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Spranger (Spranger) Edward

( German philosopher, psychologist and educator)

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Biography Spranger (Spranger) Edward
photo Spranger (Spranger) Edward
(27.6.1882, Berlin - 17.9.1963, Tц+bingen) - German philosopher, psychologist and educator. Received a philosophical, historical and linguistic education at the University of Berlin. Since 1909. it - a teacher of philosophy and education at the University of Berlin, from 1911. by 1920. - Professor of University of Leipzig, in 1920. by 1944. - Professor at Berlin University. Gave guest lectures in Japan (1936-1939). In 1944, Mr.. Spranger was arrested and imprisoned in Moab prison. In 1945, Mr.. He was appointed rector of the University of Berlin, in 1946. until his retirement in 1953. worked as a professor at the University of Tuebingen. Supporter of the method in. Dilthey 'human sciences', based on the intuitive apprehension of spiritual integrity. Tried to integrate into their system the doctrine D. Rickert about values.
Based on the methodological setting to treat only the psychological processes of the same psychological processes, Spranger introduced the concept of 'interpretive psychology'. Source principle of psychology, according to Spranger - understood as a way to directly comprehend the sense of the phenomena of the objective spirit. The experience of inner connection of psychic life and values of public intellectual life is carried out in acts of I, which sold a certain value system. Most of his work, 'Forms of life' ( 'Lebensformen. Geistwissenschaftliche Psychologie ', Halle, 1914, in Russian. Lane. (chast.) Two types of psychology in the book. 'Readings on the history of psychology', Moscow, 1980, with. 286-300; main ideal types of identity, in the book.: 'Psychology of Personality. Texts', M., 1982,. 55-59), . He rejected the psychology of the elements, . which breaks down the mental process into its component parts, . and substantiated the validity of the approach from the standpoint of consideration of mental process as a certain integrity in its semantic relationship with a certain content of culture.,
. The main task of the spiritual and scientific psychology as one of the human sciences is to study the relationship of individual spiritual structure of man to the structure of 'objective spirit', . and, . respectively, . identification of the main types of oriented abstract rights, . Spranger have received the designation 'life forms',
. Such major ideal types of identity, . due to focus on certain objective values, . they had been allocated six: theoretical (the area of science, . problem of truth), . economic (wealth, . usefulness), . aesthetic (the desire to design, . self-expression), . social (social activity, . turning to the lives of others), . political (power as a value), . religion (the meaning of life),
. Every person can be represented by the orientation of all these types of values, but in different proportions, some of them at the same time will dominate. Based on this typology of personalities G. Allport, P. Vernon and Mr.. Lindzeem test was developed by studying the values and interests created Test J. Holland. In their work the Cultural Spranger considered antiquity, Christianity, German idealism as the main forces that brought about the content of modern culture.
. From the typological understanding of the individual soul Spranger did pedagogical conclusions: in the upbringing of children the teacher should intuitively understand the type of orientation, . which can become a leader in the child, . and provide it to the appropriate composition of an operational,
. Methodological install interpretive psychology have been implemented Spranger in his study of the psychology of adolescence: 'Psychologie des Jugendalters', Lpz., 1924, in Russian. Lane. (chast.) Eroticism and Sexuality in adolescence, to Sat: 'pedology youth', Leningrad, 1931. Literature.

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Spranger (Spranger) Edward, photo, biography
Spranger (Spranger) Edward, photo, biography Spranger (Spranger) Edward  German philosopher, psychologist and educator, photo, biography
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