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Gause Andrey

( Director stevedoring company `` Barbaletta)

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Biography Gause Andrey
photo Gause Andrey
Director of the stevedoring company Barbaletta "Gause Andrei is also the chairman of the Committee on Transport of the Public Chamber under the Plenipotentiary of the President of Russia in the North-West Federal District, . Adviser to the Committee on Transport Administration of the President of Russia,
. More than 15 years working in senior positions in the major structures of the transport industry. Excellence, . ability to reliably assess the situation on the world and domestic markets, . ability in the short term to achieve maximization of the value of his company based on the optimization of internal reserves, . repeatedly claimed RF Ministry of Transport and the largest foreign shipping companies,
. It was broad enough list of forwarding domestic and foreign firms, which over the years led Gause AN. or participated in their creation. All of these companies in the transport business quickly sought the positive dynamics of development and received deserved a favorable image. From 1993 to 1996 i.i. as director of the American transcontinental forvardingovoy company Frits Kompaniz "AN. Gause has developed and successfully implement almost all complex technological transportation projects in the North-West region. In those years, he suggested to the founders ZAO Barbaletta "to introduce its unique concept of strategic business development of this company. ZAO Barbaletta "created in the transitional period of development of market relations in Russia, when the collapse of the system of international maritime transport have a negative impact on the provision of foreign trade cargo stevedoring. Then began the actual task of creating a competitive technology cargo complex in the Greater Sea Port of St. Petersburg, which have successfully operated in a market economy. This problem was best solved ZAO Barbaletta "through the creation of two berths Baltic ship & mechanical works, highly complex vehicle designed for handling general export and import cargoes. The main types of licensed activities of the stevedore company "Barbaletta" since its inception are:

loading and unloading of ships with the general (in t.ch. refrigerated), export and import goods;
logistic assistance in the delivery of foreign goods from door to door ";
forwarding services through the use of high transport technologies
. For the most complete and quality needs of cargo stevedoring company Barbaletta "actively cooperates with the main economic actors of the transport industry in Russia, . rightly considering, . that the professional partnership multiplies opportunities,
Stevedoring company Barbaletta "appreciates the credibility of the RF Government which, since 1998, attracts ZAO Barbaletta" to ensure that Northern Stevedoring importation and foreign aid. Being on the threshold of the XXI century ZAO Barbaletta "preparing to launch a large-scale project and put forward strategic slogan" Leadership - through development! ". Applying the best international and domestic experience of handling operations, the company is steadily expanding its manufacturing and technical base.
ZAO Barbaletta "has a highly qualified. Many of the employees have the government awards for his fruitful work.
The range offered by JSC "Barbaletta" services market operators of maritime business is wide enough. Quality of performance of services inspected time.
Among the business partners of ZAO Barbaletta "leaders of the freight forwarding market, domestic exporters and importers. ZAO Barbaletta "for the past 9 years has a stable image in the market segment occupied by the marine business. Company Barbaletta is a member of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce ". Financial capacity of the company, consisting only of its own funds, allows it to be free from adverse hampering the development of political and economic externalities. This provides stevedoring company Barbaletta "successful implementation of promising investment projects, . main objective is quality execution of complex transport requirements of the Customer through the introduction of high transport technologies,
In 2000, Gause AN. at the request of the founders led the company "Barbaletta", which by this time somewhat worsened their financial results (said defaulted in August 1998). In fairness it should be noted that with the advent of the post Gause AN. the company just over 6 months (this is confirmed by statistics MAP St. Petersburg) has achieved the highest growth rates of turnover and went to the limits of their handling capacities. At present JSC "Barbaletta specializes in processing high-import of general cargo (including refrigerator), . throughput which is 15% of the total imports of general cargo, . passing through the Port of St. Petersburg,
. These figures underline the credibility of the JSC "Barbaletta" from the business of domestic and foreign partners. A. Gause formulated the "secret" of rapid success of the stevedore company "Barbaletta" thus: "Our clients strongly believe that the pay is not the list of services and their quality guaranteed!. With the emergence of new patterns of development of the transport market activity of any transportation company will inevitably undergo significant changes. In particular this applies to the expansion of services to the growing market needs of customers. Such an extension of their own set of services ZAO Barbaletta "does not allow us to organize the transport service within only one company. The most called-now among the owners of foreign trade cargo service requires an integrated multi-modal approach towards it in the best organized system of multi-modal freight
. Therefore, . Andrew Gause is completing development of a highly efficient logistics system multi-modal freight, . which will allow for cargo trade goods to reduce transportation costs up to 10% of the level, . prevailing today,
Safely operate and perform highly specialized tasks in the general system Gause AN. following independent structural elements:

Commercial Bank, a financial instrument to implement the investment policy of the above. In addition, the Bank for the permanent system customers conduct foreign financing, bank guarantees provided to customs authorities, draws up a passport of export and import transactions, etc.;
. Two freight forwarders, logistics securely connect the foreign trade cargo flows from door to door ";
. stevedoring company Barbaletta provides a port of St. Petersburg at its mooring and tie-handling system processing of export and import goods with maximum security, . at low cost and cargo in the shortest time;,
. customs broker with the international image;
. freight broker
Already, this highly organized, mobile and optimally controlled Gause AN. system allows domestic and import shippers intermodal transport of goods from door to door to save up to 10% of the transport component of the price of goods.
Director A. Cause invites organizers of local and international businesses to mutually civilized partnership and thanks to all the companies that have over 10 years working with "Barbaletta" and continue to grow along with it.

. Photo ZAO Barbaletta "

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Gause Andrey, photo, biography
Gause Andrey, photo, biography Gause Andrey  Director stevedoring company `` Barbaletta, photo, biography
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