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( General Director of JSC 'World Fair of Russia `Farmer`.)

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Biography ZLYDNIKOV Mikhail
photo ZLYDNIKOV Mikhail

Born February 28, 1951 in Leningrad, to a family of doctors in Leningrad. His grandfather was a director of the tuberculosis institute, during the war fought in the militia after the war returned to peaceful medical weekdays. Grandmother - chief medical officer of Children's Hospital. Tsymbalina. Father - one of the founders of the Institute of Influenza, according to his books and now teach medical students. The mother of student days working in a clinical laboratory 1-st Medical Institute, dedicating this work more than 50 years of selfless work. Michael Zlydnikovu was destined path to become a physician. But he chooses a different road. After the physical and mathematical school N 157 in the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Mikhail Zlydnikov decides to devote himself to service of country and entered the Higher Naval School of Diving. Lenin Komsomol, select one of the most sophisticated arms. After VVMUPP in 1974, Michael Zlydnikov sent to serve in the Northern Fleet. The cold waves of the Barents Sea and rugged coast of the Arctic Ocean in the years to become a home. In 1979, Mikhail Dmitrievich transferred to a detachment of Diving behalf SM. Kirov g. Leningrad, transfer their knowledge and experience of midshipmen. Detachment diving Mikhail Zlydnikov commanded a company. teaching: Many of the students and to this day come, and ringing with words of gratitude. After serving 21 years Navy, the rank of Captain 3rd rank, Michael Zlydnikov in 1989, goes to the reserve.
The first success and first victory "in the civilian world, largely determined the fate of Man, doing the work was the creation of Mikhail Dmitrievich Zlydnikovym tennis complex. Then there were the construction of an indoor sports complex for the workers of the Red Vyborgtsi and residents of the area, and the production of metal hangars, and the first deliveries abroad in Poland.
All went well, but the soul required more. The knowledge acquired in the schools of modern business, which Zlydnikov ends in Russia and abroad demanding applications. And then in late 1991, during the coupon system for most products, Mikhail Zlydnikov headed the organization he created the "World Fair" Russia Farmer. And now 8 years in the late summer in Havana, in the pavilions Fairgrounds to hold the World Fair "Farmer Russia" - a holiday for city dwellers, a holiday that helps people to live
. Since 1996, the "World Fair" Farmer Russia "led by Mikhail Zlydnikovym organizes national stands of our country and Russia is exporting companies in the world's largest exhibition:" Green Week "(Germany), . Royal Show (Britain), . Paris - World Salon, . which our company entered into contracts to supply Russia's production of millions of dollars,
. And it - new technologies and equipment for businesses, new jobs and increased wages, additional taxes in the budget and improving the lives of Russians. Representing Russia at the international exhibitions, His delegation adequately protect the honor of the motherland, Rossiyskogo honor of our flag, showing the entire Western world that Russia can feed herself.
Mikhail Zlydnikov awarded three state awards: Medal of the Order of Merit of the Fatherland "II degree", medal "300 years Rossiyskomu Navy, Medal of Zhukov
. But the biggest reward for Mikhail Dmitrievich - is proud of him, his family - his wife, three daughters and a son - and thanks to St. Petersburg for the annual harvest festival, entitled "Russia's farmers."

. Photo JSC "World Fair" Russia Farmer


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  • Alekseev for ZLYDNIKOV Mikhail
  • Commander, hello! I am very sorry that we lost all contacts! Tried to find you on Starma familiar, but in St. Petersburg last time was 10 years ago. Always remember with great respect. My address is in contact, would love to talk to. Alex.
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    ZLYDNIKOV Mikhail, photo, biography
    ZLYDNIKOV Mikhail, photo, biography ZLYDNIKOV Mikhail  General Director of JSC 'World Fair of Russia `Farmer`., photo, biography
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