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GORBNEKO Vladislav Ivanovich

( General Director of the agency APEC.)

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Biography GORBNEKO Vladislav Ivanovich
photo GORBNEKO Vladislav Ivanovich
Born April 7, 1951. village Bunyak Kozelschanskogo district, Poltava region in the family of employees. In 1969 he graduated 10 classes of Cherkassy school N 1 and enrolled in the Kiev Higher Naval Political School. After graduating from college was sent for further service in the Leningrad naval base. The first officer's post-secretary of the Komsomol training ship "Gangut". From 1975 to 1977. was an assistant on the work of the political department of the Komsomol Higher Naval School of. M.V. Frunze. Since 1977. served as deputy commander for political affairs oceanographic research vessel "Nikolai Zubov," and then "Adjara". In 1980. enrolled in the Military-Political Academy. VI. Lenin at the Faculty of Education, which he graduated in 1983 and was appointed professor of social sciences faculty VVMIOLU them. F. E. Dzerzhinsky. December 1987 - Head of Department. Author of a number of teaching aids.
. Married, one son, fond of science fiction.
. In 1991 Vladislav Ivanovich Director General of Agency of APEC.
. Agency APEC - a diversified structure, . rendered all the various information and consulting and legal services, . associated with starting a business, . including opening branches and representative offices of Russian and foreign firms in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.,
. APEC Agency advises on the legal forms of enterprises, . holds their registration with the provision of a full package of necessary documents, . including the liquidation of enterprises, . as well as assisting in the issuance of shares and so on.,
. The Agency carries out consultation and services to individuals and entities on all matters, the civil and criminal cases in courts, as well as handling cases in the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.
. Since 1991, the agency is actively working in the field of recruitment for a variety of companies, as well as providing assistance to the citizens of the city, region, Russia in employment
. As a highly professional recruiter agency APEC fulfills orders on the selection of personnel for more than three hundred different firms Saint-Petersburg region, Moscow and other cities of Russia. The databank agency reported more than 20 000 specialists who can be claimed by firms in the formation of his staff.
. The Immigration Department has partnered agencies, . contractual relationship with the commercial legal structures of the USA, . Canada, . New Zealand, . Italy, . Spain, . Malaysia, . Hungary, . Czech, . Australia, . Argentina and has a range of services for work abroad, . Immigration, . posportno and visa security and the opening of companies abroad, . including in offshore zones.,
. Agency, as appropriate, will provide consulting services on financial and commercial security business, will help find an office for the firm.
. Partners Agency APEC will want to PR-companies, market research, high-design, engineering and technical level will ensure representation of all services on the Internet, will help shape the production and sale of printed materials.
. All kinds of agency APEC meet its Charter and provided the necessary licenses.
. The agency is sponsoring APEC Regional Public Cultural and Educational Foundation of the Baltic and the Regional Public Foundation "Officers' Meeting.
. 191023, St. Petersburg, Foundry Avenue, Building 20,
. phone 275-44667, fax 278-8683

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  • Luda for GORBNEKO Vladislav Ivanovich
  • I am interested in the cost of services by opening a branch in Australia and New Zelandii.Obo me in detail on the site WWW.duha.novomir.com
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    GORBNEKO Vladislav Ivanovich, photo, biography
    GORBNEKO Vladislav Ivanovich, photo, biography GORBNEKO Vladislav Ivanovich  General Director of the agency APEC., photo, biography
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