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Malyutina Natalia Afanasyevna

( President of public cultural and educational fund `Secrets of the century ', holder of the international award' Golden Heart ')

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Biography Malyutina Natalia Afanasyevna
photo Malyutina Natalia Afanasyevna
Name Malyutin of the Cossack village Ulasovka known almost from the time of Ivan the Terrible. Father Athanasius Natalia Malyutin participated in the fight against Denikin, after the Civil War by the Young Communist League joined the call for the Navy. Next - Yezhov dungeons, abuse, hunger. After the arrest of his father and mother Natalia settled in a remote village in the Crimea Tatar. Link did not last long - after a year and a half Athanasius Malyutina rehabilitated and even restored his former rank. The summer of 1945 Malyutin moved to the Far East, where Athanasius was sent to the rank of Rear Admiral, and where he participated in the war against Japan. Natalia Malyutina entered the Faculty of History of Vladivostok Technicalities. Subsequently, the father was transferred to the Baltic, and Natalia continued his studies at the Leningrad Pedagogical Institute. Herzen. Ibid and met with Nikolai Artamonov, married.
In 1950, after her husband Natalia Afanasyevna distribution falls in Konigsberg. And its cast to create a museum of the Baltic Fleet in Pillai (now Baltiisk). For an art exhibition at the time lacked. Only 'collect' them had from the seabed, but from the rubble of bombed buildings. This also began to deal with three employees: future director Victor Vasiliev, Luda Khvoshchinskaya and Natalia Malyutina. In a clumsy diving equipment, which was stored in warehouses with pre-war times, sank in the Baltic naval cadets from schools. After graduating from the training of divers, together with the seabed and surveyed Malyutina. All of them were aware of: we can not go back - the sea packed with unexploded ordnance, and equipment securely. Also a lot of effort was given a traditional archeology. Often had to work among the debris of unexploded mines, shells and bombs.
But be in Koenigsberg and not "get" search for the Amber Room was impossible for the historian. According to intelligence data, it was just hidden in East Prussia. Special suspicions aroused the ruins of the castle of the Prussian kings. Well explore the dungeon of the castle in those years and did not manage: missed neither men nor means to demine basements, clearing them from the stored shells struck dig holes, blow up steel doors. There has been carefully checked and the marine version of the disappearance of the Amber Room: sunken ships inspected surface. Numerous values and still lie on the seabed in the shells of more than a hundred shipwrecks near Kaliningrad. Although the Amber Room, until now no one had detected, but were pulled from oblivion the names of hundreds of dead soldiers - and our people, and the enemy - and their place of burial listed native. And the museum in Pillau also been established. If the circumstances of fate compel people to engage in disentangling other people's secrets, the inscrutable rock furnishes riddles and personal life. In 1959, Natalia's husband disappeared Afanasyevna. One of the most brilliant officers of the Baltic Fleet, he went to the ship to perform a special task from the port of Gdynia, the Polish People's Republic of. Since the job did not come back today - after almost forty years of it is not known.
After this family tragedy Natalia Afanasyevna returned to Leningrad. Works in the Central Naval Museum, then the executive secretary of the Moscow District Society for Protection of Monuments, history, culture, headed by Boris Piotrovsky. Working in this position, participated in the rescue Chesmenskaya church from destruction (in its place was planned to place the pool). Also on her by finding the plane and the reburial of the ashes of the Hero of the Soviet Union fighter pilot Alexei Sevastyanov, fundraising for the memorial in Victory Square, many discoveries have been returned values stored historical relics. She worked as a tour guide, Trainers, a freelance correspondent "Leningrad Pravda" and several newspapers from the countries of Eastern Europe, for 25 years was part of the Soviet Women's Committee.
. Now Natalia Malyutina headed by a public cultural and educational fund "Secrets of the Century", founded May 28, 1991
. With the support of the same enthusiastic people continue to 'dig out' the secrets of the past days. Members of the fund collected archives, developing plans for cruises. Manage to make these expeditions. There was an expedition in the Gulf of Vyborg on the research vessel "Vladimir Kamanin, where with the help of the latest teleustanovki" Rapam "managed to locate the wrecks in the Northern War the Russian ships. Last summer Malyutin managed to visit the Tunisian port of Bizerte and return to their homeland Andreev ship flags, one of which was consecrated and is now in the Kazan Cathedral. Foundation Secrets of the Century "offers a program" Memory of the Heart "to the 2000 anniversary of Christianity and the 300 th anniversary of St. Petersburg. The main objective of the program - to perpetuate the memory of the sailors who died in various wars, marine disasters, missing persons - in a single international Monument - Monument to the Fallen Sailors. Monument to be installed in the Kronstadt forts Konstantin - the most prominent from the main channel of Petersburg. The appearance of the monument must determine soon creative contest.
. March 10, 1997 Natalia Afanasyevna Malyutina was awarded the "Golden Heart", . rare international award, . awarded a very few: Queen Elizabeth, . musicians Rostropovich, . Spivakov, . Vishnevskaya, . keeper Andrew's flag Rossiyyskoy empire in the Tunisian port of Bizerte, . Alexander Shirinskaya,
. In reward documents proving ownership 'Golden Heart', says that H. A. Malyutina awarded for selfless devotion to the Motherland, for the selfless service to the ideals of humanism '.

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Malyutina Natalia Afanasyevna, photo, biography
Malyutina Natalia Afanasyevna, photo, biography Malyutina Natalia Afanasyevna  President of public cultural and educational fund `Secrets of the century ', holder of the international award' Golden Heart ', photo, biography
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