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Koshel Alexander

( General Director of OOO `ELCO Technology St. Petersburg`.)

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Biography Koshel Alexander
photo Koshel Alexander
Born March 10, 1961 in Leningrad. After graduating in 1986 from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, he worked at the plant "Spetsgidroenergomontazh". On the job received a second degree in Finance and Economics Institute.
. In 1993 he headed the firm "ELCO Technology St. Petersburg.
. Director-General considers himself a very good leader.
. Leisure time is dedicated sports and reading books (mostly detectives and special economic literature)
. He likes jazz music.
Almost not drink. From food prefer fish and seafood. Married, one son. Is engaged in charity, providing material assistance to some schools and boarding schools in St. Petersburg.
. Headed by Mr. Koshelev company ELCO Technology - Russia's firm, established in the summer of 1991, working in the field of advanced computer technologies.
. In 1993, ELCO Technologies of St. Petersburg began functioning as a distributor of many well-known companies and continues to work as a VAR and business partner of such companies, . as Cabletron Systems, . Oracle, . Novell, . ACER, . Accton Technology, . American Power Conversion, . CDT, . Rittal, . AMP.,
. ELCO Technology is one of the best known and most recognized companies in Russia in the field of computer engineering and computer communications
. As a result of the agency Dator poll "Top 100 of Computer Business in Russia" for 1997, ELCO Technology took place 10/11 in the category "System Integrator" and 9-10 place in the category "consulting company".
. ELCO Technology is also included in the 5000 list of leading enterprises with the status of "Leader of Economy of Russia"
. In April 1998, Mr.. ELCO Technologies of St. Petersburg was awarded the Emblem public recognition, established by the Administration of St.-Petersburg, the St. Petersburg Society for consumers, Gallup's Fund and the company "Single Space". A number of independent publications ( "Financial news", "PC Week") rank as leaders ELCO Technology to the most influential people the computer business in Russia. Success and prestige achieved by the company for a short period, due primarily to the selection of talented professionals. Engineers were also trained and received certificates of qualification in companies Compaq, Cabletron Systems, ARS, USAID, and CDT.
. ELCO Technologies strives to meet the needs of enterprises and organizations of all types, from large public to private commercial structures
. This was made possible thanks to the delivery of hardware and services of high quality. Among the largest customers ELCO Technology: Presidential Administration, the Pension Fund of Russia, the Federal Assembly, Smolenskaya tax inspectorate, the Ford Foundation, Moscow office of the Air Force, Bank Menatep, the Moscow Patriarchate, etc.
. ELCO Technology St. Petersburg participated in the establishment of LAN for companies Motorola, Unilever, Saint-Petersburg Bank for Reconstruction and Development, BF AO Lenstroymaterialy ", Baltic Customs, squadron" Pulkovo ", OJSC" Giprospetsgaz "and many others
. Currently ELCO Technology St. Petersburg working on the creation of information systems (including local and wide area networks) in the Committee of Economy and Finance St. Petersburg City Hall in the Main Directorate of the Central Bank of Russia to St. Petersburg.

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Koshel Alexander, photo, biography
Koshel Alexander, photo, biography Koshel Alexander  General Director of OOO `ELCO Technology St. Petersburg`., photo, biography
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