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Biography SAVELYEVA Ludmila
photo SAVELYEVA Ludmila
Ludmila Saveliev was born Jan. 24, 1942 in Leningrad during the blockade. In 1962 she graduated from the Leningrad Choreographic School named A. YA. Vaganova and was accepted into the troupe of the Leningrad Opera and Ballet. S. M. Kirov (now Mariinsky Theater).

Career ballerina girl evolved well. Soon the place and her first appearance on the screen. In 1964 he was done filming the ballet 'Sleeping Beauty', in which she participated. Here, however, made their changes to the plans Ludmila case:

Natasha Rostov

At the charming ballerina drew the attention of the assistant director Sergei Bondarchuk, who was preparing for the shooting of the film 'War and Peace'. Ludmilla that played absolutely no experience in film, was invited to Moscow to audition. She was to play, neither more nor less than the very Natasha Rostov.

On the role of Natasha tried many actresses, among whom were: Anastasia Vertinskaya, Natalia Kustinskaya, Natalia Fateeva .... Originally Savel'eva Bondarchuk did not like, as he admitted: 'At first, she even refused to fotoprobe: so understated and' Natasha did not 'show it outwardly. I accepted it, in fact, in order to soften the bitterness of failure '.

The proposed scene Ludmila Savel'eva read out once obscure. But evidently still something of Sergei Bondarchuk was hooked, because he offered the girl to come the next day.

The first failure was very angry Ludmilla. Gathering all the strength and will in a fist, it was the next day at trial. Worth girl dress and make themselves up, as she magically transformed.

Ludmila says: 'But I have nothing to do with Natasha was not: small, belobrysenkaya, eyes are not black, like the heroine of the novel, and the blue ... And in general, some ugly duckling ... But when I put on a wig, breeches, and I suddenly felt Natasha. The stage was simple, and everything turned out. "

Opinion Sergei Bondarchuk about the acting skills Ludmila Saveleva changed after the first test, but it took a lot of views and rehearsals, so that it finally adopted the role of.

On his impressions of working with legendary director Ludmila says: 'Sergey Fedorovich created an atmosphere that I thought: I really do everything myself. I tried for a long time, with different actors. The last test was the most difficult - it was necessary to explain the scene to play with Prince Andrew, when he offered to leave for a year. Natasha should cry, but I was not sure how to do it. My throat was dry ... I tried then with a remarkable actor Innocent Smoktunovsky, he played up to me. When I uttered the phrase "Year, did a whole year?", Then suddenly I saw - the face Smoktunovsky tears rolling. I also cried. Then I realized that it is acting fraternity. Smoktunovsky while already approved for Hamlet, and he could not play Andrei Bolkonsky, whom tried, but was interested in how we're doing, and great help to me '.

. Our Audrey Hepburn

. Shooting of the film "War and Peace" for several years
. Interest in him was enormous - not yet finished shooting, but the film has been bought for theatrical distribution America and Japan. Bondarchuk, met expectations, creating a landmark work. The painting had been involved the whole color of the Soviet cinema: Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Vasily Lanovoy, Oleg Efremov, Anatoly Ktorov, Anastasia Vertinskaya, Vladislav Strzhelchik, Oleg Tabakov, Irina Skobtseva. Removed and the director himself, playing Pierre Bezukhov. Do not get lost in this stellar company and Ludmila Saveliev.

I must say that when we started shooting, Lyudmila has continued to perform on stage. However long it could not continue. Ended up a 'split' physical exhaustion. She became faint and the lessons of the classics, and on set. And then she decided to leave the ballet. Later she was asked - if she does not regret about it, because it is quite possible that the ballet was waiting for her brilliant career. 'At first, perhaps, sorry - recognized actress. - And when finally "had grown" in Natasha, all in my fate was decided. "

. The film was a huge success worldwide, but in America it was waiting for a real triumph - the jury of the American Academy was defeated, and the Soviet film was awarded the 'Oscar'.

. Was noted and the work Saveleva
. At the Moscow International Film Festival young Savel'eva obtained two awards - for Best Newcomer and the audience award. But the main thing - it is a genuine love of spectators around the world. One fact - in France after the pictures on the screen to call his mother became born daughters Natashas.

It is worth noting that just before the Americans filmed novel 'War and Peace'. Natasha Rostov in the picture perfectly played Audrey Hepburn, and to another actress in this role, no one could. But after a viewer saw Lyudmila Savel'ev, doubt was left: Russian Natasha overshadowed everything and everyone.


Leaving the Opera and Ballet Savel'eva since 1967 began acting studio theater actor.

In those same years, changed the actress's personal life. She married Alexander Zbrueva, who had already gained fame in films 'My younger brother' and 'Two tickets for the daytime session'. For Zbrueva it was a second marriage. His first wife was actress Valentina Malyavina.


The next film role Ludmila played only a few years. Question naturally arises - whether there were proposals from the directors? Ludmila says: 'Offerings filled. But for me meant a lot of literary foundation. While filmed in Bondarchuk, slept with a volume of War and Peace "under the pillow. So, when I was offered some crafts, the role of the pink ladies, refused. I wanted to play the heroine, quite similar to Natasha '.

She was lucky. Directors Alov Naumov suggested Saveleva Seraphim Korzukhina role in the film "Running" by Mikhail Bulgakov. The shooting took place in the Turkish quarter in Plovdiv and in Sevastopol. Here Lyudmila fortunate to make friends with the wife of a great writer, which advises the film. After seeing the footage, she wept and said that Mr Mikhail would be satisfied. For Ludmila Saveleva it was the highest estimate of the work done.

In the same year Savel'eva played Nina in the film Zarechnoe Julia Karasik 'Seagull'. The film was marked prize 'Silver Hugo' for the best screen version of the classic work and skill of acting ensemble at the International Film Festival in Chicago in 1973.

It is worth mentioning, and one more work of Ludmila Saveleva. In 1970, she starred in the French-Italian melodrama 'Sunflowers'. The young actress has fallen removed along with the incomparable Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. And although this picture can hardly be called a big success, the experience gained in working with world stars priceless.

. In conclusion, it should be noted that 1970 was announced in Japan Year Ludmila Saveleva.

. 70 th - 80-ies

. As it became clear, Ludmila Savel'eva serious approach to the choice of roles
. Once setting the bar high for herself, she was not going to reduce its. Perhaps that is why in her biography so few films. In the 70 years generally can be noted only two. In 1973 she, along with Oleg Vidov co-starred in the title role of Louise Poindexter in the adventure film Vladimir Vainshtok 'The Headless Horseman'. Four years later, Savel'eva played a major role in the Soviet-Bulgarian historical film 'Julia Vrevskaya', . which tells about the dramatic fate of the remarkable Russian woman - Countess Yulia Petrovna Vrevskaya, . invested all their money in the organization of volunteer health unit during the Russian-Turkish War,
. Together with her husband Alexander Zbrueva she played in the heroic adventure film Georgy Nikolaenko 'It was the fourth year of war' and the psychological drama Konstantin Khudyakov 'Success'. Of the other works of those years the most prominent is the main role in the psychological drama Vital Koltsov 'We can not predict. "


Since early 90-ies Lyudmila altogether ceased to act in films. A few years later began to spread rumors that the long marriage of Alexander Zbrueva Ludmila Saveleva collapse. Artist are increasingly seeing other women in society. He himself from any inquiries on this subject is strictly left, saying 'I try not to let anyone in his personal life and never tell any of his wife, nor his daughter'. Not really something to talk about and Lyudmila Saveliev.

But the ex-wife Valentina Zbrueva Malyavina summer of 1997, said: 'Sasha all tangled up in women. Today he has two wives, and he somehow can not cope with them: both complain about him to me ... '

. Whatever it was, the couple still live together.

. Return to the cinema

. After a long break Lyudmila back in cinema, starring in 1999 in a philosophical parable Vladimir Naumov 'Secret Nardo, or dream white dogs'
. Then followed the main role in the drama of Sergei Solovyov 'Tender Age', and role in the film of the same Vladimir Naumov 'clock without hands'.

. A few words in conclusion

. Throughout his life Lyudmila Saveleva never had to play the so-called negative roles - zlodeek and bitch
. Explaining this, Lyudmila quoted Faina Ranevskaya: 'When Faina Ranevskaya asked why she had so few plays in the cinema and theater, she replied that she did not play. "I live on the stage, I put myself in such circumstances, who gets my heroine," - she said. It is very clear. This play is very difficult, because you spend a very. Indeed, never played a bitch. But I'm on a life not throw their emotions'.

About what it is in everyday life, Saveliev said: 'By the life I have not adapted to the childhood. House called me Baroness. I love to be beautiful, clean, and the order is not lazy build. But I can not bear to cook. Thank God, my family in this regard, unpretentious. Sometimes I look at women's magazines - all so beautiful: delicious pies, cakes. But I do not receive. My husband, Alexander Zbruev, loves fried potatoes and tinned meat. If I had my will, to eat some sandwiches. But without books can not live. And in the creative life as if everything is normal until. Recently co-starred with Vladimir Naumov and Sergei Soloviev. But sometimes it is terrible - what next is unclear. Suddenly, nothing else will play? .. '

. Filmography:

. 1964 Sleeping Beauty
. 1965-1967 War and Peace
. 1970 Running
. Sunflowers 1970 (Italy-France)
. 1970 Seagull
. 1973 The Headless Horseman
. 1977 Julia Vrevskaya
. 1981 On the evening before noon
. 1981 Hat
. 1983 was the fourth year of war
. 1984 We can not predict
. 1984 Success
. 1986 Someone Else's White and pockmarked
. 1989 Black Rose - an Emblem of Sorrow, Red Rose - the emblem of love
. 1999 Secret Nardo, or dream white dog
. 2000 Tender Age
. 2000 Sergey Bondarchuk - the characters
. 2001 hours without arrows

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  • SAVELYEVA Ludmila
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  • SAVELYEVA Ludmila

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SAVELYEVA Ludmila, photo, biography
SAVELYEVA Ludmila, photo, biography SAVELYEVA Ludmila  Actress, photo, biography
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