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LAZARIAN Vyacheslav Pavlovich

( Director General Joint-Stock Company `Sovavto-St Petersburg`.)

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Biography LAZARIAN Vyacheslav Pavlovich
Born and raised in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan SSR.Posle graduation went to work as apprentice fitter Mingechaurskoe factory road cars. Mastered a specialty tool-maker.
Then in the Soviet Army, in the railway troops in Leningrad oblasti.Posle service in the army in 1970, remained in Leningrad. Got a job as a driver in the cargo motor transport enterprise N 17 Office "Lenstroytrans". Combine work with study at night school of the Polytechnic Institute was not easy, but learning and accumulated experience of practical knowledge produced results. His hard work and an initiative has been noticed and he was transferred to an engineer's manual.
. The young specialist demonstrated ability for leadership and in 1974 was appointed Deputy Chief Operating Cargo motor enterprise N 15 Glavlenavtotransa
. A year later he was appointed deputy head of the company operating the loading of vehicles N 2 Lenstroytransa. At that time the company served the house-building combines and trusts "zero" cycle city. Had to develop routes to create teams of drivers panelevozov, expect delivery schedules concrete products to the necessary parts arrived at the construction site within. For the system to seamlessly worked, it took four-hour visits to the DSC and the construction site for the harmonization of work.
. Clear the work to supply construction projects of the city building parts were seen in the Office Glavlenavtotransa and in November 1981 he was appointed first deputy chief of operation and the commercial work of the service road transport hub of the Leningrad,
. Creating a transportation hub was a very progressive idea. Connect to one node in all modes of transport, their coordination, had a great economic results. This initiative was supported by the Government of the Leningrad of the country and recommended for implementation in other regions. As time showed, tansportnye nodes proved fully justified.
. In this position he served until February 1984, . when he was summoned to the Regional Party Committee and, . as well-proven employee, . appointed deputy chief Glavlenplodoovoschproma This appointment is dramatically altered the scope of, . but he did not lose his, . but with his characteristic energy picked up a new business,
. The work was very responsible, tk. Glavlenplodoovoschprom supplied huge city products. Soon he became chief of Glaucus. I had to wander on the field, often traveling to other regions and republics of the USSR, to arrange deliveries of vegetables and fruits in Leningrad. Use the experience, ability to prove, and sometimes even require the implementation of supply. This work involved close cooperation with municipal leaders, members of the Government of the country. Established close relations with the leaders of the city and the republics, there were extensive contacts have grown significantly in outlook. During his leadership of Commander, the first time in the Soviet Union opened the famous fruit and vegetable shops: "Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot, with free prices, which were limited only by the level of profitability. Delivery of the products was carried out directly from the republics of the USSR and the socialist countries under direct contracts. The goods are delivered as soon as possible by truck, a simplified design. This required a tremendous amount of work on the harmonization of the delivery system, the signing of intergovernmental agreements. It was then established specialized convoy of 40 trucks Glavlenplodoovoschproma and, subsequently, brought up to 180 cars.
All the years of work in another area, transportation did not cease to attract. In August 1990 he became director of the Production Association international transport of goods "Sovavto-Leningrad" Foreign Trade Association "Sovtransavto". After his departure from Glavlenplodoovoschproma, just eight months later, Glaucus was eliminated.
. Car enterprise "Sovavto-Saint-Petersburg" was the first public company among trucking companies registered in the city, with Vyacheslav Pavlovich company experienced ups and resolve crises
. Currently, CEO of OJSC "Sovavto-St Petersburg, with the same energy, manages the largest car enterprise in the North-West Russia. He knows many carriers and freight forwarders in Europe and Scandinavia. He is a member of the Association of International Road Carriers of Russia. His efforts marked the honorary title "Honored Avtotransportnik Russia.
Sam drives a company car, in your spare time, he enjoys being in nature, gardening and horticulture in the country.

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    LAZARIAN Vyacheslav Pavlovich, photo, biography
    LAZARIAN Vyacheslav Pavlovich, photo, biography LAZARIAN Vyacheslav Pavlovich  Director General Joint-Stock Company `Sovavto-St Petersburg`., photo, biography
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