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ADASCHIK Nikolai Borisovich

( head of the NGO `Towards the third millennium`.)

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Biography ADASCHIK Nikolai Borisovich
photo ADASCHIK Nikolai Borisovich
born May 17, 1960 in the city of Lermontov (Stavropol Territory). While in school, was winner of city and regional Olympiads on mathematics and physics. After reading books on popular cybernetics began to dream about the information society, so in 1977 he entered the Leningrad Institute of Aviation Instrument Engineering, which graduated from the specialty "system engineer".
Upon graduation he returned to his hometown. Until 1988 he worked in the field of software testing and reliability of complex systems in the North-Caucasian Institute for communications and control systems (r. Pyatigorsk), having risen from a simple engineer to lead.
In 1988, H. Adaschik decided to take up the innovation and innovative activity, creating a center in Pyatigorsk, scientific and technical creativity of youth (TSTTM "Pulse"). Over three years they had created about 700 tanks Fitoprofilaktika "in the territory of the former USSR. In many enterprises introduced for the recycling of galvanic production, . established an independent company, . introduced dozens of scientific and technological developments in various areas of the economy (including in the production of consumer goods), . written hundreds of orders in the field of design development,
Along with the business N. Adaschik engaged in creative and social activities, development and implementation of social innovation.
In May 1988, headed the association centers of the North Caucasus, in 1990 was elected a member of the presidium of the Union of innovative enterprises of the USSR.
Member of the international and Russia's environmental movement. Organizer of the first international Earth Day (April 22, 1990) in the USSR and environmental equity "Park 44th parallel" (1990-1993), "Elbrus-91" (1991-1993). In the 91st year, during the environmental expedition to Mount Elbrus, the highest peak of Russia was first raised by Russia's flag, which Nick keeps in his office in St. Petersburg.
From 1989 to 1991, financed and managed the development of the concept of "Cities Association of CMS". The concept became the basis for the development of the program "Revival of the Caucasian Mineral Waters" and the signing of the Presidential Decree in March 1992. Member of the socio-scientific board of "Specially Protected eco-resort region Russia - CMS". Founder of Commerce and Industry Chamber of the CMS Board Member.
From 1998 to 2000 - Advisor to "peacekeeping mission in the North Caucasus".
From 1991 to the present day Nicholas Adaschik - an active organizer of the "occurrence" of mankind in the third millennium in Russia, Ukraine and the world. Developed Projects: "House of Earth," "Flight of the third millennium", "Stairway to the third millennium", the concept of "Ukraine - the meeting place of the third millennium", "Saint-Petersburg - the meeting place of the third millennium". Since August 1998 - Deputy Chairman of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Towards the third millennium", in February 1999 - Chairman of "Towards the third millennium" (St. Petersburg). One of the initiators of the World Committee on meeting the Millennium (1999).
In November 2000, H. Adaschik attended the World Congress "Results of the Millennium", which made a presentation on "unification of mankind on the basis of information technologies as one of the outcomes of the second millennium. The Congress for the first time he was a draft of the monument "Association".
In April and May of 2000, drafted a "Manifesto of the Union of Internet users", which became the basis for the establishment of the Union of Internet users (www.spi.e-www.ru).
In January 2001, H. Adaschik became a member of the Global Alliance Planetary Vision Festival 2001 (www.PlanetaryVision.net), . combining eleven international organizations, . priority which was the development of planetary consciousness, . understanding, . Ethics,
. March 20, 2001 in St. Petersburg and in Kiev, Ukraine coordinated the organization of the World Day of Planetary Consciousness, the celebration which was attended by 24 countries of the world
. Nicholas Adaschik is the author-developer of a new direction of the planetary architecture: Park 44th Parallel "(1990), . "House of Earth" (1993), . monument "Association" (1999-2000, . www.im.e-www.ru), . "Planetary Park 2001" (2001, . www.PlanetaryPark.org), . as well as the author of a number of original projects: the Millennium Clock "(launched in Ukraine by the President of Ukraine 31.12.2000, Mr.,
. at the time of the new millennium), "The first minute of the Millennium" (www.mm.e-www.ru, the project is implemented in St. Petersburg at 15.00, 31/12/2000).
September 11, 2001 in St. Petersburg on the initiative of H. Adaschika and mountaineering club "Saint-Petersburg held a meeting dedicated to the 10th anniversary show of Russia's national flag at the top of Mount Elbrus Russia. To the President of Russia was sent to treatment with a proposal to establish an annual celebration of Russia Summits.
September 22, 2001 at the initiative of H. Adaschika within a planetary vision of the Festival-2001 in St. Petersburg (as well as in other cities in Russia and Ukraine) with the active support of the Association of the ethical business of Russia were held roundtables on the Day of Planetary Ethics.
Since 2000, Nicholas Adaschik engaged in developing a new type of sports and recreational games duybol (www.e-schools.ru/duyball), which he invented in the 90 years. Already held about 20 tournaments at various levels, which was attended by about 15 000 people.
The game is aimed at the development of respiratory activity of man, from 5 to 7 years of age. In September 2001 duybol included in the RF State Program "Health of the Nation", October 3-6 in the exhibition SPORTEXPO-2001 in St. Petersburg hosted the first International Championship duybolu. Duybol as a new kind of martial arts promotes the idea of non-violence - one of the main ideas of mankind in the 21st century.
He is married and has two sons.

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ADASCHIK Nikolai Borisovich, photo, biography
ADASCHIK Nikolai Borisovich, photo, biography ADASCHIK Nikolai Borisovich  head of the NGO `Towards the third millennium`., photo, biography
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