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Metelev Nikolai Ivanovich

( Head of Department for Culture, Tourism and International Relations of the Territorial Directorate of the Pushkin administrative district of St. Petersburg.)

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Biography Metelev Nikolai Ivanovich
photo Metelev Nikolai Ivanovich
Born 27.09.41g. in village. Parents peasants. His father died in Leningrad in 1941 to the year of. Graduated 10kl. He served in the Soviet Army 1960-63 he. After demobilization he worked, was sent in 1965. the Leningrad Higher School of Trade Union AUCCTU. After graduation he worked in the offices of Mr.. Pushkin, Pushkin and Pavlovsk palaces, museums, department head, deputy director for cultural-mass work. Since 1988, the first year and currently works as head of department
. Under his rule there is more than 25 cultural institutions (libraries, houses of culture, music and art schools, museums, cinemas, chamber choir, the Foundation for Cultural Development).
. In order to more fully utilize the artistic capabilities of Tsarskoe Selo and to coordinate activities in the field of culture and art in 1992-the year in the management culture is created and successfully operates today, the Council on the Arts from 35 people, . which includes the heads of major cultural institutions and key areas of the city,
1988-93 he. repeatedly served as director of district holidays, . registered a TV studio "Sofia", . justify the extraordinarily your live broadcast on TV Saint Petersburg, . was the author and presenter of TV programs about the St. Petersburg State University, . series "Meetings with Academician DS,
. Likhachev, etc.
. Since 1993-th year together with the RF Ministry of Culture held the All-Russia festival "Chamber of Small Towns of Russia, visited by more than 70 cities of Russia.
. With 1993rd initiated the International Festival "City of Music" with the participation of sister cities, which in 1995 became the International Tsarskoselsky Carnival.
. In October 1995, at his initiative for the organization and execution of projects in the fields of culture and art was created Tsarskoselsky Fund for Cultural Development, . that in 5 years became known in St. Petersburg, . Russia and Europe, creative workshop,
. On his account execution of many projects in the cities of Russia, Russia seminar with participation of more than 100 cities in Russia and CIS.
. From the 1993rd year and is currently the director of the festival and carnival programs in Tsarskoe Selo.
. The main project is the "International Tsarskoselsky Carnival has already become traditional, who in 1998 was officially adopted by the Association of European Carnival Cities F.E.S.S.
. Currently preparing for the fifth anniversary carnival devoted A.S
. Pushkin.
The third major project is the Lycee International Festival Tsarskoselskaya Autumn "on the Day of the base Lyceum on October 19, also passes annually.
Decree of the President of Russia from 26.07.94 g. N 1577 Nikolai Ivanovich was awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Culture of Russia".
. May 1995 - organizer and leader of the delegation of Russia Cultural Days on the island of Crete with the participation of Ballet of the Maly Theater of Opera and Ballet Ensemble of Folk Instruments Orchestra
. Andreeva, AND. Bogacheva, etc.
Since 1998, the first year is one of the five members of the National Carnival Committee Rossiyskogo. In January 1998, Mr.. graduated from the Academy of National Economy under the RF Government.

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Metelev Nikolai Ivanovich, photo, biography
Metelev Nikolai Ivanovich, photo, biography Metelev Nikolai Ivanovich  Head of Department for Culture, Tourism and International Relations of the Territorial Directorate of the Pushkin administrative district of St. Petersburg., photo, biography
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