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Ghalib George Gavrilivich

( General director of 'New Holland'.)

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Biography Ghalib George Gavrilivich
photo Ghalib George Gavrilivich
Born in 1937 in Leningrad. The war, evacuation, children's home, returning to his native city, studying in school - these pages life Galibova i.i. typical of many small pores of the Leningrad military, as well as the subsequent early labor, service in the army.
Seniority Galibova i.i. began in 1951 in a trade school, and then was working as a mechanic, foreman, and after graduating from the Leningrad Optical-Mechanical College (1965) - head of production in the union Krasnogvardeets. In 1970 Galibov i.i. goes to work in the country's biggest assembly organization - Specialized Trust for the installation of water-power and mechanical equipment (SGEM), and parallel to the ends Leningrad Financial-Economic Institute. In SGEMe Galibov spent 20 years as chief financial officer was directly involved in the preparation of tender documentation for the construction of hydropower stations in the USSR, . including: Ust-Ilim hydroelectric station, . Sayano-Shushenskaya GES, . Inguri hydroelectric, . other, . well as abroad: in Brazil, . Argentina, . Iceland etc.,
. Galibov i.i
. married and has one son, Yuri, who is now working as a Manager of External Relations in the company of Philip Morris and is widely known in the business world of St. Petersburg. His wife, Lyudmila Galibova, all my free time is dedicated to her husband and her beloved grandson, Vlad. Walking with him, talks, visits to theaters, tourist trips around the country and just outside the city - the most pleasant pastime family Galibovyh.
Since September 1990 Galibov i.i. goes to work at one of the first in the city and the country's joint-stock companies - JSC "New Holland", first commercial director, then in 1993 he became Director-General.
. Joint Stock Company "New Holland" was organized at the initiative of the municipal authorities and with the participation of cities in equity, and the City holds a controlling stake
. The purpose of the society - the project of reconstruction and restoration of the ensemble on the island of New Holland in the historical center of St. Petersburg is a unique monument of architecture of 18-19 centuries.
. The project involves restoration and renovation of historic buildings and their adaptation to new functions, which correspond to the concept of the island center of culture, communication and international business cooperation
. It will be a multifunctional complex with a hotel, offices, business center, residential apartments, exhibition halls, underground parking and other facilities. As part of the center also provides a water park.
Galibov i.i. leads a team of enthusiasts and like-minded, . in love with the band "New Holland" and the dream of its revival, . which could bring dividends to the City and the joy of St Petersburg and the guests of the city - the future users of the center of culture in this wonderful corner of St Petersburg,
. The staff of JSC are highly skilled specialists in construction, architecture, accounting, translator, which together constitute a friendly professional team.
. Island, . named "New Holland" by Peter the Great in the memory of such a "polite" to him the country, . appeared in St. Petersburg in the 20's of the 18 century, . when they were dug Kryukov canals Admiralty, . together with the Moika River defined the outlines of "New Holland" as an almost equilateral triangle.,
. From its very inception the island of New Holland was handed Maritime Office, . which for its purposes has built it brick buildings for storage, . drying of ship timber and for carrying out work on the construction of ships for the Navy Rossiyskogo,
. Later, when no longer needed in the courts of wooden construction, these buildings have been adapted for the storage of property of the Navy.
In the creation of the ensemble on the island participated outstanding Russian architects of his time, including. Chevakinsky and entry arch of the p. Washers - creation of the famous French architect Jean-B. Vallin Delamotta, which is very much fruitful work in St. Petersburg. This arch, connecting the two historic red-brick warehouse, became a symbol of "New Holland", a favorite subject for artists, who are attracted to the image of "New Holland" its alternative for St. Petersburg architecture.
. Currently, the island, there are 5 buildings, monuments total area of 54 thousand
. sq.m., which are occupied by sailors.
One of the priorities of JSC "New Holland" is the resettlement of military organizations of the historic buildings. Today part of the island (1.7 ha) is already released, and there is an agreement with the military to further resettlement to other territories, which is expected to take 1-2 years.
. The total construction area of buildings on the island will be in accordance with the pre-project proposal of about 80 - 90 thousand
. sq. m., including 30 - 35 thousand. m. in the new building, whose construction is expected to be implemented on site demolished buildings utilitarian. Construction and reconstruction will be implemented in 5 phases, each of which may independently develop and function.
. The presence on the island inland reservoir area of about 1 hectare makes the project particularly attractive, . as a significant opportunity for the use of the water space, . for example, for a variety of cultural activities with the organization of a floating stage in the summer, . for arrival on the island of small "water taxi", etc.,
. On the one hand, . Ensemble "New Holland is located in the historical center of St. Petersburg, . in the immediate vicinity of St. Petersburg's most famous monuments (300 meters walk from the Mariinsky Theater, . 800 meters from St. Isaac's Cathedral, . at 1400 meters from the Hermitage, etc.), . On the other hand, . as an island, . it is separated from the city water areas,
. With a huge historical and cultural potential, . Spaces, . located on the axis of "Palace Square - New Holland - Theater Square, . Today is not included in the single city-wide space, . therefore one of the most important tasks of the project is to develop adjacent to the island territories and the establishment of historical and cultural and business area, . milestones which will be the largest of these terms of attracting tourists and businessmen.,
. Currently Galibov i.i
. and the whole staff of JSC "New Holland" do everything necessary to promote the project: continue to engage in project development, . prepare and agree on solutions to property and legal issues for interaction with potential investors, . resolve issues of resettlement of military, . issues of external engineering Islands, . well as carry out other issues, . are secondary in relation to the development of the project, . but which provide financial society.,
. The "New Holland is the largest investment project of St. Petersburg
. The cost of its implementation - $ 90 - 100 million, which is expected to attract at the expense of public and private investment. The project is in direct support of City, including financial.

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    Ghalib George Gavrilivich, photo, biography
    Ghalib George Gavrilivich, photo, biography Ghalib George Gavrilivich  General director of 'New Holland'., photo, biography
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