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Mirilashvili Konstantin

( President of the Corporation `Euroservice`.)

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Biography Mirilashvili Konstantin
photo Mirilashvili Konstantin
Born in May 1961 in the village Kulashi Samtredi District of Georgia.
In the Colchis lowlands for centuries cultivated planting of trees, which bred larvae of the silkworm, which allowed Kulashinskoy weaving factory to produce natural silk.
Grandfather Constantine, Gabriel Mikhailovich, a long time served as the director and the factory was a very respected person in Georgia. Father, Michael Gabrielovich, where he worked as chief engineer.
In the family tradition was taken cultivate entrepreneurship, hard work, and - in accordance with religious precepts - caring and sincere love for people. I am very grateful to my parents. They taught their children that all the benefits and harm people depend on his moral conduct and the level of spirituality, and, equally importantly - strength of mind when moving target. These qualities help now in life and business.
After graduating from the local high school with a gold medal, Constantine dreamed of becoming a pediatrician and so I went to study at the Leningrad Institute of Pediatrics. But perestroika began, and he joined in the cooperative movement. Initially created a private company in sewing fashion. All the money they invested only in the development. With this already in 1991, managed to establish a firm "Euroservice" and began trading in the major cities of the European department stores clothing and carpets. The firm then began to assemble and sell computers, but after some time has mastered new areas of activity - wholesale supplies of food and industrial goods. These were the years of hard work, study, failures and successes, frustrations, and inspiration.
Now Corporation Euroservice brings together companies and firms that operate in Russia and more than a dozen foreign countries. Members of the Corporation owned or are major shareholders of the twelve and three sugar mills, . Foil Plant, . fishing enterprises, . furniture manufacturing and enterprise housing, . Frunzensky department stores and a large sitting Yard, . restaurants, . including fast food chain,
. The Corporation is implementing several major construction projects, . including the construction of shopping and entertainment centers with a total area of 70 000 square meters, . promising pharmaceutical project in collaboration with Institute of Hydrolysis, . number of projects in the field of high technologies (production of fullerenes, . software development),
. Today, the corporation develops advertising, hotel and real estate business.
In the union, which unites members of the Corporation, is the common philosophical and ethical views on the system of rights and responsibilities of business to society and fellow.
"Euroservice" participates in many important charitable and economic programs of St. Petersburg and Russia, self-funded projects related to support for medical and childcare facilities, sports teams. This area of emphasis Constantine Mirilashvili, his constant personal care.
Married. Wife - pharmacologist, is involved in projects of the Corporation of social orientation.
Son - schoolboy. Fascinated computer. He wants to come to Harvard.
The family lives given to Joseph Kobzon Yorkshire terrier Billy.
From their posts and ranks the most value assigned to the Children's Fund Status General Sponsor of the Fund.
Favorite sport - basketball.
Leisure prefers to spend with his son, playing football, tennis, visiting the pool.
He loves and knows well Petersburg. Did much to revive its status as cultural capital of Russia.
Strong-willed man, organically understands the unity of human morality and strictly observes its.
Formula for success Konstantin Mikhailovich - honesty, integrity and competence. Faith. Faith in God and the unlimited possibilities of people, informed and high performing its public mission.

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Mirilashvili Konstantin, photo, biography
Mirilashvili Konstantin, photo, biography Mirilashvili Konstantin  President of the Corporation `Euroservice`., photo, biography
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