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Mirilashvili Mikhail Mikhailovich

( Chairman of the Board of Directors of the holding `Petromir`; President of the corporation `KONTI`.)

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Biography Mirilashvili Mikhail Mikhailovich
photo Mirilashvili Mikhail Mikhailovich
Born May 1, 1960 in the village. Kulashi Samtredi area of the Georgian SSR.
Higher education medical, pediatrician.
Influential Petersburg entrepreneur: Chairman of the Board of Directors of the holding "Petromir; President of the corporation" Conti ".
Areas of activity - pharmaceutical, medicine, construction, real estate, manufacturing, new technologies, entertainment, restaurant and hotel business.
Religion - Jewish
. Well-known public figure: President of Association of Jewish aesthetics and physical culture Maccabi St. Petersburg, . Russia, . CIS and Baltic countries, the President of the St. Petersburg otdeleniya Rossiiskogo Jewish Congress; Laureate awards for charity work,
Married, two children.
In Georgia, not far from Samtredi, there are p Kulashi. The main occupation of residents kulashinskih - raising silkworms and work at a weaving factory, producing fine silk.
For many years the director of the factory and the most famous and respected person in the district was Gabriel Mikhailovich Mirilashvili. On his father's footsteps and went to his son, Michael Gabrielovich, who became chief engineer, the present commander of the production.
Male family Mirilashvili not hold management experience. And manufacturing success has become commonplace for them. In those places there was talk that Mirilashvili from birth - managers, programmed to win.
Long since most villagers Kulashi profess Judaism. The ancient religion came to Georgia, 2,600 years ago, and members of a large close-knit family Mirilashvili from time immemorial are brought up in good Jewish traditions.
Of course, first of all their human qualities Mirilashvili shown in relation to each other, being an excellent example for the Georgians, and Jews. After all, their upbringing formed the basis of respect for elders, hard work, loyalty to one's word, attention to moral values, concern for loved ones and others:
. And in this big, friendly and respected family May 1, 1960 was born Mikhail Mirilashvili
. Studying in the school Michael was given without difficulty, and especially the tendency he displayed in the exact sciences. Parents encouraged the first child for doing well at school, seeing in the formation of the most important priority. Probably why Michael Mirilashvili not become a serious athlete, although he loved sports and always had a great sports information.
After school, it was decided that he would continue his studies at university. At that time, a special prestige in Georgia to benefit from medical education, and the Leningrad Institute for the level of education were out of competition. And then affected the education received by Michael in the family. He went against the wishes of parents - to become a doctor, and opted for paediatrics. So in 1977, Mikhail Mirilashvili was in Leningrad, and successfully passed a big competition, became a student of the Pediatric Medical Institute.
Northern capital had Michael, and he answered her true love. For over 20 years, Mikhail Mirilashvili believes Leningrad, St. Petersburg as his second home.
Studying at the institute, an active social life broadened horizons Michael, helped shape the quality leader. At the time, began a number of singles with peers and older students, who are now his close associates, are involved in numerous commercial and public projects.
That's when Michael Mirilashvili used to prioritize the sincerity of human relations. And to this day he believes that the partner, the employee can be forgiven a lot, but not hypocrisy, not hypocrisy. Since ancient times it was used to build their activities on the basis of sincerity and honesty.
Michael and his classmates remember a lot of funny stories about the time of joint study. One of them is connected with the game in the institute's soccer team. At the military training camp in Murmansk, students met in principle match with a strong command of troops. Cadet Mirilashvili alone beat rivals and scored a magnificent goal. This saw the head of the charges and was so impressed that Michael, who until then ladilis relationship with the military department, the first set "offset".
Tendency for mathematics not found a decent application to medical school, but she opened the door to Mikhail Mirilashvili in the world game. Chess, "Leningrad" preference, and all that is possible to apply the remarkable abilities of computation, analysis and combinatorics, have since become an integral part of the life of Michael. He was never ashamed of his passion for intellectual competition, and subsequently the first game in St. Petersburg made a civilized business. Today the corporation Conti St. Petersburg combines the best entertainment and gambling establishments, and a single prize system JACKPOT become the largest network of gaming machines in Europe.
In 1979 he graduated bachelorhood Mikhail Mirilashvili: he threw in his lot with the beautiful Laura. Today they have two children. Interestingly, the wedding of the eldest daughter of Michael and Laura came on the same day as the wedding of her parents twenty-one year earlier.
Laura - a pharmacist by training, worked as a pharmacist. Being a wife and mother, raising children. When the children grew - became actively involved in social and charitable activities of her husband. Today, Laura, as Michael says, helps him to spend the money properly.
After the institute in 1983, children's doctor Mikhail Mirilashvili was supposed to return to Georgia and start a medical practice. Being brought up his son, he could not go against the wishes of parents and deceive their expectations.
But fate had decided otherwise, and for a long time to work in this specialty Michael did not have. Changes began in the country gave him the opportunity to realize the business potential, which he had inherited and developed a. Useful and communication, accumulated over years of his life in Leningrad. Yet the main role played good name Mirilashvili, passed down from generation to generation. Partners confident in the word of honor and decency of Michael, lent its first commercial operation.
And success did not take long to wait. To the credit of a young entrepreneur must say that luck did not went to his head. Having returned loans, he immediately reinvested earnings in new projects. Profit and again invested in the case. The country has a total deficit of acute shortage of essential items, it was only for the ability to respond quickly to market conditions, the ability to make quick and correct decisions.
Then again Michael handy mathematical gift, use its talent to find common language with different people. The newly affected education, mixed with the centuries of proven standards of the ancient Jewish religion.
People who know Michael long Mirilashvili, among its distinguishing features is called an amazing ability to solve the most complicated problems through negotiations. And his skill on the part of building partnerships is also famous in the business world. As one of his old companions: "What I learned about the partnership in thirty years, Misha knew in three years".
With inspiration by making something that lay his soul, Mikhail Mirilashvili did not try to earn a specific amount. Profits he believed only a sign of another victory, another step forward. And the money considered as a tool with which he worked.
He did not set out to - to achieve some fixed success, status in society, in other words - to reach the level defined in the specific amounts of bank deposits, the number of yachts and villas on the coast of the exotic.
It just worked selflessly every day, improved in knowledge of economics - and step by step, came to today's recognition. Hard work, the experience of the successes and mistakes have formed the current Mikhail Mirilashvili.
Its remarkable characteristic phrase: "I do not want to be first, but I can not stand to be second". Many entrepreneurs, including those that are much older than his age, eventually recognized the primacy of Michael. With this recognition in the nineties he became president of numerous organizations and associations.
Today the commercial successes of Mikhail Mirilashvili can express an impressive amount. However, he believes the financial performance is not the most important. To this day, the question of how much money he has, Mikhail Mikhailovich invariably replied that he lives comfortably enough to. All that exceeds the personal spending, is in circulation, all invested in its projects.
Good project, as Michael likes to repeat itself - this, above all, a good economy. A good economy - it is precise knowledge of market conditions, warmhearted account, full legality, good partnerships and the ability to see a little further than others
. The current interests of the influential St. Petersburg businessman Mikhail Mirilashvili extend in pharmaceuticals and high technology, . rielterstvo and construction, . restaurant and hotel business, . supply of food and - for the soul - in the games and entertainment industry,
Mikhail owns or is a major shareholder in many companies and commercial structures Petersburg. In 2000, the leaders of dozens of companies chosen by Mikhail Mirilashvili Chairman of the Board of Directors of uniting them holding Petromir ".
Not escape the attention of Mikhail's life and a large Jewish community of St. Petersburg. It helps the synagogue, the Society promotes the development of Jewish aesthetics and physical culture Maccabi.
Since the early 90's, the activities of Maccabi is inextricably linked with the name of Mikhail Mirilashvili, who became president of the club not only in St. Petersburg, but the Union clubs Maccabi in the CIS and Baltic.
Particular story requires charitable work of Mikhail Mikhailovich. Traditions of philanthropy in Russia includes many years, but today there is no legal basis nor the culture of needy. In this area, he became a pioneer and recognized leader.
According to the polls, St. Petersburg, conducted by the secretariat of Sciences, Mikhail Mirilashvili twice - up to 1999 and 2000 - received a public award "The people of our city" in the nomination "Patron of the Year". Charity work of Mikhail Mikhailovich awarded and other awards, but he values most is the prize, since it is awarded directly to citizens, and not some kind of committees and organizations.
Jewish charities "EVA" and "Hesed Abraham, who patronizes Mikhail Mirilashvili, annually provides assistance to tens of thousands of St. Petersburg. Elderly and disabled, not only Jews, deliver food and medicine, help in cleaning the house, issuing a pair of crutches and wheelchairs.
Mikhail organized funding soup kitchens for the poor urban. Since early 90-ies on the leading concert halls of St. Petersburg Mikhail happy holiday light Chanukah. Over the past few years the holiday has become a real event in the cultural life of the northern capital and occupied a permanent place in the repertoire of the concert hall "October".
One Jackpot prize system, Europe's largest network of gaming machines, is a holding company controlled by Mikhail Mirilashvili. For Child Protection Day June 1, 1999, the company regularly donates large sums of winnings in favor of St. Petersburg hospitals, and orphanages. Mikhail Mikhailovich was able to organize the growing flow of funds in favor of these institutions and from other sources. And by the end of 2000, charitable financial assistance to orphanages calculated already millions of rubles.
On the amazing organization of Mikhail Mirilashvili said that in spite of his employment, he finds time for sports.
Football he had to leave after a crucial match Michael impact damaged muscle. In search of game, where the injury would not be impacted as much, he came to the tennis. And in his new role once again emerged fighting qualities and commitment of Mikhail Mikhailovich. After three or four years training, he became the strongest player among the St. Petersburg amateurs, storm amateur fights. Spectators and participants of tournaments "White Nights", "Petersburg duo", "Cup of the press," Governor's tournament "remember loud victory Mirilashvili. He ever play with "stars" of world values: from Bjorn Borg, Henri Leconte, Andrei Chesnokov and many others. Michael is proud of its victories over Leconte Chesnokov and in doubles.
For Mikhail Mirilashvili personal life and business are so closely intertwined that their love for tennis, he moved into the commercial area. Corporation Conti, his favorite child, became co-owner of the tournament series of the ATP-Tour "St.Petersburg Open". In 2000, with a new partner of the tournament prize fund increased to $ 800,000, came close to tournaments with million -. Guests and participants of "St.Petersburg Open" in one voice stated qualitatively new level of organization not only games but also the accompanying events of the tournament, made the appearance among the founders Mikhail Mirilashvili.
And domestic Michael Mirilashvili - great family man. And, despite numerous studies, several times a week, finds time to go with his wife in a museum, restaurant. Michael and Laura - regulars opera and ballet performances at the Mariinsky Theater.
Daughter Tamara after high school in St. Petersburg went to Israel, and in August 2000, married, telling her parents that she intends to earn a living. She is studying at a university in Israel, dreaming of becoming an artist-designer.
Son Vyacheslav ends American diplomatic school. Father is very pleased with brilliant achievements of his son - a straight. However, the most valuable Mikhail Mirilashvili believes that teachers are starting to talk about glory, first and foremost point is not training, or tennis, or volleyball success, and his fine human qualities. Mikhail hoped that in future son will be the first assistant in the family business.
Once in the white nights, while walking on the Neva embankment, Michael and Laura met his friends, who walking their miniature poodles. On the proposal - to take a puppy - the wife unexpectedly and for each other say "yes". So at Michael and Laura appeared Julie. Mikhail joked that as Laura well brought up children, so bad - dog. Julia grew skittish, but charming in the extreme.
What escheN Mikhail Mirilashvili not abused, sweet, though at times it is not averse to taste ice cream with raisins in a restaurant casino "Conti" or almond cookies from the chef of the club "Olympia". Not smoke, do not relate to alcohol.
The casino is not often, preferring to meet with strong players in the tournaments organized by the corporation "Conti". Smart card games - Debertz, solitaire, stud poker continues to attract. However, to play until the morning, as in ancient times, he allows himself to rare: it makes it difficult to work the next day.
The last time he sang at a party in the early 80's at the personal request of Alla Pugacheva. Since then, refuses to sing, saying he did not hear anything more frustrating. And like good music, and is friends with famous composers and performers.
Emblem and many politicians, although in political activity does not participate of principle. He believes that everyone should mind his own business - the fact that he really knows and is able to. Moreover, the Jewish religion teaches us not to resist the legally elected government, and to interact with her.
Where necessary, he is serious and uncompromising, where it is - gay and witty. He was generous and magnanimous, quick-tempered - and othodchiv: In short, a normal man - Mikhail Mirilashvili.

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  • sergey for Mirilashvili Mikhail Mikhailovich
  • I warmly congratulate you, . Mikhail the release! Wish, . that would be all the time, . while you were unjustly imprisoned, . repeatedly fills the spiritual and material benefits, . willy-nilly to the experience gained by you to multiply your wisdom, . purposefulness, . faith and optimism,
    . Do not look in the past day and hope for God's mercy and his strength. Best regards! Your former lawyer (neighbor on an adjacent house in the mob in St. Petersburg in 2002.) Grigoriev SV. 'sergey@email.ua'
  • Andrew Chusov for Mirilashvili Mikhail Mikhailovich
  • Mikhail Mikhailovich Hello! I do not know where you write better! I am in Moscow, and urgently to see you! ready to be in Petrograd on the first call! my phone is 89175067771. from Masha hello!
  • Nani for Mirilashvili Mikhail Mikhailovich
  • Dear Mikhail Mikhailovich, my father Nikolai Alexandrovich is willing to contact you and is sending you best regards!
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    Mirilashvili Mikhail Mikhailovich, photo, biography
    Mirilashvili Mikhail Mikhailovich, photo, biography Mirilashvili Mikhail Mikhailovich  Chairman of the Board of Directors of the holding `Petromir`; President of the corporation `KONTI`., photo, biography
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