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Vannovsky Petr Semenovich

( Military and statesman, General of Infantry.)

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Biography Vannovsky Petr Semenovich
photo Vannovsky Petr Semenovich
(1822-1904) - Military and statesman, General of Infantry (1883). Adjutant-General (1878). Service began in 1840, Mr.. Participated in the Hungarian campaign (1849), the Crimean War (1853 - 1856). Distinguished at the siege of the Turkish fortress of Silistra (1854). In the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. - Chief of Staff, later - the commander of the detachment Ruschukskogo. From 22 May 1881. - Managing the Military Ministry. From 1 January 1882 to January 1, 1898. - Minister of War. If it were built new fortresses in the western direction, built several railways strategic. Since 1898. - Member of the State Council. Since 1901. Minister of Education. Since 1902. retired.
He graduated from the course in 1-st Moscow Cadet Corps, he served in the Finnish Guards regiment, in 1853 - 54 years participated in the affairs under Turtukaem and strength Silistria; in 1857. appointed head of the Infantry Officers School in 1861,. - Director of Pavlovsky Corps, then converted into 1-e military Pavlovskoe School. Since 1868. commanded an infantry division. In 1877, commanding 12 th Army Corps, crossed the Danube at Zimnica and 27 June was appointed the duties of the Chief of Staff Ruschukskogo unit, headed by Tsarevich (later Tsar Alexander III). From 24 February 1878. Vannovsky commanded the forces of the East squad and at that time was promoted to Adjutant General. May 22, 1881, Mr.. designed to manage the War Department in 1883. promoted to generals from the Infantry. Proceedings Vannovskogo, as minister of war, manifested mainly as follows: I. The device of military control in general. Abolish the post of inspector general of cavalry and Inspector-General engineers, . most important duties are entrusted to the Minister of War (1891); artillery units, . constituent blocks, . removed from the jurisdiction of the artillery district and subordinate corps commanders, . in the types of association of all arms in the hands of superior responsibility, . in peacetime and wartime; formed mortirnye field regiments (1889); strengthened reserve artillery, . Field operating infantry and infantry reserve, management reorganized the fortress - will the owner of the commandant of the fortress and the person responsible for it in good condition and preparation of its mobilization, established in parts of the hunting team, greatly simplified the local military administration (1881), . abolition of posts of chiefs of local troops in the districts and provincial military commanders, . replaced the heads of local teams, . with little in their offices,
. Converted field control of troops in wartime (1890). - II. Organization troops. The basic idea Vannovskogo reforms was to increase the combat part of our armed forces about the reduction of non-combat elements and without increasing the overall size of the army. Highlighted the increase in the number of officers in the army. Intensified and regular cavalry regiments re-formation of 4-squadron of 6-squadron, increase the number of existing Cossack regiments, strengthened and transformed part of the field and fortress artillery, . reinforced engineering troops formation of 5-th Brigade of Engineers, . Railroad Brigade, . Training aerostatic park, . serfs aerial offices and military pigeon postal stations,
. - III. Acquisition troops. Increased service life for persons enjoying the benefits of education (1886). General conscription was introduced in the Caucasus and in the field Semirechensk. Established annual training fees reserve and militia. Military schools increased in the. Military school cadet corps converted; established a new Don Cadet Corps. Increased content of junior combat officers, especially company commanders. For replenishment of the officers in time of war issued regulations on officers and warrant officers of the stock and set their training fees. - IV. Education troops. Issued new instructions. Study of the converted officers' school, are preparing to engage in more independent positions. A special officer's course of Oriental Languages. - V. Mobilization readiness of our Army has increased significantly, due to the expansion of railway network, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of War. - VI. In the special military regions occurred following changes: 1) According to the Quartermaster parts: an increase in allowances privarochnogo soldiers harvested canned, . stock feed and food, building military granaries, . Millers, . Bakery and pressovalen hay,
. A new way of harvested forage through the landowners, and food supplies - the troops, through the commissioners. 2) The military-medical parts: the hospitals were replaced by the local hospital, issued new regulations on military-medical institutions. 3) The military-to-ship parts: the new military judicial system and distributed to remote districts; processed and issued new regulations military-to-ship and disciplinary. 4) In the engineering part: particular attention to fortification defense of our borders and the construction and improvement of the fortresses of the forts were directed to the Administrative Commission, under the chairmanship of the Minister. There is a new position on the management of the fortresses. 5) The arming. Army received (1893) reduced-caliber rifle, firing a new smokeless powder, made from re-arranged plant. In the field artillery weapons entered the field mortar. There was re-mountain battery, introduced new castle light guns and large caliber mortars, bombs, firing torpedoes; introduced electric lighting in a fortress in time of war. - To strengthen the corporate spirit in the army in 1894. issued rules on officers' duels, which encouraged a duel in a military environment. - January 1, 1898. Vannovsky dismissed from the post of Defense Minister and was appointed a member of the Council of State. February 20, 1899, Mr.. He was assigned to investigate the causes of student unrest. The results of his investigation has not yet been published, but no doubt that they were at odds with the prevailing until the spirit of the Ministry of Education. When was killed by the Minister of Education Bogolepov, his place was appointed Vannovsky (March 25, 1901). He began his work is characterized "by order" in which "supplied to school personnel in the steady and unfailing duty payment to the education of young people of reason, love and heart care". Students who at Bogolepova were placed on the soldiers were released, and this measure is no longer practiced. At the end of 1901. published rules, which students were given the opportunity of corporate organization, legalized course headman, were allowed to exchange the device assembly, and the establishment of scientific and literary circles, canteens, mutual-aid funds and t. , but all this was arranged so shy conditions that students did not want to accept these rules. Thus, in the field of higher education Vannovsky goal of reconciliation is not reached. Several successful was his work in the field of school. Greek language is eliminated from most of the classical gymnasiums and made optional for those entering the university. But there remained not a complete reform. In the area of lower education Vannovsky not had time to design anything even. April 11, 1902, a few days after the assassination of Minister of Interior Sipyagina, Vannovsky left his post. Place it took his friend Zenger.

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Vannovsky Petr Semenovich, photo, biography
Vannovsky Petr Semenovich, photo, biography Vannovsky Petr Semenovich  Military and statesman, General of Infantry., photo, biography
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