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Maksyuta Nicholas Kirilovich

( Head of Administration of Volgograd region)

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Biography Maksyuta Nicholas Kirilovich
photo Maksyuta Nicholas Kirilovich
Born May 26, 1947. village Zakharovka Kirovograd region of the Ukrainian SSR in a peasant family. Father - Maxiuta Kirill Denisovich (born 1906) - had a six-grade education and was considered a literate person in the village.

Then there was the foreman on the farm tractor brigade, passed all the Great Patriotic War, fought in the war with Japan. Mother - Maxiuta Ksenia Ivanovna (born 1910). Wife - Lydia Maxiuta Andreyevna (born in 1944) - works at the Volgograd shipyard museum director. Daughter - Mikheeva Elena (b. 1968) - teacher. Son - Masyuta Kirill Nikolaevich (born 1973) - Programmer. In-law - a mechanic, sister - Svetlana - raising a child. Nikolai Kirillovich two granddaughters - Anya and Nastya.

Parents of Nicholas Kirillovich distinguished by great diligence and wisdom of the peasant. From early childhood they have tried to instil in children, and there were four, love of work, ability to stand firmly on their feet. The main task of his life they thought - to educate children. The father wanted the younger son Nicholas followed in his footsteps, became farmers, but Nikolai K. chose the path which he dreamed of since childhood: to build ships.
After graduating from high school - in 1965. Nikolai Maksyuta entered the first year of Nicholas Red Banner of Labor Institute of the Shipbuilding. Makarova. From the first days of study he realized that he was not mistaken in choosing and eagerly drew his knowledge of the shipbuilding business. This helped him to successfully graduate from the institute and get a degree in mechanical strength of ship installations.

In 1971, Mr.. the direction of the university, he arrives in Volgograd at Shipyard. Here Nikolai K. with great desire was to comprehend the practical skill builder. Assistant Wizard, . master, . foreman, . Deputy Chief of assembling and welding, . installation and commissioning departments, . Production Manager, . Director, . General Director of the Volgograd Shipyard - this was the way the production of NK Maxiuta,

At what station he would not work, and at whatever position may be, he always studied. Special literature, magazine and newspaper articles - were his constant associates, and even helped the experience of senior comrades.

NK. Maksyuta tried to build on the analysis of economic and business area, department, division or an entire plant. High sense of responsibility for their work, sensitivity to people, organizational skills - the main qualities of Nicholas Kirillovich.

In 1986. for success in manufacturing, research, public socio-cultural activities of NK. Maxiuta was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor '.
The most complete talent manager production opened in those years when NK. Maksyuta for 10 years led the Volgograd Shipbuilding Plant. It was a difficult period of perestroika. Difficult time required experience and great knowledge: how to lead economic reform, to save many thousands of unique team of shipyard and find new ways to solve problems of production in market economy.

Under his leadership, built annually up to twenty different ships - modern fishing vessels, tankers type 'river-sea' for transportation of oil, dry cargo, other projects implemented. In the course of reforming the production of NK. Maksyuta mobilized the collective enterprise to produce competitive products that allowed the company to get their products on world market.

Particular attention he paid to fulfill orders from the Ministry of Defense: with his personal participation technology was developed to strengthen tank armor. In this unique work in 1996. NK. Maksyuta presented with a certificate valid Academician Russia Academy of quality problems.

Equally important task for NK. Maksyuta - Director General of the many thousands of enterprise is also a solution of social problems of the collective. During his leadership for the workers of the plant was built 530 flats, . renovated stadium, . built two kindergartens, . rehabilitated subsistence farming, . in the shops of the main and auxiliary production room equipped with a psychological discharge,

Collective enterprises, led by NK. Maksyuta, provided continuous support village workers Volgograd region. The plant was in the parent company for the production of irrigation machines 'Frigate', cultivators, hay mowers, feeders and other farm equipment. On the basis of patronage shipbuilders built in the village over a hundred houses.

In 1997. NK. Maksyuta awarded the honorary title "Honored Engineer of Russia ', he was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Government of Russia, was awarded the Medal '300 anniversary Rossiyskogo fleet'.

In October 1995, Mr.. NK. Maksyuta won election to the City Duma, then renamed to the City Council of People's Deputies. Council members elected chairman Nicholas Kirillovich. With his usual sense of responsibility, Nikolai K. began to delve into the problems of the economy million city. Many times he has given Local Government. Under his leadership, was developed and adopted the Charter of the city, has implemented a more balanced fiscal policy. The initiative of NK. Maksyuta established and successfully operates the city board of directors of industrial enterprises, which contributed to the suspension of the fall in industrial output, lower unemployment in Volgograd.

In the city, with the help of the city council, was introduced free travel on public transport schoolchildren. Pupils from poor families receive free school lunches.

Nikolai K. Maksyuta ran on an alternative basis in the election the Chief Executive of Volgograd region as the candidate of the People's Patriotic Union of Russia. December 29, 1996, Mr.. vote, he was elected Head of Administration of Volgograd region. From the first day of work for this position, he aggressively deals with economic issues, problems of economy and social infrastructure of the area.

Determined by a team of like-minded, ready to defend the interests of the peasants, to help bring Volqoqradskoe village of painful crisis, raise the shattered economy of the region.
In a situation of acute financial deficit finds ways to address the complex issues related to the timely payment of pensions and salaries of public sector employees

. Nikolai K. cares about the quality of competitive products Volgograd enterprises, solve difficult problems of industrial output from the economic crisis, questions of market relations and support for small and medium business

Performing heavy duties of the Chief Executive, NK. Maksyuta actively participates in the Federation Council. He is a member of the Committee on Budget, fiscal policy, currency and customs regulation, banking RF Federation Council.
The main purpose of life considers the work of Nikolai K.. In its activities, he is guided by the principle of honest, open service to the people and the cause, which he entrusted. NK. Maksyuta wants to make the lives of residents of Volgograd region prosperous and peaceful.

He likes to wander through the woods at any time of year, like hunting and fishing, has a personal car, loves to read historical and adventure books. Like Nikolai K. communicate with friends and associates. In debates with his opponents, he always tries to persuade them to be faithful to their point of view, resorting to the substantive arguments and analysis of phenomena.

Lives and works in Volgograd.

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  • Pidbul for Maksyuta Nicholas Kirilovich
  • Bastard he selling. Shipyard ruined, ruined, Volgograd region. He had only one thought, to stay in power. He is afraid that the governor's chair from his under Ass vybyut. Serves him right. Even with the old monkey sniffs Aparina. In such trash goats.
  • Yuri for Maksyuta Nicholas Kirilovich
  • in the best traditions of Soviet vremen.komentariev net.tolko roads in the area are the worst, the city of Volgograd greening is not just someone zanimaetsya.dlya article?
  • Klepov for Maksyuta Nicholas Kirilovich
  • Absolutely agree with Pidbulem and Yuri.
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