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Bystritskii Grigory

( Chairman, President OJSC 'Yamalgeofizika')

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Biography Bystritskii Grigory
Born in 1946. in Chisinau.

He graduated from Tumen Industrial Institute, a mining engineer-geophysicist. Worked specialty.

Until 1991. served as chief Polar Geophysical Expedition GGP "Yamalgeofizika" State Committee on Geology of the RSFSR. Ph.D. in Geology and Mineralogy.

One of the discoverers Bovanenkovskoye gas condensate field.

He was awarded the medal "For development of oil and gas complex of Western Siberia, with the Badge of Honor.

He is married and has one daughter.

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  • Tatiana Kornienko for Bystritskii Grigory
  • Hello dear Grigory. Thank you and the administration, . that enabled me to shareholders Yamalgeofizika, . 0 than learned only in late 2006, . when she received an urgent message about the sale of shares and had to leave the disabled daughter of some friends, Olesya 31g.peredvigayuschayasya in a wheelchair and immediately leave Warsaw in Labytnangi, . taking money on the road at znakomyh.Nash budget with Olesya is 300dollarov on 2-h.Ni I did Olesya can not find a job, . I - retired 65 years, . disabled daughter with spasticity. What would sell shares also had problems and if it were not for my persistence and not knowing a few rules, I could go back to Warsaw with nothing. Grigori Aleksandrovich, . If you want to know about the achievements of my daughter, . can open the side of the Internet: www.olekor.republika.pl or write on the Internet www.google.com - olesia kornienko now Olesya exams on the Certificate of Maturity, . after which will come in the Graduate School of Journalism, . Olesya wrote good stories, . poems, . prozu.Tanets SALSA is the first dance in EUROPE, . executed dancer in a wheelchair with a healthy partnerom.A hobby - to climb with an instructor on the rocks, . is already at the height of 50m.pri of 5. Dear Grigory, . Olesya can help get rid of stress? Sincerely Tatiana Kornienko,
  • Tatiana Kornienko for Bystritskii Grigory
  • Hello Grigogy Alexeyevich can congratulate my daughter, Olesya 31 year (disability 1 gr., . mounted on a wheelchair) with zakvalifikovaniem in journalism at the University of Warsaw, Branch in connection with this we will have a high consumption, . teaching paid. Could you be the patronage of learning Olesya even temporarily or partially? We have a book with a fairy tale for children, . by Olesya napisala.Tekst tales not only good for a book and film productions for children and would be a good gift for children and a Christmas tree on his birthday. Dear Grigory, . can count on your help? Sincerely Tatiana Kornienko ul.Pienkowskiego 5 / 34 02-668 Warszawa Poland tel: 48 22 253 49 08,
  • Tatiana Kornienko for Bystritskii Grigory
  • If there is an opportunity to publish a book for children, . written by my daughter, . thereby making possible the emergence of new books for children on New Year's Eve, . Christmas, . please be with us in contact. Tatiana Kornienko ul.Pienkowskiego 5 / 34 02-668 Warszawa Poland tel: 48 22 253 48 08,
  • Tatiana Kornienko for Bystritskii Grigory
  • I urge you not to send me any more statements. Thank you. Tatiana Kornienko
  • iz1bsrpz4a for Bystritskii Grigory
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  • ct1sxeqjza for Bystritskii Grigory
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  • Tatiana Kornienko for Bystritskii Grigory
  • Sorry, I'm running out of patience about shipping from the forum some 10 e-mail to my address, I ask the last time, do not send more of their statements, otherwise I will blokovat, Tatiana Kornienko
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    Bystritskii Grigory, photo, biography
    Bystritskii Grigory, photo, biography Bystritskii Grigory  Chairman, President OJSC 'Yamalgeofizika', photo, biography
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