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Chizhevsky Alexander L.

( Founder of space biology and medicine, aeroionologii)

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Biography Chizhevsky Alexander L.
photo Chizhevsky Alexander L.
Chizhevsky was born in 1897. in Bryansk. His father, General L.V. Chizhevsky, was a famous military specialist. After the October Revolution, moving to the side of Soviet power, he worked with a famous designer of weapons F.V. Tokarev. Important role in the upbringing of his grandmother played by Sasha, A. Chizhevskaya. She worked with the grandson of painting, music, foreign languages. Love Chizhevskogo to literature - also merit grandmother. AL. Chizhevsky received a broad education:
in 1914. graduated from a technical school in Kaluga,
May 1917. - Moscow Archaeological Institute,
in 1915-18 i.i. was a student of physics and mathematics faculty of Moscow University,
in 1919-22 i.i. - Student Medical Faculty.
Upon graduation Chizhevsky actively engaged in scientific activities. He was a research consultant to the Institute of Biological Physics, the main expert in medicine and biology of the Association of Inventors, a professor of practical laboratory zoopsychology Glavnauka ...
In the early 30-ies Chizhevsky headed the research station in ptitsesovhoze "Arzhenka" Tambov region, and conducted experiments on the effect aeroionifikatsii on weight, growth and egg laying birds. Experiments yielded positive results. People's Commissars of the USSR adopted a resolution which endorsed the general organization of the invention and the inventor Chizhevskogo encouraged prize of 10,000 rubles. The museum exhibits documents pertaining to this period of life Chizhevskogo, brochure B. Dyakova "The revolution in poultry farming and chandelier Chizhevskogo" - installations for air ionifikatsii.
Chizhevsky found a beneficial effect aeroionifikatsii and chelovchesky body. Carrying out medical sessions have increased efficiency patients, increases resistance to ailments, have curative effects.
Mad machine Stalinist repression has not bypassed Chizhevskogo. In 1943, Mr.. He was sentenced to 8 years in the camps for alleged anti-Soviet agitation. Penalty Chizhevsky served in the Karaganda region. Being in Karlag he managed to continue work on the material, which served as the basis of the book "Dynamics of blood". This work played an important role in the mastery of human space. After leaving the camp Chizhevskogo identified exiled to Karaganda, where he was in 1958. found the news of the rehabilitation. The fate measured out to him another six years of life and work of a free man - in 1964. Chizhevsky died.
Results of his life is impressive. Professor Chizhevsky is one of the founders of space biology and medicine, aeroionologii and its practical application, the creator of the mathematical theory of electrodynamics of blood, a talented inventor. He - the author of 500 scientific works, was valid and an honorary member of 30 academies, universities and scientific societies around the world. Chizhevsky was a friend and popularizer of ideas K.E. Tsiolkovsky. At the International Congress of Biophysics in New York in 1939. Chizhevskogo called "Leonardo da Vinci XX Century. In the same 1939. to nominate candidates for the Nobel Prize.
AL. Chizhevsky was multi-talented man. We Chizhevskogo - the artist's favorite theme is the landscape. His works are distinguished professional skill and wealth of color, subtle understanding of the nature. Lyrics Chizhevskogo also marked by a mature mastery. Positive feedback about his poetry gave M. Voloshin, A. Tolstoy,. Bryusov, IN. Ivanov.

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Chizhevsky Alexander L., photo, biography
Chizhevsky Alexander L., photo, biography Chizhevsky Alexander L.  Founder of space biology and medicine, aeroionologii, photo, biography
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