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Kovalevsky Vladimir Onufrievich

( Russian paleontologist)

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Biography Kovalevsky Vladimir Onufrievich
photo Kovalevsky Vladimir Onufrievich
Kovalevsky (Vladimir Onufrievich, 1843 - 83) - Russian paleontologist,
With husband. V. Kowalewski. He was educated in the Law School. By
completion of the course, 19-year-old boys went abroad, studied
some time in London jurisprudence. In 1868, Mr.. we see
his correspondent, "St. Petersburg. Is conducted. "Detachment Garibaldi. After
. war he returned briefly to his homeland, but soon he was drawn again for
. border and this trip a scientific definition of his vocation.
. Intrigued paleontology higher vertebrates, K.
. several years in continuous travel, dedicated study
. palaeontological collections in Europe's finest museums
. This
time t. e. the beginning of the 70's. applies a number of prominent scientists
Works K., had given him the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Jena Univ.
Returning to St. Petersburg, K. in 1873. appointed keeper of the Zoological
Petersburg. Cabinet Univ. in 1875. defended his thesis for a Master
Mineralogy and geognosy. But in the second half of the 70-ies. K. distracted
. from a purely scientific studies and wholly given to publishing activities,
. enriching the Russian natural-historical literature such large
. works as the translation of "Geology" and "Antiquity of Man" Lyayellya,
. "Histology" Kellikera, "Life of Animals" Bram, "Zoological Sketches"
. Vogt and several translations of the classics
. But book publishing and training
construction of houses in St. Petersburg. ruined his. At this time, in 1881, Moscow
univ. elected to. Associate Professor at the vacant after the death of the famous Shchurovsky,
Department of Geology, which by. and served until his death. A year before his
death, he takes a trip to North. America, where he again examined
paleontological collections, and gathered material for her dreams of works
on mammalian paleontology. Despite the fact that scientific activities
To. lasted very long, his classic work on the osteology and
geological history of hoofed animals have left an indelible mark on
Paleontological Research. Of the scientific papers to. important: "On the
. Osteology of the Hyopotamidae "(1873);" Sur l'Anchiterium aure lianense
. et sur l'histoire paleontologique des cheveaux "(1873);" Osteoloeiya two
. fossil from the group of ungulates - Entelodon and Gelocus Aimardi "
. (1875); "Osteologie des Genus Entelodon Aym."; "Monographia der Gattung
. Anthracotherium Cuv
. und Versuch einer naturlichen Klassification d.
. fossilen Huftthiere "(1876)," On the borders between the Jurassic and Cretaceous
. formations "(1877).

. The short and glorious life Onufrievich Vladimir Kovalevsky, its complex and contradictory fate make us admire the feat of which he made in his scientific work
. The greatest natural scientists of many countries and are recognized so far, its priority in the creation of evolutionary paleontology. It may seem that the brilliant scientific success, put forward Kovalevsky of the leading figures of science, accidental. However, carefully read his biography is not formed such an impression.
Since his early years he Onufrievich gradually moving towards its goal. Great knowledge of foreign languages, early fascination with the natural sciences, the years of publishing activities served as a first step in preparation for his future success in scientific work. Is no accident in. O. Kovalevsky has embarked on the study of science. This effort as a powerful influence of the democratic movement, which developed in Russia 60 of the last century. Light, fresh stream of democratic ideas burst into Russian society of that time, sweeping away the old, hardened views, arousing the scientific and social thought ..
. In tracing the life journey of Vladimir Onufrievich, we note that he himself chose the social and academic environment in which shaped his views as a scientist and citizen
. In the years of teaching in the Law School, he entered the circle of best, . democratically-minded youth, . significant impact on the attitudes and the formation of interest Kovalevsky had as its older brother - Alexander Onufrievich and his fellow naturalists.,
. Years spent
. O. Kovalevsky abroad, contacts with exiled democratic community, led by a. I. Herzen finally shaped his holistic materialist worldview. Thus, Vladimir Onufrievich was prepared to accept the most advanced ideas and teachings of natural science. Activities for the publication of scientific literature at home enabled him to assimilate the most advanced achievements of natural science of thought, which focuses on the teaching of Darwin.
Getting In. O. Kovalevsky with a young and talented mathematicians with. V. Korvin-Krukovskaya also contributed to the continuing academic success, as in the person of Sophia Vasil'yevna he saw ally and comrade in the development of scientific knowledge. During the short time, . that Vladimir Onufrievich held abroad, . he was able to significantly expand their horizons, . use the latest achievements of natural science of the time and create their outstanding research works, . establish a new direction of the science of extinct organisms,
. And here one should pay attention to his remarkable ability to choose the most correct and short path, . leading to major discoveries in science, . ability to find the most important, . is necessary for formulating and solving the most important tasks of the study.,
. Vast knowledge acquired by them in various fields of geology and paleoytologii for a short period of time - evidence of its extraordinary efficiency, diligence and excellent memory
. In his scientific activity Vladimir Onufrievich constant touch with the most advanced scientists of the time, discussing with them the cardinal issues of their research. The value of such direct communication for the development of his scientific thought can hardly be overestimated.
In. O. Kovalevsky was able to find the most important objects whose study could shed light on the primary problem they studied natural science. However, this ability was not a purely intuitive and empirical. Vladimir Onufrievich was armed with advanced knowledge of the scientific method, the use of which was associated with an overview of all possible objects of study and the allocation of those who promised to give the best results. This method and served as the basis of his scientific foresight.

In. O. Kovalevsky always passionately devoted himself to scientific pursuits, investing in them all their energy and soul, and showed extraordinary perseverance in achieving this goal. He worked consistently and systematically, showing the ability to deal with unusual speed in the most complex complexes observed phenomena. Vladimir Onufrievich skillfully combined the practice of museum and field studies, a lot of time paid to the collection of fossil material. All this has helped in. O. Kovalevsky create their outstanding works, and in an incredibly short time.
Kovalevsky was characterized by personal humility, aware that he was almost ascetic life, denied himself even in the smallest. He was devoted to the cause of science, correctly and consistently defended its principles. However, Vladimir Onufrievich was not dried-scientists, shutting himself in his own interests. He always felt the need to help others, often overshadowed by their business. He was described a rare passion and enthusiasm to the initiated case, the amazing credulity and goodwill to the people around him. Getting any case, it is always expected from him the best results. Their enthusiasm in the work of Kovalevsky often able to win over the others. All these features indicate that he was an outstanding researcher, a real scientist, a representative of the best, cutting-edge science of his time.
Effect works in. O. Kovalevsky clearly evident on the development of all subsequent paleontology. We can proudly state that the founder of a new direction paleontological science, who determined the entire course of its further development, was a close associate of H. Darwin and T. Gekcli - our illustrious compatriot Vladimir Kovalevsky Onufrievich.

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Kovalevsky Vladimir Onufrievich, photo, biography
Kovalevsky Vladimir Onufrievich, photo, biography Kovalevsky Vladimir Onufrievich  Russian paleontologist, photo, biography
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