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Vellanski Daniil Mikhailovich

( famous Russian physiologist.)

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Biography Vellanski Daniil Mikhailovich
(1774-1847 gg.) Professor of Physiology, Medical-Surgical Academy and one of the few in Russia zealots school nature-philosophy of Schelling. Vellanskiy, the son of a tanner, nicknamed Kavunnika, was born in g. Borzna Chernigov Province. Entered the Kiev Theological Academy, Vellanskiy changed his nickname to the name Kavunnik Vellanski (vaillant). As the best pupil of the Theological Academy, he was sent to St. Petersburg for a trip abroad, but due to circumstances beyond him, remained in St. Petersburg, and in 1796, Mr.. went to medical school, soon converted to medical-surgical academy. In 1802. Vellanski sent abroad to improve the natural and medical sciences. In Germany, while listening to the lectures of Schelling and Oken Steffens, he was fascinated by the ideas of nature-philosophy school and became a passionate advocate of its study. He first made a philosophical style of this school in the Russian language. On his return from abroad Vellanski presented the Academy's thesis: "De reformatione theorlae medicinae et physicae auspicio philosophiae naturalibus inuente"; but no one dared to object to an expert on the teachings of Schelling, . despite, . that three times in the conference appointed a public debate,
. Thus, in 1807, Mr.. Vellanskiy without dispute was given the degree of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery. Soon Vellanski received at the academy department of anatomy and physiology, which he held until 1837. Many of his students recognized, . that teaching Vellanskiy (no experience) was too abstract and little useful for medical practitioners, while others thought he was even harmful, . because it lured the listener into a region of hypotheses, . not confirmed by events, but all recognized, . that Vellanski knew deep in their time of natural science and was able to bring their hot word in the young people to think systematically hunting: "Science, . - Used to say Vellanski, . - Not in the collection of information, . Observations, . experiments, . and the withdrawal of those and other general laws and r,
. e. ". One of his contemporaries Vellanskiy, . Dr. Heine, . the obituary Vellanskiy, . published in the "Medizinische Zeitung Russland's", . 1847, . calls Vellanskiy Russian Schelling and regrets, . that Vellanski unfair and little appreciated by Russian society in their works,
. Of his numerous translations and original works (full list see. y L.F. Zmeev: "Russian doctors writers", 1889, St. Petersburg.) Particularly enjoyed the famous "Animal Magnetism" by Kluge - from German, with the addition of an interpreter, as well as "Physics" (experimental, observational and speculative, 900 pages). The main basis for her were read Vellanskiy in 1831, Mr.. in the form of public lectures, attracted few students, only 25 people, but regular listeners who have paid for 100 rubles. Physics Vellanskiy quite original dismantled, along with "The grounds of the forces of physics", Moscow Professor Michail G. Pavlova, unknown author, in a pamphlet entitled: "Analysis of physics g. Vellanskiy and other new authors "(St. Petersburg, 1834). Pavlov, . also a student of Schelling and Oken, . provided special attention and respect Vellanskiy and especially tried to attract Vellanskiy reading public courses in Moscow on the basis of natural philosophy, . providing compensation to him at 1000 rubles for lectures,
. Last nine years of life Vellanski was blind, but, despite this loss, not ceased to engage in literature. His wife (nцLe Thon) especially helped in the literary work Vellanskiy and much has been written under the dictation Vellanskiy. One of the manuscripts, nepropuschennaya spiritual censorship, under the title: "Animal Magnetism and tellurizm" stored in the library of the Imperial Military Medical Academy. Vellanskiy raised by subscription, with the highest permission, tombstone, on the Big Okhta, near the church (interesting memories of Vellanskiy written H. Rozanov in The Russian Messenger "for 1867, Volume 72, pages. 99 - 137). N. Egorov.

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Vellanski Daniil Mikhailovich, photo, biography
Vellanski Daniil Mikhailovich, photo, biography Vellanski Daniil Mikhailovich  famous Russian physiologist., photo, biography
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