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Belova Marina Albertovna

( General Director of OOO `Elix`.)

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Biography Belova Marina Albertovna
Born Dec. 4, 1963 in g. Leningrad in a family of engineers. After graduation in 1980 worked in the Petrodvorcoviy RK Komsomol liberated Secretary.
In 1981 he entered the Leningrad Institute of Precision Mechanics and Optics, where over 5 years successfully combined studies, social work, training in mountaineering and climbing. 1987 defended her degree in optoelectronic devices ". Having obtained the distribution of the plant "Device" - NGO "Sphere", started her career as an engineer-constructor 3 categories.
In 1988 he graduated from the school instructors and performed standard climbing Candidate Master of Sports in mountaineering. In connection with the birth of their first child in 1990 and the second two years later, temporarily stopped the labor force, continuing to monitor closely the processes in own country.
In 1995, in order to study the basics of construction and finishing works, works in the Company's Northern RSO "painter, plasterer, and a year later - a foreman in the construction company LLC" MP Victoria ". In a relatively short period of time, showing himself as a thoughtful and proactive leader is appointed to the post of Deputy Director for General Affairs, and since 1998 executive director of OOO "MP Victoria".
In 1999, a group of like-minded founders of "Personal Finance". MA. Belova part of the company's founders and unanimously elected its Director-General
. When it was determined the company's priorities - installation of heating cable, . it is one of the first trained in the European Engineering Center Corporation "Raychem" and receives a personal certificate of design and installation of these systems,
In 1999, taking place at JSC "Rannila Steel" course on the technology of roofing systems "Rannila".
In 2000, OOO "Elix" becomes an official distributor of "Tyco Flow Control Raychem HTS" (USA) North-West Russia. The company performs design, . assembly, . commissioning and warranty maintenance of self-regulating electrical heating systems construction and industrial, . through the use of heating cables "Raychem HTS", . well as civil works,
Offering a wide range of consumer products corporation "Tyco Flow Control Raychem HTS", MA. Belova convinced that the future belongs to such technologies, not for nothing that the called the self-regulating heating cables "Raychem" - "prudent".
Systems allow to solve a wide range of tasks, both in industry and in construction. In terms of customers LLC "Elix" includes the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, oil production and refineries, the system of protection against frost mounted on the roofs of the largest museums in the city
. Emphasis is placed on systems Marina Albertovna constructions: - "Every day we pass by the buildings, . built by the great masters, . and in the bustle of everyday life do not notice, . as time and harsh climate of St. Petersburg destroying these monuments of architecture, . but this is our story, . our spiritual heritage, . and our common responsibility - to preserve for posterity the face of our beautiful city ",
. Electrical heating systems roofs provide maximum protection to bearing structures and facades of buildings from destruction, . is particularly valuable in the historical part of town, . where the repair and construction work cost the city dearly, . not to mention the fact, . that any damage to the historic appearance of such buildings is steadily moves us away from its initial appearance,
With a large enough experience in construction, she has knowledge of the application of advanced technologies for the production of construction work, using the most advanced materials. She earned well-deserved prestige among colleagues and staff as a promising, thoughtful and fair leader, able to instantly make rational and timely decisions.
In his free time giving travel, studies rock-climbing, mountaineering, mountain and cross country skiing and breeding of exotic plants in the home.
Opinion stranger: "In her presence even the clock started to go faster:"

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    Belova Marina Albertovna, photo, biography
    Belova Marina Albertovna, photo, biography Belova Marina Albertovna  General Director of OOO `Elix`., photo, biography
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