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Kapysh Paul G.

( President of the Baltic Financial and Industrial Group.)

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Biography Kapysh Paul G.
photo Kapysh Paul G.
Pavel Kapysh was born March 18, 1956 in Murmansk, in the family of officer. In 1978 he graduated from LSU in 1983 post-graduate studies at Leningrad Engineering-Finance Academy. Pavel Kapysh was a candidate of economic sciences, actively engaged in scientific work, was the author of publications on topical issues of socio-economic development of Russia and macroeconomics.
. Kapysh belonged to the business elite of Russia
. In such respected references as "Who's Who in Russia" and "Who's Who in the Leningrad region, he ranks among the most influential figures in Russia's business. Pavel Kapysh was a member of the Institute of Petroleum, a member of the prestigious international business clubs, such as the English Club and the Rotary Club.
Kapysh and his associates formed BFPG in the early 90-ies. The Corporation has not only survived in the years of economic and political instability, but turned into a stable and prosperous enterprise.
. Companies in the BFPG largely owe their success to Paul Kapysh, with his inexhaustible energy, professionalism and talent to staff work, the ability to choose his team of dedicated associates.
. Under the direction of P
. Kapysh, BFPG occupied an important place in the financial, political and social life of the North-West region. Administration of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region BPFG authorized to conduct a series of financial and social programs, with whom the Group has successfully coped.
. Baltic PPG, . provided Kapysh, . participated in international exhibitions, . Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum, . oil symposia, . scientific conferences in London, . Vienna, . Berlin, . Moscow, . Cannes, . in other international events.,
. Pavel Kapysh personally supervised important projects of the Group, overcoming any obstacles posed by nature and society.
. One of the main tasks BFPG been and continues to increase oil production and refining
. JSC "Grand Oil, one of the companies BFPG, successfully engaged in research and development of oil fields in Timan-Pechersk oil region. The project was implemented under the direct supervision of Paul Kapysh.
BFPG engaged in projects in other areas. The initiative of P. Kapysh began construction of a large industrial complex in the once barren areas of the Pskov region. The complex consists of fish-processing enterprises, recreational facilities staff of the Group, stables and hunting grounds. BFPG pays much attention to environmental protection and restoration of forest resources in the region.
Pavel Kapysh attached great importance to the development of the fishing industry to supply the region with fresh river fish. BFPG to fish in inland waters and the northern seas. Corporation built a unique fishing port Storozhenets, which has important strategic, industrial and social importance. Administration of the region willing to support the activities of the Group, through which in the Pskov region was created 1000 jobs.
Under the leadership Kapysh BFPG implemented a comprehensive program to protect the interests of their employees. Employees of corporations were provided with free meals, reward system was differentiated depending on the degree of training and dedication of the employees in the work of the enterprise.
. Paul Kapysh died tragically on July 26, 1999
. His colleagues and followers continue to implement them developed socio-economic strategy, . aiming to meet the needs of the residents of St. Petersburg and North-West Russia, . funding of various cultural, . sporting and charitable programs and projects.,

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Kapysh Paul G., photo, biography
Kapysh Paul G., photo, biography Kapysh Paul G.  President of the Baltic Financial and Industrial Group., photo, biography
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