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FRYING Hryhorii

( Russian and Ukrainian philosopher, poet, teacher.)

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Biography FRYING Hryhorii
Born in Poltava province s.Chernuhi November 22 (3 December) 1722. The son of a simple Cossack. He studied at the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, traveled (traveled to Poland, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Germany), mastered several languages (including Greek and drevneevreyskim), known to both ancient and modern European philosophy. In 1759-1769 he taught at the Kharkiv Collegium. During his lifetime his works Pans have been known only in the lists. He was the author of philosophical dialogues: Ashan, . Narcissus, . Chatting, . betrothed two, . Razglagol of the ancient world, . Conversation five travelers about the true я+п¦я¦я-пTпT in life, . Ring et al, . as well as treatises and a variety of poetic works, . translations of Greek and Latin texts (including works of Plutarch, . Terence, . Cicero),
. Most of the life of the philosopher was wandering in. Widely known epitaph on the grave of a thinker, a wanderer, written by himself: 'The world would catch me, but did not catch'.
VV Zenkovsky in his History of Russian philosophy, wrote about the religious feelings of alienation from the world as the most important in attitude are frying pans. It was a mystical experience the duality of the world of being and the alienation of precisely what was perceived as foreign religious thinker, 'vain', non-existential side of life. This 'world' pan and did not want to be 'caught'. At the same time, it was inherent in the experience of another reality, a higher level of existence, to the knowledge of which, in his opinion, people can and should seek to: 'If you want something to know the truth, seeing in the flesh first, ie. in appearance, and you will see in it traces of God and exposing obscure and secret wisdom '. To the knowledge of 'signs of God' in the world can come only faithful to the ancient philosophical precept: Know thyself. 'Do not measuring themselves primarily, . - Wrote a thinker, . - What benefit izvlechesh of knowledge measures in other creatures? " In support of the exceptional value of philosophical reflection pan did not stop and before the process of self-identification with God: 'Know yourself and to know God - a work',

In anthropology there Pans motifs characteristic of Russian medieval thought. This particularly applies to his teachings about the heart as the heart of the spiritual and bodily existence of man. The influence of Platonism is manifested in the justification of the role of eros in the aesthetic experiences rights, and that love itself implies a certain 'affinity' with its subject - the original, metaphysical predisposition of the heart. In the doctrine of 'tayaschemsya the Spirit of God in man', . about, . that every man in his earthly existence is only a 'dream and the shadow of the real man', . Pan is close to the establishment of a European mystics, . in particular Meister Eckhart with his doctrine of 'hidden depths' in God and man,
. Present at the philosopher and mystic-pantheistic motives: 'God of all creation pervades and contains ...',' God is the foundation and the eternal plan of our flesh ...', 'ropes around ...' etc.

'Oh, my Lord! It is hard to tear the heart out of the adhesive spontaneity of the world! " - Exclaims pan at the end of life. In his understanding of the ethical task of man is to realize and find the mystical beginning in itself, and in this sense at last become himself. But the transformation of the empirical subject in the 'real person' will prevent, involving a person in the world of struggle and suffering. 'Everyone worshiping his will, the enemy is God's will, can not enter the kingdom of God' - wrote pan. The motif of 'a denial' in a variety of options typical of the mystical traditions of both the West and East. Present it in the works Pans: partly as a result of certain ideological influences, . but to a much greater extent as a reflection of personal spiritual experience, . experience a constant and painful struggle with the 'sticky spontaneity of the world', . the 'empirical person' in itself,
. At the end of life pan, like many mystics before him, inclined to acknowledge that the empirical reality is the direct embodiment of evil. Departing in mystical visions of this world in 'world first-born', a man and thus is 'beyond good and evil'.

Died in pan s.Ivanovka Kharkov province on October 29 (9 November) 1794.

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FRYING Hryhorii, photo, biography
FRYING Hryhorii, photo, biography FRYING Hryhorii  Russian and Ukrainian philosopher, poet, teacher., photo, biography
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