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Rumyantsev and R. Maxim

( Director Printing Lubavitch ``.)

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Biography Rumyantsev and R. Maxim
Born February 6, 1963 in Leningrad. Petersburger fourth generation. Parents and grandparents - engineers, builders and architects.
Great-grandfather - an engineer, town planner, before the revolution headed his own engineering office. After the revolution, participated in the construction of many objects in Leningrad and other cities. Grandfather - Stalin prize-winner. Candidate of Technical Sciences, was the chief designer of a large enterprise engaged in designing plants with nuclear reactors. His father is the scientific work to improve the corps of high-pressure. Mother - participated in the design of many famous sites in St. Petersburg - TUZ, a concert hall "October", airport "Pulkovo", a complex of protective structures against floods, etc.
. Maxim R. from 1970 to 1978 he studied at the school N 52 of the Intensive English Language
. In the school years involved in chess at the famous school at the Leningrad Palace of Pioneers. Friends-chess players were advised to move from the "English" school in the 30th in physics and mathematics, where he graduated in 1980. After the physical-mechanical department of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute in 1986, Maxim R. has been distributed in KB "Arsenal" of. M.V. Frunze.
For three years he worked as an engineer - counting on the strength of aircraft parts. But engineering activities did not like him. Under the influence of "perestroika" Maxim R. decided to change his profession and moved in 1989 to a local factory factory newspaper correspondent. Time to work as a journalist was the most successful - have weakened the ideological influence of the Party committee and has not yet appeared, "economic" pressure from the owners of the media. Three years of creative work have been much more interesting to three years in the engineering field. But the newspaper was closed, as many factory newsletter of the city, and the question arose - where and by whom to work on and how to feed semyuN
It was 1992 - the time Gaidar's reforms and galloping inflation ... School friends organized Maxim poluavantyurnuyu month trip with his brother in the U.S.. Brother - Peter Evgen'evich Serov - known in the young artist. Maxim R. made in America in the role of the administrator of the artist, found customers for portraits. And for the month the brothers not only recouped the cost of the trip, but earned $ 100. In those days it was almost average annual income of Russians. This money is enough to feed a family for three months, buy a puppy Scotch Terrier and open your own business.
. The entrepreneur and the director was the most interesting for Maxim Robertovich.
. Chess, . Mathematical School gave the necessary logical approach to any new problem, . parents - the softness and intelligence, . "Polytechnic" - "bear" in the grip of a complex situation, . journalism - the ability to listen, . wife - came up with the name of the company "Lubavitch" (named after his daughter).,
. His "business" - has become a matter of life Maxima Robertovich
. How to write a newspaper News Printing: "Printing" Lubavitch "- the brainchild of the new time. She started from scratch, and, unlike many printing companies of St. Petersburg, had left a legacy of public facilities. Which would become a springboard for a strong start, had no special relationship that would help a powerful promotion ".
In the first months of the director was both an accountant and a driver. And the chief and the commercial and industrial divisions.
Having started in January 1993 as a mediator in the printing industry, the company had neither the experience nor the skills nor the money. Worked in the firm, 4 people: friends and relatives. The driving force was the enthusiasm and desire to have its serious business. In the first year orders were mainly in black and white printing: medical, accounting forms, Tram-trolleybus books. Office is located in the Institute of Metrology, Moskovsky prospect. Gradually came new workers, many employed in the firm so far.
In January 1994, the company has accumulated a sufficient profit to buy the first printing machine - an old "Romayor-3, cutting and machine reemotochny. By May 1994 all employees moved into the leased area at the machine-building plant "Arsenal". The work of invited printers. Rezchikov, binders. Was obtained a license for printing operations.
From the beginning of their business management firm found it impossible to "throw" Customer. In the early nineties was a common practice - to take the advance and do nothing, and then disappear. In the printing house "Lubavitch" is not always relationships with customers is going well - there were delays in shipment, and typographical errors, and marriage, but we never took the money, did not refuse to do the job. If unable to comply with the required quality, then returned payment. Since 1994, over 2 years of printing and organized industrial relations, procure equipment, grew the number of jobs, and quality of executed orders.
. After the acquisition of personal computers "Lubavitch" able to produce artwork
. After the acquisition provolokoshveyki, creasing and povolotnogo Press - cover of brochures, production of magazines in hardcover and identity. After purchasing carbon frame - making forms at its base.
To download the idle power, organize a parallel business - refining and sale of the formatted paper. And the purpose of its work, the director had already seen not only to provide themselves with work and earnings, and expand business, create a large enterprise.
. Not everything was smooth in the history of printing: the problems with customers, continually arising relapse of alcoholism among workers, conflicts, bankruptcy Astrobanka ", where the current account" Lubavitch "
. But there were some good moments: We address the city level, such as the "Certificate of vaccination, which is given to all children. We worked with the consulates - Norwegian and Indian. Some works were carried out to produce abroad.
In 1996, acquired the two-color printing machine "Solna-225" and tried to make her a good quality full-color works. Unfortunately, this attempt was unsuccessful. Customers were unhappy with the quality.
Feel that their equipment, and the level of company management did not correspond to the time. The situation in the country has changed, competition has become tougher.
Therefore a need to change attitudes towards the quality of products work with the staff. First director and later head of the Commercial Division and head of production took place one year of study at the Higher School of Economics and received diplomas manager. It was a one-day general meeting of the company under the leadership of the Director of the Center of Sociological and psychological counseling E. Kreslavskii. During the meeting officials have identified priorities on the long road, which is called "crusade for quality, and professionalism, adherence to technology at each site, the acquisition of new equipment. Precise planning and coordination of. Commercial agents are trained in the company "International Trendstters" on "The successful sale."
In June 1997, was acquired by the new Czech printing machine "Polly-266". Since then a new page in the history of printing - history of the struggle for their share of the market full-color product. Along with the printing machine was purchased by frame "Copylate". But then, to be competitive and improve product quality, required buy more and more new machines: cutting "Ideal-72", enumerator tsvetoprobny. To control the quality of color prints was acquired by densitometer. Due to low prices and decent quality printing for a few months Download "Polly-266.
The year 1998 was devoted to improving the work, exploration of new markets. Reorganized the management structure, improved technology, a quarterly newspaper Lubavitch-News.
At the end of the year was planned purchase of a new four-car "Polly-466". But the financial crisis in the country to stop the rapid development of enterprise. The difficult situation is not delivered "Lubavitch" on my knees. Due to the refusal of its former level of profit has reduced printing costs and provided a loading. Printing continues to perform orders for museums, children's fund, young artists, the Orthodox Church.
Brand "Lubavitch has become fairly well known in the city. Printing "Lubavitch" according to experts is included in the top ten commercial printers of the city.

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Rumyantsev and R. Maxim, photo, biography
Rumyantsev and R. Maxim, photo, biography Rumyantsev and R. Maxim  Director Printing Lubavitch ``., photo, biography
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