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Lesgaft Peter Franzevich

( Outstanding Russian anatomist and talented teacher)

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Biography Lesgaft Peter Franzevich
photo Lesgaft Peter Franzevich
(1837-1909 gg. ) - An outstanding Russian anatomist and talented teacher, founder of the science of physical education. He defended two theses: the degree of Doctor of Medicine (1865) and Doctor of Surgery (1868), after which he was elected Professor of "physiological anatomy" in Kazan University. In 1893, Mr.. organized the St. Petersburg biological laboratory, and with it - in 1896. - Higher academic courses educators and head of physical education. Created course "Theories of bodily movements". Many of the 130 scientific papers on the anatomy, physical education, pedagogy, biology still retain scientific and practical significance. He is the author of a two-volume works "Fundamentals of Theoretical Anatomy" (St. Petersburg, 1882), as well as the works: "The attitude of the anatomy to physical education" (Moscow, 1888), "Human Anatomy" in two volumes (St. Petersburg, 1895 -1896 gg.).
. He graduated from the course in Medical-Surgical Academy, where he studied anatomy under the guidance of Professor Gruber
. In 1865, Mr.. Doctor of Medicine for his thesis "On the end of the longitudinal muscle fibers of the rectum in humans and some animals". A dissector at the Institute of practical anatomy. In 1868, Mr.. defended his thesis for a doctorate in surgery: "Kolotomiya in the left lumbar region with the anatomical point of rhenium". In 1869, Mr.. Lesgaft taken at the Kazan University Department of normal anatomy, but already in 1871. had to leave the service, and only in 1878. was re-elected to a second dissector at the Medical Academy in Professor Gruber. Since 1884. read as a privat-docent anatomy at St. Petersburg University. His main work on anatomy: "On the circular muscle of the eye", . "On certain muscles and fascia, . periurethral ", . "The niche or self-pharyngeal pouch", . "Anomalies rights and the relative frequency of their", . "On the causes, . influencing the shape of bones ", . Foundations of Theoretical Anatomy "(h,
. I, 2 ed., 1896, 1905), "Human Anatomy" (Volume I and II, 1895 - German translation, Leipzig, 1892) and a number of works in Izvestia of Saint-Petersburg Biological Laboratory, "" Meme. St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences "," Anatom Anz. ", 1901, etc.. Has acquired great fame as a specialist in anthropology and on physical education of children (see. XIII, 542). Its main works on these subjects: "The relation of anatomy to physical education (1876)," Problems of Anthropology and the method of its study, "" Family child-rearing "(h. I and II, 5 th ed. 1906; h. III, 1911), "The first years of life" (Izvestia of Saint-Petersburg Biological Laboratory, t. III, Issue 3 and 4, t. V, Issues 1 and 2, t. VII, No.. 1); "Period manhood" (Izvestia of Saint-Petersburg Biological Laboratory, t. II, Issue 2 and 3), "Materials for the study of school age"; "Guide to the physical education of children of school age" (St. Petersburg, 1901 - 1904, 3rd ed. 1912). He founded the biological laboratory of his name and in her "Higher rates P.F. Lesgafta "(earlier - Courses educators and leader of physical education) was the director of his death. - See. "In memory of Peter Frantsevich ц-цгц¦цёц=ц¦ц¦ц=, under the editorship of the St. Petersburg. Biological laboratory Lesgafta (St. Petersburg, 1911; a complete listing of works Lesgafta and his letters)

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    Lesgaft Peter Franzevich, photo, biography
    Lesgaft Peter Franzevich, photo, biography Lesgaft Peter Franzevich  Outstanding Russian anatomist and talented teacher, photo, biography
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