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Teilhard de Chardin (Teilhard de Chardin) Marie Joseph Pierre

( French anthropologist, a paleontologist and theologian cosmists)

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Biography Teilhard de Chardin (Teilhard de Chardin) Marie Joseph Pierre
French. anthropologist, a paleontologist and theologian cosmists, united in its teaching Christianity and evolutionism, the author of the theory of the noosphere (along with the E. Le Roy and V. Vernadsky). At the end of the Jesuit college takes monastic vows and became a member of the Order. In 1913 began working in Paris, in-those human paleontology. In 1920, defending Doctor. dis. becomes professor. Department of Geology, Paris, a Catholic. Zap. Forced to withdraw from Zap because of his understanding of neck-ryh dogmas, T. sent to Paleontol. and Geology. expedition to China (1923). After years of work in China and Mongolia, T. published a lot of work, nominated him one of the leading paleontologists of the world. During the Second World. War T. wrote a posthumous (Order prevented publication) book 'The Phenomenon of man'. In this book, as well as in 'Izbr. thoughts' and theological. work of the 'Divine Wednesday' (1926-1927) T. presented his views on the importance of rights in the evolution of the universe with m. sp. KHrist. pantheism and panpsihizma.
Kulturologich. concept T. based on a combination of divine and evolution. theories of the origin and development of culture. Following Thomas Aquinas, he argues that between religion and science can not and should not be a contradiction, because the truth is one and the nature of the divine. Moreover, science without religion can not qualitatively change the humane. Reports of.

Approach T. associated with Neo-Platonic ideas of emanation and Nicholas of Cusa on the deployment of God in the world and the phasing out of the world in God. The starting point of his kulturologich. concepts - freedom of will, bestowed by God to all His creatures in general and man in particular. On Earth, the creator and bearer of culture became a man. He won the right and obligation to implement the divine plan in the long evolution. struggle to-Rui fought his ancestors with others. species. Culture is perceived by the T. as the process of animation, and then the 'deification' of matter. Only through culture becomes possible to improve the humane. nature, to elevate the spirit and the created 'to bring it into the depths of the Divine protection'.

By T. teleologichnosti origins of our culture goes into the bottomless past. We inherit the life, 'is remarkably developed the totality of earth energies' and pierced flow kosmich. influences. Despite the fact that kulturogenez the T. practically merges with cosmogenesis, the development of culture goes through a series of regular stages and has a well-def. goal: a few billion years ago, 'because of some incredible event', of a portion of matter, detached from the sun, began to form our planet. Her agent, having a number of consecutively. transformations along the path of his own complexity. organization (crystallization, polymerization, etc.), formed on its surface predbiosferu first, then the biosphere. The emergence of micro-organisms on Earth and megamolecules leads to the 'cellular revolution' and, then, to the appearance of growing, and animal diversity. 'Branching bw', determined by competition Dep. individuals and entire species to each other, aim at the formation of creatures that can most fully realize the intention of God. This plan is to create the kind to be-ing aware of its purpose. Because the. this requires great mental concentration and mental effort, more fully to these principles was in ODA. time to answer a detachment of primates and, in particular, evolved from the kind of person.

With the advent of land rights 'change skin' and, moreover, - finds soul. But this evolution is not finished. T. identifies four stages of divine providence: prelife, life, thought, sverhzhizn. In the present. time, humanity is on the third stage of development and its task is to find ways of entering the fourth, concluding phase, to-heaven should lead him to union with God. Using apokaliptich. terminology T. denotes God as the Alpha and Omega kosmich. (and humane., in particular), development. Kulturologich. concept T. eschatological: the origins of culture originate from the Alpha and Omega are completed in. Culture is the unity, the scope manifestation of a human. soul and mind. It captures, consolidates all the spiritual quests and philosophize. achievements of mankind, makes it possible for new generations, using previous experience, to carry out the movement towards God. Understanding Omega (point merger of humanity with God) as the supreme goal of a human. culture, T. not believe that its achievement will automatically. Freedom of will, provided the person must be conscious of this aim. Otherwise, humanity will implement Evol. step, to-ing again immerse people in sverhmateriyu, ie. zavedet in the evolution. deadlock. God does not need fruit sozidat. human activities, he is interested only, whether people will take advantage of the freedom granted to him and whether he will give God his preference. Land in this sense, likened to 'ispytat. site, where watched, whether we can be migrated to the Sky '.

If the axis of the Earth's evolution through man, then the axis of kulturogeneza TV, in full accordance with the ideas of Eurocentrism, says West. civilization. It is in the Mediterranean for six millennia occurred 'new humanity', namely in the West have been made all the most important discoveries humane. Culture. The achievements of other cultures become final value, only being included in the system of Europe. representations.

The most important changes in the development of a human. civilization and culture, according to T., occurred in the late. 18. Only recently, on of, Chapter. arr., Zap.-European, the beginning of the movement towards the creation obschechelovech. civilization, which is the first means, a step in the direction of Omega. The origin of this civilization is unthinkable without the creation of world culture, to-heaven would unite all the people. A global culture involves a single religion. According to T., in the present. already showing signs of rapprochement of religions, to-Roe in the future will lead to their convergence at the World Christ and the achievement of Omega.

Prodviukenie towards the creation of a worldwide religion and culture of T. connects with 'natures. confluence of grains of thought 'everyone in a single sphere of reason - the noosphere. Only in this case would be 'biologically' possible 'education of the spirit of the Earth'. Spirituality of the planet can be achieved only if the finish, getting rid humane. culture of self-centeredness, racism, and filling it with energy of love, the transformative 'personalization of totalization'. The only way humanity can resolve the crisis that began in the Neolithic Age and the approaching in the 20. to its maximum; crisis is that people and civilization reached such a degree periferich. contact economical. interdependence and mentally. community, 'then what they can grow, only mutually penetrating each other'.

Further development of a human. culture, to T-Roy. attached planetary and kosmich. value, it connects with the 'organization of research, concentrating them in person, the connection between science and religion'. Through these three components of culture will become increasingly collective and spiritual form, which will lead it to reach its highest point, to end the natural process, ie. merge with God. Just as the consciousness of man's ancestors, increasingly concentrating reaching 'boiling point', has become a reflection and the Earth with the advent of man found the soul and the end of the world T. thinking inside. concentration of all the noosphere in the rez-those which attained the perfection of consciousness separate from its material envelope, to unite with God. Thus T. admits that might happen and a split of the noosphere in two parts, separating the issue of the form. T. call them zones: a zone of thought and a zone encompassing love. This is the latest evolution. branching. That part of the noosphere, which will 'through time, space and evil carefully synthesized to the end', reaches the Omega. The rest of the future of mankind, making the choice in favor of continuing the evolution of the material, would eventually separate the death of the material exhausted planet.

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Teilhard de Chardin (Teilhard de Chardin) Marie Joseph Pierre, photo, biography
Teilhard de Chardin (Teilhard de Chardin) Marie Joseph Pierre, photo, biography Teilhard de Chardin (Teilhard de Chardin) Marie Joseph Pierre  French anthropologist, a paleontologist and theologian cosmists, photo, biography
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