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Tikhomirov Alexander A.

( Distinguished Biologist)

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Biography Tikhomirov Alexander A.
(19.IX (1.X) .1850 - 23.X.1931)
Rector: 1899. - 1904
Born in s.Korystine, the estate of their parents, the nobility of Smolensk province, Elninskaya County. He graduated from the Smolensk gymnasium with a gold medal and in 1868. entered the law faculty of Moscow University. A year later transferred to St. Petersburg University and graduated from the Faculty of there with a degree of candidate of the right. But the foundation "of his own scientific outlook" young lawyer decided to put biology. In 1872, Mr.. He re-enrolled at St. Petersburg University, this time at the department of natural sciences of physics and mathematics faculty, he immediately transferred to the University of Moscow, where he graduated from the same department with a degree candidate in 1876
. As a student, Tikhomirov was sent abroad in the University of Leipzig, where he attended lectures on comparative anatomy and morphology, and worked in the laboratory of the famous German scholar R. Leuckart
. In 1876, after graduating from university, he was again sent to Western Europe to study the practice of the zoological gardens. In 1877, Mr.. became supernumerary assistant and keeper of the collections of the Zoological Museum of Moscow University.
In 1883, Mr.. Alexander Andreevich defended his master's thesis at St. Petersburg University and after two trips abroad was promoted to a privat-docent Department of Zoology of Moscow University. At the invitation of Prof.. AP Bogdanov conducted workshops with students. In 1887, Mr.. began lecturing on Vertebrate Zoology. In the same year he defended his doctoral dissertation, which enabled him to become the first extraordinary (1888), and then the ordinary (1896) professor at Moscow University. Tikhomirov discovered the phenomenon of artificial parthenogenesis - one of the most important parts of the theory of individual development. Since 1891, Mr.. by 1898. was secretary of Physical-Mathematical Faculty. Since 1896. until 1904. served as Director of the Zoological Museum of Moscow University. However, an opponent of Darwinism. As a scientist Tikhomirov done a lot for the development of sericulture in Russia.
. Joining the position of rector, Alexander Andreyevich primarily completed the efforts of his predecessor, DN cereal creation of the first student dormitory at Moscow University
. It was designed for 141 apartments and opened in a solemn ceremony in 1899, September 19. Tikhomirov continued capital construction at the University. At this time productively working on the design and construction of new buildings campus architect K. Bykovsky. September 1, 1901, Mr.. put into operation the library building on Moss Street. A significant event was the opening of the new building of the Zoological Museum September 1, 1902, Mr..
It was during the principalship of Alexander Andreevich act issued by the Government of the famous "Temporary Regulations" that allowed to pass students who are involved in revolutionary activities, soldiers. February 28, 1901, Mr.. University Council has decided not to use these "Rules ..." to students participating gatherings and demonstrations in January and February of this year.
October 15, 1901, Mr.. university student gatherings took place with the requirement to allow women to university education. In it, apart from students, professors participated Timiryazev, IM Sechenov, Umov. In response to this, according to the order of the government, the Moscow University in 1902. was established by a disciplinary tribunal of professors, who had the prerogative to address problems in the environment professorial Corporation. But, as experience has shown, the agency acquired and punitive functions against free thinking in the teaching environment.
. Despite all these developments, the university rector, and personally tried to pay as much attention to the development of scientific infrastructure
. At this time, the faculties of the University replenished with new academic units. In 1900, Mr.. opened department of the Georgian language and literature in historical-philological faculty of Physics and Meteorology at the Faculty of Mathematics. A major achievement was the creation of the Institute of the University and the Museum of Comparative Anatomy (1901), the construction under the leadership of Prof.. Zhukovsky, Russia's first and one of the world's first wind tunnel (1902), a physics institute, which included laboratory and thermochemical VF Luginina (1903), etc..
In recent months the rector of Tikhomirova marked conflict situation between the university and the government, which, fearing unrest, forbade the celebration of 150 anniversary of Moscow State University. A number of scientists led by Timiryazev expressed about this protest.
An imperial decree of 1 August 1904. Tikhomirov was appointed Director of the Department of Education. In 1911-1917 he. He worked in the office of the Moscow school district trustee
. He died Aleksandr Tikhomirov in Sergiev Posad (Posad), near Moscow, . where he spent the last 14 years of his long life, . visited students, . old colleagues, . maintaining a friendly and scientific correspondence, . maintaining good spirits, . despite physical ailments and ills of life.,

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Tikhomirov Alexander A., photo, biography
Tikhomirov Alexander A., photo, biography Tikhomirov Alexander A.  Distinguished Biologist, photo, biography
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