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Komaritsin Anatoly

( Head Head Department of Navigation and Oceanography of the Ministry of Defense, Chief of the Hydrographic Service of the Navy.)

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Biography Komaritsin Anatoly
photo Komaritsin Anatoly
Born in June 1946 in the city of Sovetskaya Gavan in the family of a sailor - katernika. The father and mother were military. After Khrushchev's famous reduce the family moved to the Siberian city of Angarsk, where he graduated from high school.
Higher education - Pacific High Military - Naval School, the military profession - the navigator. In sports.
He started as a lieutenant - the commander of the group, to the commander of a flotilla of nuclear submarines. Started an officer at a nuclear submarine of project 627. Later studied all the ships created by renowned designer Sergey Kovalev Nikitich. Marine officers who happened to be led by Anatoly Komaritsin consider it a true martial submariner.
25 years served on Kamchatka. He graduated from the Universities of the Order of Lenin classes Navy, Military - Naval Academy, the Academy of General Staff.
. Today subordinate GUNiO MO are hydrographic service fleets and parts of central subordination, . which include the State Scientific - Research navigational - hydrographic institute, . Central cartographic production and Central Cartographic Factory, . about 300 research oceanographic and hydrographic vessels,
. Corresponds with 70 foreign hydrographic offices and organizations. Study, prepare descriptions and create image maps. In 1999, for example, in GUNiO was to create a better image map the bottom topography of the Arctic Ocean, which has received international diploma.
Do not like it when a lot of chatter and do nothing. Himself did not allow that.
Candidate of Military Sciences, professor of the Academy of Military Sciences. Member of the International Academy of Information Technology at the UN.
He believes that to be an admiral - is happiness. And the three stars in the chase - good luck.
Do not skive, studied and worked honestly. Directly under the water spent more than five years. In 30 years, commanded the nuclear-powered ships in 33 - went to the Academy, two years later became Deputy Divisional Commander. A 40 protivoavianosnym compound commanded nuclear submarines.
Awarded the Order of Military Merit, Red Star, "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces, as well as 14 medals.
Married. Son - submariner, a graduate of the Supreme Military - Naval School of scuba diving.
Hobbies - Automotive riding.
Honorary member of the Maritime Board. I'm sure - there must be that - then that connects people, serving as the sea - and military and civilian. This organization should be harnessed to help.
He believes that the Military - Naval flag of the Soviet Union itself does not stain, in any war. It would not surrender no ship. And this flag is wrongly replaced by Andrew. While it was proposed to leave both the flag, giving Andreyevsky status marching.
And the ocean - it is limitless ...

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Komaritsin Anatoly, photo, biography
Komaritsin Anatoly, photo, biography Komaritsin Anatoly  Head Head Department of Navigation and Oceanography of the Ministry of Defense, Chief of the Hydrographic Service of the Navy., photo, biography
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