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( General Director of JSC 'Adamant')

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Biography LEYTIS Igor
born October 12, 1963 in Leningrad. He graduated from Leningrad Engineering-Construction Institute. From 1985 to 1988 he worked as foreman Trust N 18 "Santehmontazh-62" In 1988-1989 - Head of construction site plant Santehoborudovanie ". In 1989 - 1991 years - deputy chairman of the cooperative "Industry". Since 1992 - Director General of JSC "Adamant". Married, two children.
Joint-Stock Company "Adamant", which is headed Leytis Igor, is the largest network of stores for the interior, best known in St. Petersburg and North-West region.
JSC "Adamant" is working in St. Petersburg since 1992 and specializes in products for the interior. Company arose spontaneously. At one time there was a competition for the best name, which would in the future, consistent with a large prestigious firm. There is a word Adamant, which means in Greek: solid, sturdy and was synonymous with diamond. Later the word was transformed into Diamond.
Why products for interera9 Then, in the early nineties, "Adamant" is one small shop area of 120 square. meters and sold exclusively plumbing. Choosing bathroom was rather a coincidence, but just one happy accident, which enables a person who got a "my" place, to open their own ability to fully. Experience in a short time, the experience suggested, in what direction should develop successfully started this company.
The rapid development of the company in a relatively short period of time (for 8 years from one store to a large holding company) was made possible due to competently constructed business philosophy.
The company's management is always lined up a business, not for the instantaneous excess profits, and focussed on what is always needed, which gives a steady income and is "eternal" business. In addition, the company's initial strategy was to create a network of stores with a large assortment. So fierce was the fight for every place to shop. Today, the company owns the stores, located on the lucrative trade commodity srednedorogim places in the city. Customers Adamant "are 10-15% of the population with sufficient regular income.
Prospects for growth of the company was originally incorporated in its strategy. For example, JSC "Adamant" phased out middlemen. And to date between the store and the supplier is not a chain, which is replenished to an expense of firm. Our next step in development - the opening of its production. The company has been producing plastic windows, closets, kitchen shop launched.
Another area the company's business - the construction of shopping complexes. Previously JSC "Adamant" was the only major shareholder and leased them to suit your needs. Now the company has become not only their owner, but also builds itself, which is certainly beneficial for the development of the city, because it allows to create additional jobs. The latter complex built JSC "Adamant" - Baltic.
The company's team united by a desire to work and earn money. The key concept for the staff - professionalism, which is expressed in an effort to achieve results. The personal approach to people provides high stability of the team (no turnover, 85% of people are working constantly). Initially all the professionals to prepare themselves now have the opportunity to invite professionals to more favorable conditions of work.
Today "Adamant" - a trading network, consisting of ten stores with total area of more than 6.5 thousand. Q.. meters, in which the range of several thousand kinds of goods: from wallpaper to lamps, from fridges to baths, from furniture (hallways, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, children) to blankets and bed linen, all kinds of household appliances. Joint-Stock Company "Adamant" also has two restaurants, bar, nightclub.
The company owns 30% stake in shopping malls: "Balkan", "Shuvalovo", "Aerodrom", the factory windows and doors "Evrostroystandart" has a motor company in the park which 32 cars.
Number of staff JSC "Adamant" - 700.
"Adamant" without exaggeration, be called an encyclopedia of comfortable life, where anyone can draw something for himself.
Shirok not only variety, but also of services provided by shops JSC "Adamant", which includes free consultation and design, and purchase of necessary goods from catalogs. Each buyer in accordance with their income, in accordance with their perceptions of comfort and coziness can create in your apartment, the interior unlike other. Everyone can try to enforce the thesis: my house - my soul is embodied.
Goods, which the company offers its customers the highest quality and are able to satisfy the most discerning taste. The prices are quite competitive, and the warranty periods increased. The secret of moderate prices and long-term guarantees easy. "Adamant" is working with its suppliers, without intermediaries, directly. Vendors of enterprise - the leading companies in Europe. They include such famous companies as BOSH, SIEMENS, TEFAL, IDO, ORAS, ARISTON, INDESIT, ELECTROLUX, and others, their forty. The company is the official dealer JACUZZI - manufacturer of popular whirlpool baths and shower cubicles.
Along with the retail trade "Adamant" pays great attention to the wholesale trade. In the summer of 1998 wholesale trade was 40 - 45% of total sales. In the future we plan to increase its intensive through mutually beneficial cooperation with Russia's firms operating outside of St. Petersburg. Plans to establish franchise system trade. Already, the company cooperates with more than 30 Russia's regions. The largest volume of shipments accounted for Bashkortostan, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Arkhangelsk, Pskov.
Trade is not the only skate company. In 1996, the "Adamant" created their own production to produce windows, doors and walls of metal and plastic technology company RENAU Germany. Is planned to open new own productions.
New technology, the company has brought in the organization of the trading business, where all employees are interested in the results of their labor. All the shopping malls "Adamant" are separate legal entities from their bank accounts. CEO Igor Leytis convinced that there should be no overall boiler. Each team must know how much he earned, and to see the tangible fruits of their labor.
What is trading on new technologies, to feel the buyers and. All shops "Adamant" is very conveniently located - always close to the metro, St. Petersburg and attract guests high quality service, variety and quality goods. But most of all for the soul came the new shopping complexes "Adamant", where a well-designed infrastructure: pub, cafe, halls of slot machines. Everything works to ensure that people, п╥п╟пЁп╩я▐п╫я┐п╡я┬п╦я┘ here was an opportunity not only to make the necessary purchases, but also to unwind, relax, have a good time the whole family.
Successes there: a monthly turnover of the first shop "Adamant" reached 8 thousand. dollars, the turnover of the average shopping mall today, about 200 thousand. U.S.. But the rest on their laurels the company's management does not intend. So only in 1996 the company had invested in the construction of 20 billion. rubles. This "Adamant" actively seek and find partners for implementation of promising projects. Competition - well, and cooperation - better.
"Adamant" holds shares in the companies' StroyInvest "and" Stroyinvest-1 ". "Adamant" participated in the construction of large shopping complexes "Kupchinskaya", "Shuvalovo", "Adamant" at the metro station "Pioneer", which were opened in 1997-98. All of these retail spaces leased by stores various firms. For example, only in the mall at "Pioneer" employs one hundred and eleven such shops - a real trading empire.
The company development is beneficial to all, and, above all, the city. And the benefit is expressed in the most concrete things. That and taxes, which are regularly paid to the budget. This new jobs, which to date has more than 2000, including jobs for disabled. This landscaped area adjacent to all ten stores "Adamant". This involvement of Russian and Russian architects and construction companies for the design and construction of shopping complexes. Last but not least - a charity. For charitable purposes by the spring of 1998, the company spent a total of about 100 million. Rub. And, finally, "Adamant" - one of the sponsors who are actively involved in the fate of creative young people. Suffice it to recall tenders "Admiralty Needle", "star model" and competition ballroom dancing.
Today it is hard to imagine a business without a St. Petersburg company "Adamant". Want to believe that tomorrow will make it more difficult.
Prospects of the company's management is not linked with the expansion of chain stores, but with the implementation of the thesis Adamant - style of life ". We want to make people feel that we constantly take care of him, that we are ready for our customers to do something for free. President of JSC "Adamant" is a serious person and used, . like any businessman, . having a subordinate to a solid team of employees he unhurried and degrees, . think first, . than to say anything, . since it clearly represents a degree of responsibility for his words,
. He says little and only the main respects justified risk and healthy excitement of entrepreneurship. Leytis, a businessman who worries not only its direct business, but also a trade development strategy in Russia as a whole. In his view, it is necessary that in Russia was the least possible privileges in business, as they were originally created unequal conditions for business development. General Director of JSC "Adamant" man of patriotic convictions, who believes that working in Russia, although difficult, but interesting. There are many unknown, much can be done and see the result.
This person is active, build it, his favorite pastime is building, work with his hands, right here and now. In his attitude toward the people it seeks to combine rigor and rigor with an understanding of, . that not everything depends on people, . who obey him, . that is easier to overcome difficulties in the team, . in which everyone feels a measure of responsibility for the case, . rather than waiting for promotion or a reprimand by superiors.,

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