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Fanny Kaplan

( Participant attempt on Lenin's)

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Biography Fanny Kaplan
photo Fanny Kaplan

(1890 - 3.09.1918)
Fanny Kaplan was born in 1890. in the province of Volhynia in Ukraine. Her father was a teacher Melamed-Jewish religious primary school. The family had many children - have Fanny had three sisters and four brothers. Primary education received at home from his father. Her real name - Feiga Haimovna Roydman, under that name she lived to 16 years.
During the revolution of 1905. F. Kaplan joined the anarchists in revolutionary circles knew her under the name "Dora".
In 1906, Mr.. She was arrested in Kiev on the case of organizing a terrorist bomb. During the explosion itself Kaplan was wounded and partially lost vision.
Court martial in Kiev, she was sentenced in the same 1906. the death penalty, which (because of the minority Kaplan) was replaced by penal servitude. Initially F. Kaplan sat in the Maltsev convict prison, and then in Akatuyskoy convict prison in the Nerchinsk mining district of Transbaikalia.
In Akatue she met with a known activist of the Russian revolutionary movement Maria Spiridonova. Influenced Spiridonova views V. Kaplan in prison changed: she became an anarchist from the Socialist-Revolutionary (the Socialist-Revolutionaries).
In 1911, Mr.. parents Fanny Kaplan and his family left for America.
In prison Fanny Kaplan was in before the February Revolution of 1917. After her release, she lived for some time in Chita, in April, 1917. arrived in Moscow, and in summer 1917. lived in the Crimea (in Evpatoria) in a sanatorium for former political prisoners. October Revolution 1917. found V. Kaplan, in Kharkov, where she underwent surgery on eyes. From Kharkov, she again moved to the Crimea in Simferopol. In Simferopol, F. Kaplan has worked on courses for the training of township zemstvos.
August 30, 1918, Mr.. Workers held a rally at the Michelson factory in Moscow region Zamoskvoretsky. At the rally, spoke in. I. Lenin. After the rally, in the courtyard of the factory, Lenin was wounded by three shots. Fanny Kaplan was arrested on suspicion of attempted outside the factory, at Serpukhovskoy Street.
During interrogations F. Kaplan admitted that the shot at Lenin.
During interrogations F. Kaplan said that the extremely negative attitude to the October Revolution, and now stood behind the convening of the Constituent Assembly, the decision of the attempt on Lenin adopted in Simferopol, in February 1918. (after the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly), considers Lenin a traitor to the revolution and believed that his actions removed the idea of socialism for decades, attempts to commit himself personally, and not on behalf of any party.
Fanny Kaplan was shot without trial on Sept. 3, 1918, Mr.. in the courtyard of the Moscow Kremlin

. Maria Spiridonov, who had learned about the execution of Kaplan and sitting at this time in a Moscow prison, he wrote:
. "How was it possible for you, . how come you do not mind, . Lenin, . with your great intellect and your personal impartiality does not give a pardon Dora KaplanN How valuable would be mercy in this time of madness and rage, . when not hear anything, . but gnashing of teeth.,


. History of Fanny Kaplan

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  • GEORGE LEVY for Fanny Kaplan
  • Too bad that she only wounded Lenin. Her rage has been vindicated, as Lenin destroyed any hope for a moderate Russian government. Ironic that she belonged to the Hebrew faith, but sought social justice for the people. Ironic, because too many monsters who made Lenin dictator belonged to the Jewish race. Brilliant men like Trotsky and Kaminev also made Stalin possible. So be it.
  • Norah Dean for Fanny Kaplan
  • Couldn't have put it better myself George. What an amazingly principled and driven person. Had she been the leader instead of the compromised Lenin, the tragic history of Russia in the first half of the 20th century would have been totally completely different.
  • William Jarrell for Fanny Kaplan
  • There's a different picture of Fanny Kaplan attached to the Wikipedia article on her. It looks like an entirely different person from the picture on this page. Were the pictures taken years apart to show a change of appearance? The picture on Wikipedia looks considerably younger. Or is there some dispute over the authenticity of these photographs?
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    Fanny Kaplan, photo, biography
    Fanny Kaplan, photo, biography Fanny Kaplan  Participant attempt on Lenin's, photo, biography
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