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KUSKIN Ivan Semenovich

( General Director of JSC Hotel Complex `` `Pulkovo, Lieutenant-General.)

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Biography KUSKIN Ivan Semenovich
photo KUSKIN Ivan Semenovich
Born March 20, 1928 in Leningrad. By the beginning of the blockade was a disabled father, his mother a housewife. In Ivan's family had five children. Being idler in a large family did not want to, went into the army. He graduated from the Air Force special-ops school, then higher Borisoglebsk Aviation College. At the end came in a distant aircraft, flew fighter escort. For the further promotion decided to continue their education by enrolling in the Higher Naval Academy in aviation department. It was the Marine fighter pilot.
So far in the domestic fighter aircraft known as a legendary aviator who has experienced the most modern machines: SU-11 SU-15, MiG-25. Total mastered fifteen combat aircraft. Forth to 25 calendar years.
. He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner for participation in the aviation parade to mark the 50 anniversary of Soviet power, the Order of the Red Star - as a division commander who conducted the exercises increased the complexity of live ammunition, 21 medal.
. The most valuable reward feels medal "For Defense of Leningrad", which was in 14 years even during the blockade of the first hundred recipients
. Ivan Kuskin not just survived the siege: all the 900 days he worked on household plots, in turning the company shop, a guard at a bakery. Gasilov "fugaski and lighters.
In 1978, gave the army 49 years, Ivan Semenovich Kuskin the rank of General in the left margin.
In 1979 he was appointed director general build hotels "Pulkovo", two years later received her. Last 20 years associated with a hotel that has become a favorite brainchild of Ivan S..
Under international class "Pulkovo" refers to the 4-star hotels. The hotel complex of 840 rooms for 1600 persons, of which 80 - single, 743 - double rooms and 17 - two-bedroom suites, three large and several small restaurants, two bars. There is a concert hall "Pulkovo" 500 seats. Since the construction of the hotel has seen many changes: open three stores, a branch bank with currency exchange, operates an international telephone. In the tourist company "Pul Travel" can be issued visas and foreign vouchers. Organized by selling tickets for planes and trains. At the hotel there is a small sports complex with tennis courts, garage with workshop and a sink for cars. For tourism services in the hotel has a beauty shop, repair shops and footwear.
1998 Hotel graduated with stable profits and big plans for the future: Ivan Kuskin wants to build a hotel on the basis of a modern tourist center, saving "Pulkovo" as a single organism. Today more than ever CEO confident of the need for hotel development for the whole city for all citizens.
By Ivan Semenovich often come to ex-soldiers. With all he talks personally, but the principle is one of employment - a professional fitness. After all, the backbone of the team remained from the opening of the hotel. Head, the general director, must unite in a "caring father" and "teachers" do not allow yourself to unnecessary cruelty - it leads to failure. The staff member should not just pay money, but also to teach him to work, to try to save his team of decent people.
With youth Ivan Kuskin keen on sports - service required physical fitness. In tennis continues to play to this day: in 1989 - paired with the master of sports. Playing weekly on weekends in the winter - in the hall, in the summer - in the open court.
He is married and has two sons and three grandchildren. Therefore, the most important personal plans - caring for the family: Ivan Semenovich wants to close to normally enter into the rhythm of this stormy life.

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KUSKIN Ivan Semenovich, photo, biography
KUSKIN Ivan Semenovich, photo, biography KUSKIN Ivan Semenovich  General Director of JSC Hotel Complex `` `Pulkovo, Lieutenant-General., photo, biography
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