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( Leaders of the Regional Public Organization `Enlightenment Center SANNE`)

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Biography Sanne
photo Sanne
Do not be surprised unusual name. Sanne - Space is the name of a man who realized their own cosmism, remembered his past and managed to become a holistic. But why is the picture we see a man and a woman odnovremennoN There is no need to search trick. There are no mistakes. A man and a woman and a man named SANNE.
They are not descended from the heavens. They are born in the Earth. Their material beginning formed by their parents.
Thus, Sanne or Ostanin Alexander was born on June 2, 1960 in the city of Perm region Solikamsk. Finished the secondary school in the Ukraine. And then came to the city on the Neva River to get higher education. And he succeeded. In 1983 he graduated with honors from the Leningrad Institute of Chemical Technology Lensoviet and decided to undertake serious study. For two years, interrupted his studies, having served as an officer in the army. Upon returning successfully engaged in composite polymer materials. However, the initial predisposition to humanities, philosophy and psychology has led to what Sanne decided to leave science and actively engaged in the problems of man's inner world.
. In 1991 he graduated from the St. Petersburg school of parapsychology
. Secret and unknown causes him to his. Sanne touches, and practically, and theoretically, with the world of energy and information. While in the late 90-ies it is all styled by my name - Alexander N.. So, step by step, he became a professor of parapsychology, then the director, and finally decided to create its own center. Then it was just an idea.
At this time, Sanne met with Olga, who was born January 31, 1948 in Leningrad. Energetically they know each other once. (Those familiar eyes, which have become so favorite). In his childhood with his parents Olga many trains on the Soviet Union, his father was a military pilot, but to finish high school and tertiary education, she arrived to Leningrad. And in 1972, successfully graduated from the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute. In subsequent years, actively engaged in the design, implementation and operation of electronic computers. Years pass. Secretly any health problems, and Olga decided to return from Latvia to his hometown. Internally, she already knew that only she can help me. The desire to understand their own lives and improve their health in 1992 led her to study at the school of parapsychology. Sanne taught, and Olya learned.
They were very close to each other. Some people today may seem ridiculous, . but the joint creative work of Alexander Nikolayevich and Olga Vladimirovna, . is how they then turned to each other, . began with, . that they remembered one of his incarnations, . spent together ..,
. Do you think gdeN On Mars. Even then they felt a deep inner connection.
Several months passed and they decided to create his own line of natural sciences. In 1993, established the first research group, who were tasked to give a powerful impetus to the creation of a new system of knowledge about human. For by that time it became clear that the man has not only material beginning. His inner world - a world of energy and information.
Sanne actively lectures, Olya it helps. They perfectly captured the integral vision (the vision of energy) and learned to work with information flows. They wanted to know the truth about themselves and about the world. As it was not easy! But another way they have not seen for myself Sanne and Olga met early in the morning and leave late at night. They gave the whole process of cognition. They have discovered God anew. For them, God - is a man of high hierarchical level, which made them personally as substance. They have learned to communicate with him without intermediaries, and grateful for his help, knowledge and love.
After all, the Creator and Ole Sanne reminded that they are part of a single cosmic man. They believed him They opened their souls for love, though it was terrible and difficult as many of us have forgotten what love is.
The time has come, and the fall of 1994 they decided never to leave each other to live in love and joy. For they knew that if they are together, they will open the way to new knowledge. Restoring its own integrity and purity, Sanne and Olya actively helping other men and women in attaining peace, health and inner harmony. New experience come to them through individual counseling.
It gradually became a looming image of the cosmic man. It became clear that the inner world of a man, his inner self are created in the center of the universe. Man - a substance having the consciousness. From a man space is given the opportunity to split into two parts: one part - a man, the other part - is a woman. As a result of the research has established that a combination of three basic elements of man's inner world: the seven bodies, systems of fifteen and seventeen energy centers. Both men and women. God gives Guardian Angel, whose mission - to protect the rights and status, which protects the inner world of unnecessary information
. Each planetary man from a given name space (male and female), personal character, the disk of Destiny, the lodestar
. Personal Temple, Crown (which each of us is on the head), clothing and jewelry (their energy-equivalent) All this is revealed not immediately. For these are the years of intense creative labor
As a result, in 1996 released the album "The Inner World of Man. The harmony of form and color ", considering that man regains its integrity and purity, and the first book," Enlightenment, "because students would not only listen but also to read. This book, in fact, the introduction of specialty. These developments followed the following. This Energy napkin, cleaning food.. cassettes with meditation. Event occurred and in his personal life and Sanne Oli. January 27, 1997 they became husband and wife, officially registered their marriage. And after that in 1998 they have been written and published the book "How to find my half.
Currently Sanne and Olga are the leaders of the Regional Public Organization "Center of Enlightenment SANNE". The main task is the development and dissemination of knowledge about the inner world of human Sanne and Olya lectures in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ufa and Taganrog, Vilnius. They have a lot of drive and know that enlightenment requires it.
More about "Enlightenment Center SANNE lets you know if you call (812) 164-35-68 or look in the Internet at \ y \ \ lU5appe. 5r.gts
February 12, 1998 State Standard of Russia registered the system of voluntary certification of bioenergy Security Biostandart ". June 18, 1998 "Enlightenment Center SANNE" received a certificate of accreditation as a laboratory examination of bioenergy in the Certification Scheme
. Sanne and Olga several times a year, provide free educational lectures on the main hall of DkiT them
. Strip in St. Petersburg. They have already read such lectures as "Love and Evil", "Destiny", "Karma man," "On the way from person to person terrestrial space", "creator and man", etc.
Investigations are continuing, as the continuing emergence of a new system of knowledge. And maybe it's just that what is missing today, a man of the Earth "Sanne and Olya advocate actively against Judah, magic, violence and witchcraft, they argue that the destiny and consciousness can work. But one must have knowledge. Most importantly, this knowledge has finally become clear and accessible. This knowledge for all. not for the elect.
Sanne and Olya wish you happiness, joy, love and health Believe in your own strength and in addition. Who created you, and you will succeed.

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  • tarusa for Sanne
  • How to contact the representatives of HRC SANNE (phone, address in St. Petersburg), where to buy books like "How to find your other half?" Sincerely, Catherine
  • Anna for Sanne
  • Good morning, Catherine. Sanne you can find contacts on its website www. sanne. org. (especially a problem for the address for spam protection). Anastasia.
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    Sanne, photo, biography
    Sanne, photo, biography Sanne  Leaders of the Regional Public Organization `Enlightenment Center SANNE`, photo, biography
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