavic name v OGNEVED.
. In 1994, he founded and headed the All-Russia newspaper LRusskaya True -, instantly became popular and known for its uncompromising antizhidovskoy and anti-Christian positions.
. In 1996, he founded and headed the All-Russia Journal LRusskaya True -, which published the most daring material nationalist direction.
. Since 1997, Mr.
. by 1999. AM Aratov v Assistant Deputy of the State Duma Kanaeva Leonid (Ryazan region).
. Co-founder of the newspaper LSovety - Baba Yaga and the magazine LBayki Baba Yaga - (editor in chief Eugene Meadow).
. As the head of the Publishing Group LRusskaya True - AM Aratov first time in post-revolutionary Russia produced the work of Richard Wagner in music LEvreystvo - (three editions) and a book Eugene Duhring LEvreysky question -
. Aratov issued dozens of fearless and popular books, . among which: VN Emel'yanov v LDesionizatsiya -, . LEvreysky Nazism -; II Sinyavin v LStezya Truth -; B. Bulba v LIisus Christ v homosexual -; VM Demin v LOt Arias to Rusich -, . LVoyna and armed struggle -, . VS Kazakov v LImenoslov -, . - LMir Slavic Gods and many others.,
. The intransigence of civil and political position against AM Aratov (and his staff) repeatedly to initiate criminal prosecutions, were searched, organized by the custom of beating
. Currently instituted against him 2 criminal cases for alleged ethnic excitement and sectarian strife.
. Since 2000, the editor in chief of the All-Russia v publishing LIra Press -.
. Won several court cases involving claims of defamation to frank Russophobe and their supporters
. Among the losers defendants v Russia Jewish Congress (v President Vladimir Gusinsky), the newspaper Izvestia LNovye - (chief editor v I. Golembiovsky), etc.
The nature of a firm, decisive. Irreconcilable for the Jews and the orthodox Judeo-Christianity.
Never smoked, and since 2001 absolutely does not drink.
Married. Wife v Aratov Tatiana, born in 1977, Russian.

'Russian Pravda'

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  • ARAT - Parhatyy Govnoed
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  • ARAT Alexander
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  • ARAT Alexander
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  • Aratov Aleksand Mikhailovich he Aratov Ogneved-greedy Pihalych. Jew, an alcoholic, a homosexual and misogynist. Here's some truth in his life, the facts: 1. During the meeting Dobroslava with colleagues in the museum Vasiliev - tuba twice summoned the police, saying that there fashysty gathered and prepare pogrom. 2. Hack the courts the widow of a Russian patriot, asking what is there for the debts of her late husband. 3. Homosexual orgies was with E. Lugovoi, Aratov was planted Dobroslav bare butt on an anthill and banished in disgrace from Ukazny. It is written that he does not drink since 2001. And what he Kupala holiday 2004 as a pig get drunk and lay somewhere in a ditch 9 days. Yes, and a bottle of Obolon from sleeping people from the tent stolen. He has a face like this stuff.
  • Bloodrayne for ARAT Alexander
  • Aratov Alexander M. alias Aratov Ogneved - greedy Pihalych. Jew, an alcoholic, misogynist and homosexual. Here are some facts of his life. 1. During the meeting Dobroslava with colleagues in the museum Vasiliev - tuba twice summoned the police, saying that there fashysty gathered and prepare pogrom. 3. Hack the courts the widow of a Russian patriot (do not remember the name), asking what is there for the debts of her late husband. 4. Homosexual orgies Aratov with E. Lugovoi. Dobroslav planted Aratov, bare butt on muroveynik Aratov and banished in disgrace from Ukazny. Written that Aratov not drink since 2001. And at the feast Kupala 2004, get drunk as a pig, stole a bottle of beer Obolon have spyascheh people and disappeared for nine days.
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  • Valkyrie for ARAT Alexander
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