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Savostyanov Eugene V.

( Chairman of the Board of the Moscow fund of presidential programs)

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Biography Savostyanov Eugene V.
photo Savostyanov Eugene V.
Date of Birth: February 28, 1952
1975-1977 he. - Associate Fellow, Institute of Earth Physics of the USSR.
1977-1990 gg. - Fellow of the Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of mineral resources of the USSR Academy of Sciences.
Work in the Academy of Sciences somehow combined with the work of prospecting for gold mines and miners in the coal mine.
In 1989. Club of the Academy of Sciences of the electorate participated in the campaign of academician Andrei Sakharov.
One of the founders of the Democratic Russia movement and the Movement of Democratic Reforms.
1990-1991,. - Assistant to the Chairman of the Moscow City Council Gavriil Popov, General Director of the Mayor, Mr.. Moscow.
Since September 1991. December 1994. - Head of the KGB (then - the Ministry of Security of Russia, at the time of dismissal - the Federal Counterintelligence Service of Russia) in Moscow and Moscow region.
In late 1994,. managed to participate in the preparation of the operation to restore constitutional order in Chechnya and to intervene in the conflict between the Presidential Guard (Alexander Korzhakov) and "bridge bank" (Vladimir Gusinsky), on the side of the last.
1995-1996,. - Chairman of the Moscow organization of Russia Party of Social Democracy (RPSD, Alexander Yakovlev);
Board Member, Secretary General of Council of motion "Trade Unions of Russia - on the elections (since 1996. - "Labor Union");
Advisor to the Chairman of Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FNPR) Mikhail Shmakov.
In the summer of 1996. briefly worked in the "Unit Bridge.
Since August 1996. December 1998. - Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of Russia - Head of Personnel.
He was responsible for assigning the highest military ranks, the activities of the Office for the Cossacks, the Department of prisoners of war, internees and Missing. He was a commission under the president to counter political extremism (1997-1998 gg.). Permanent Secretary of the meeting on personnel matters at the Council of Defense. A member of the interdepartmental commission of the Security Council of Russia to protect the rights of citizens and public safety, crime and corruption.
It was belatedly released from the administration for proposing to nominate as prime minister of the Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov (September 1998).
Since 1999. - Chairman of the Board of the Moscow fund of presidential programs, Deputy Chief of Staff of the central election campaign movement "Motherland - Russia's Choice.
According to the magazine Kommersant-Vlast "(May 5, 1999), the fund - one of the central structures of the electoral staff of the movement" Fatherland ". A fund should be spent money to finance companies in the regions, single-member districts, as well as provide support in regional elections friendly Yuri Luzhkov mayors, governors and deputies of local legislatures. As now I know, because of excessive approvals of all costs in the Moscow headquarters, the elections in the regions were "the Motherland" failures.
In January 2000, Mr.. expressed a desire to run for president of Russia. In February, registered as a candidate for president of Russia.
His wife - Julia Savostyanova.
Two sons - 1980 and 1984 g.r. Senior's son - Cyril.
And awards
State Councilor of the first class.
Major-General (1993), before that - a senior lieutenant in the reserve.
Friends and enemies
Mentioned in the book, the former head of Security Service of President Alexander Korzhakov (Boris Yeltsin: From Dawn to Dusk ") as a man who" desperately "called Vladimir Gusinsky, when security guards" Bridge "SOPs laid in the snow. Korzhakov calls Savostyanova "secret weapon" Gusinsky. At the time of the events - December 1994. - Savost'yanov headed the department of FGC in Moscow and Moscow region.
Considered the patron of the presidential representative in the Primorye (1997-1999 gg.) Lieutenant-General Victor FSB Kondratova.
In 1998. traveled to Nizhny Novgorod from the presidential administration to resolve the conflict that arose after the rejection of election results mayor, won by Andrew Klimentyev.
Playing football.
Likes Caucasian cuisine and strong tea.
She likes dogs.
His favorite writers called Goncharova, Esenina, Bulgakov, Shakespeare, Hemingway, painters - Botticelli, Turner, Kuindzhi; composers - Tchaikovsky, Sviridov, Bach, Verdi and Strauss ( "Persons", February-March 2000).
Total income Savostyanova for 1998-1999. amounted to 178 737 rubles. In his property 2 sites in the Moscow region. on the right of private property (1456 square. m, 728 sq.. m) and 2 plot, leased for 15 years and 10 years respectively, with the right to repurchase (588 sq.. m and 1642 sq. m). In addition, he has a house in the Moscow region (409 sq.. m), an apartment in Moscow (43.4 sq.. m), a garage with a basement (57 sq.. m), barns with a basement (55 sq.. m), sauna (38 square. m) and GAZ-31029-50. Savostyanov owns 10 shares of nominal value of 1 thousand. Rub. OJSC "voucher investment fund" MN Foundation. His wife Julia Savostyanova earned for the period of 1 million 780 thousand. 488 USD. She has an apartment in Moscow (municipal property, 130 sq.. m), cars "Moskvich" -21412-01 and Mitsubishi Montero ". Sons Savostyanova are not owners of movable and immovable property. Revenue eldest son of Cyril for this period amounted to 2,004 rubles.

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Savostyanov Eugene V., photo, biography
Savostyanov Eugene V., photo, biography Savostyanov Eugene V.  Chairman of the Board of the Moscow fund of presidential programs, photo, biography
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