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Voroshilov, Vladimir Yakovlevich

( Director General of TV `game`, author, director and presenter of the transfer of `What? Where? When? `)

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Biography Voroshilov, Vladimir Yakovlevich
photo Voroshilov, Vladimir Yakovlevich
: As it is not sad, but the program is "What? Where? When? Already outdated. At least in its classical sense. The first and foremost mistake was that we were playing for money. Now I understand that the "intelligent casino" was only the beginning. Draft ruined the money ... Money they spoil ". (Voroshilov's statement in a recent interview).
Vladimir Yakovlevich Voroshilov was born in 1930 in Simferopol. As a child did not play any games. But he loved to watch play other. After thirty years, all are reversed: no longer watch from the side and started to play myself. His parents had no relationship to the world of art. But the whole Simferopol knew that his great grandfather sew. His mother was his home studio. Father held responsible posts in the Ministry. During the war, led the sewing army uniforms. He had an excellent reputation.
Nevertheless, in the 50's family had to endure a tough year - Volodya's father 11 months under investigation. Thankfully, everything turned. Even in the 44 th year the family moved from the evacuation to Moscow and settled on Kutuzov Avenue. Volodya started going to art school for gifted children ...
In total, he studied painting 16 years! In 1954, after the Estonian Academy of Arts, its distribution was sent to Germany for a year. Artist in the theater group of Soviet troops. And the young man wanted to take a sip of freedom: to walk to restaurants, shopping, chat with German girls.
What, in general, do not have. Moreover, he had a conflict with the Chief. In general, the troublemaker quickly called to order. Kicked out of the theater and put him to write slogans like "Long live the Great October Revolution!" Until now, Voroshilov remembers that time as the blackest period of my life. From dull work, he was fascinated with. And even contemplated suicide. But all the bad comes to an end.
Voroshilov returned to Moscow. He worked in different theaters: the Small, the Moscow Arts Theater, in the operetta, in "Contemporary", in Malaya Bronnaya in TYuZe, in Lenkom ... Has become fashionable art director. Traveled on their own cars in stunning costumes imported from Germany. Dined at the Metropole. In general, led a bohemian lifestyle. And everybody thought that he was pleased, but ... Dissatisfaction from the fact that he did not author, but only a performer, pushed him, ambitious man, in the Advanced Directing Courses.
Yes, Picasso from it has not turned. Eventually Voroshilov threw a brush and paint. Paintings, which he painted in his youth, not even now adorn the walls of his dacha. And yet sometimes life makes Vladimir Jakovljevic said of his first profession. Once in Paris, he picked ulcer. From a doctor who arrived not knowing a word of French Voroshilov long time could not explain. Then he picked up a pencil, paper, and they began to share pictures. Since the patient Voroshilov finally realized that he can eat and what not.
. He had only to appear in a theater, as the old-timers had predicted: "Well, everything came Voroshilov - wait for the explosion!" Scandalous train dragged him all his life.
. In 1968 he appeared on television
. Random. I decided to earn additionally. Moreover, approached him with a tempting offer: to invent and take to your taste any transfer! His first major project entitled "Auction" applaud. Voroshilov essentially invented the first advertising live TV. This game to answer questions relating to any goods: tea, television, fur ... At auction system. The winner was awarded the prize.
And all is good, but Voroshilov had the idea "to be auctioned off" author's song. It is very fashionable at the time, but forbidden to the public. And the scandal of the universal scope. Vladimir Jakovljevic removed from esters, "exiled" in a collective farm near Moscow on the potatoes, and then was dismissed. And with the directive: never the person on the screen no longer appear. Voroshilov was nothing left to do, how to write scripts under pseudonyms transmissions.
Gradually, he began working behind the scenes. A year after the scandalous closure "auction" on a new television, it invented the game - "Come on, guys!". Incidentally, the first ever national TV teleconference with Tashkent and other cities, too, merit Voroshilov.
The then boss of TV Lapin pretended not aware of the active involvement of Voroshilov. So famous Voroshilovskiy move in "What?" Where? "When?" was initially measure forced. Why was it necessary to irritate the authorities by his presence on the screen? The mysterious leader for many years intrigued the whole country. He created his image only by voice. Nobody knew in person. But what plays he arranged! Moreover, it was his know-how - on television such methods are no longer used one.
But in the end, anonymity could not resist declassified their person. Incidentally, this step Vladimir Yakovlevich pushed Eldar Ryazanov. Once they stood together in line at the Ostankino dining. Eldar at the time was not only your favorite director, but also the most popular leader "Cinema". And Ryazanov gave the soup with herbs and Voroshilov - without. Ryazanov shrugged: "I tell you how many times said: Work in the frame! Though parsley will receive."
"He is generally very competitive man, -" expert "and leading" Brain Ring "Andrei Kozlov. - We have repeatedly turned to him at a table in a restaurant during a cruise. And a couple of days Voroshilov seeded. I do eat a lot. He saw it and started automatically have more than me - that in no yield.
Several years ago, Vladimir Ya went to rest home to Dombay. There he met an avid lover of chess. And the battle began several hours. Voroshilov was not an ace, and therefore lost. One, two, three, and then suddenly put the enemy mat. He angered. He literally lost sleep and every night knocking on the number Voroshilov, demanding revenge. But Vladimir Yakovlevich not yield: winning, he immediately lost his interest.
"He's not a gambler, - explains his wife Natalia Stetsenko. - For example, he bored in a casino: it will never become blue in the face to sit at the roulette. I think the game basically gives him the opportunity to realize his fighter's start and quench his thirst is constantly in conflict. Voroshilov absolutely not interested in people who he did not resist. Sometimes it is you have something to ask, you do not have time to open his mouth and he is already beginning to argue with you. He can not live without it.
Vladimir Yakovlevich lived with his mother, who remained for him the greatest authority. Most global solutions in his life he was under its influence. After the ether "What?" Where? "When?" Voroshilov complained to colleagues: "Well, Friends lost - Vera Today I drive out of the house."
. March 10, 2001 passed away well-known television producer, writer and presenter of "What?" Where? "When?" Vladimir Yakovlevich Voroshilov
. In the most recent "moment to discuss" the fate of the first answer ... and wrong. Hurried. Not calculated.

. Facts one line:
. By horoscope - Sagittarius.
. Author of the book "The Phenomenon of the game."
. Academician Rossiyskogo television.
. Premiere of "What?" Where? "When?" held on September 4, 1975.
. In 1997, the Academy noted his title winner and the prize TEFI "for the program" What? "Where?" When? ".
. In 2001, TEFI "the best game show recognized" What? "Where?" When? ", And Vladimir Voroshilov, who was posthumously awarded for his contributions to TV personalities.
. He served as general director of TV company "GAME", dealing with the release of television game programs

. Once admitted, that after the three institutions have spent ten years on something that you forget what he taught.
. Motto of life: "Beautiful apprehended without reflection.
. Favorite saying: "Performance is always ahead of plan."
. March 13, 2001 Vladimir Yakovlevich Voroshilov Vagankovsky buried at a cemetery in Moscow

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Voroshilov, Vladimir Yakovlevich, photo, biography
Voroshilov, Vladimir Yakovlevich, photo, biography Voroshilov, Vladimir Yakovlevich  Director General of TV `game`, author, director and presenter of the transfer of `What? Where? When? `, photo, biography
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