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August Strindberg

( Writer)

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Biography August Strindberg
photo August Strindberg
WAY imposing Devout BOURGEOIS AT THE SLOPE OF LIFE Much more was true decrees of August Strindberg, RATHER THAN REPUTATION ecstatic lover, to accompany him in his younger years

. Apparently, once the Ukrainians were similar to the Swedes: the same dreamy and slow, so the colors of the flag we have the same
. But at some, undoubtedly, a drama for us to stage this kind of disappeared, and every nation has remained at its. We - with the lost socialist values in the unfinished capitalism, but they - with the Swedish socialism in the snare of the capitalist system
. Dreamy fascination with the Ukrainians and the Swedes by the same ideas, . which they embodied, . and we have - no, . absolutely stunning, . when in the famous diary of the eighteenth century master podskarbiya Yakov Markovich among the records of domestic discord and business visits encounters the name of the Swedish mystic Emanuel Swedenborg,
. Theosophical thinking about the life of the spirits of the illegally distributed books Scandinavian philosopher Ukrainians seemed not others. Otherworldly evil and good creatures shastali on farms near Dikan'ki and over other areas of Ukraine. For poltavchanina Nikolai Gogol Emmanuel Swedenborg became almost a father to.

However, among the first students theologian Swedenborg, author of the concept of the New Church, still rightly called by Swedish artist August Strindberg, rather than Gogol. And yet, like any other ordinary Swede, this outstanding playwright, writer, scientist, chemist-alchemist - like the Ukrainians, even though the same genius of Gogol. Anyway, . than hysterical muzhefobka Miss Julie Strindberg's drama of the same name, . author's preface to which a revolution in the European theater, . not reincarnate Agafya Tikhonovna of 'Marriage' of our zemlyakaN She only more emansipirovanna and frank in their desire and willingness to, . than last,
. In the end, and Gogol's characters themselves, and Nikolai were just a bit less crazy than strindbergovskie heroes and he himself, or, more accurately, tried to conceal his madness, and less by burning piles of scribbled paper.

Born to the twentieth century, August Strindberg ecstatic vision of a one hundred percent revelation of art is not buried, but on the contrary, embodied, sacrificing for it, even his own life. Quite possibly, they led the Swedes inherent in a more rational attitude to their utopian dreams, which, in his version, must be realized. Predecessor of Strindberg in the genre of autobiographical novels about his own lowlands was none other than Jean-Jacques Rousseau. His August Strindberg far exceeded, describing his illegitimacy, a rough marriage and history of its own folly in several novels: 'The son of the servant', 'The word lunatic in his own defense', 'Hell', 'Legends' and 'Lonely'.

Today exalted texts Strindberg, which once engrossed in the whole of Europe, are perceived much more relaxed. In addition, the suitability of 55-volume Heritage of August Strindberg to all kinds of creative rethinking and reformulation time noticed the German Bertolt Brecht and Swiss Friedrich Dц+rrenmatt. And eternally relevant thought of the duel of yin and yang from time to time the Stockholm theaters were given in the form of a sort of digest, combining the three unhappy wives, the writer Siri von Essen, Frida Uhl and Harriet Bosse in one character.

However, constantly 'playing Strindberg', life of the great Swede eventually pulled down as if on souvenirs, among which was discovered and indirectly associated with Ukraine. After all, one of the participants 'love triangle' in strindbergovskoy biography - the famous Polish writer Stanislaw Przybyszewski, . whose wife - actress Dagne Przybyszewski - was one of the femmes fatales in the life of exalted Swede, . repeatedly been at the premieres of his plays in Kiev,

Part, in the eyes of society, many romantic stories overshadowed the real life code Strindberg - the alchemist's own destiny, even going to become a Benedictine monk. Similarly, Klondike intrigues of his drama ( 'Father', 'Creditors', 'Samum', 'The Road to Damascus'), was fond of artists and directors beginning of the century, almost transformed the Swedish writer to author a perspective. Unchallenged same svedenborgianstvo, the mystical beginning of his work, dialogues with eternity, and their righteous religious ecstasy is not always dare to decipher even the great Ingmar Bergman

. However, . Except 'dream Games' and 'Ghost Sonata', . works with obvious mysterial beginning, . Though written for a small stage set up Strindberg Intimate Theater, . He has written dramas 'Christmas Post', ,
. Through these almost sacred texts Strindberg, after the teacher Swedenborg, to communicate directly with God, directly confessing and atoned for their sins and those of others. After all, unlike us, ordinary Ukrainians, this extraordinary, the Swede was able to speak to heaven, not concealing his divine madness and unafraid to embody utopian dreams.

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August Strindberg, photo, biography
August Strindberg, photo, biography August Strindberg  Writer, photo, biography
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