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( Head Office 'Deloitte & Touche CIS' in St. Petersburg)

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Biography STENSMOR Thomas
photo STENSMOR Thomas
Thomas Stensmor became interested in Russia in his student years. In the summer of 1992, he graduated from American University in Washington with a BA in political science and went to Moscow to study Russia's law on trademarks, copyrights and patent rights. For him, this time was surprisingly interesting. This was the beginning of an entirely new phase in Russia's history and Thomas glad that not only witnessed a change, but also precisely in those years and has successfully tried his strength as an entrepreneur.
. According to Tom, . when a few years ago in Russia surged a wave of Americans, . total entrepreneurial enthusiasm ", . He also became a "victim" of this "fever" and, together with half brother in Russia began its business selling collectibles (including models of ships, . trains, . racing cars and aircraft) under an exclusive contract with the largest company in the U.S., . dealing with mail-order trade Catalog,
. Outdoor their shop "Capital Spending" (metro station "Ulitsa 1905) still has a huge success. Tom himself a passionate collector. His hobby - model airplanes. In his spare time, he enthusiastically engaged in radio-controlled models. The last of his acquisitions - a small IL-2 "- exactly, down to the smallest detail, reiterates its real prototype. Here only in the cockpit, sitting there and figure Bivesa Batheda, invariably causing smiles of other model aircraft.
. Returning back to the United States, Vol Stensmor received his doctorate of jurisprudence and master's degrees in intellectual property
. At the same time he continues to specialize in Russia's law. In 1993, Tom wrote his first article on the subject, . associated with Russia's legal system - "Licensing in Russia" for a large print edition "News", . and then come to Russia for training in large public organization "Soyuzpatent", . which is studying a new patent law, Russia, . licensing agreements, . and participates in the organization of the International Workshop on patents.,
. Well aware, . that for, . to work seriously in the country, . need to understand the political and economic situation, . know its history, . cultural, . literature, . Tom studied the history of Russia - and not superficial, . and with passion and desire inherent in a lawyer to look at the phenomenon from various parties and get to the truth,
. Much of his attitude toward the country was formed on the basis of Russian classics. Bulgakov's novel "The Master and Margarita", the beloved writer Tom, by his own admission, helped him to understand those aspects of national psychology and relationships, which often remains closed to foreigners.
From January to August 1995. Tom worked in a Moscow law firms, . where he managed a large staff of lawyers, . for consultations on Russia's law for foreign clients, . monitor the process of filing patent applications on behalf of American clients in Georgia, . Armenia, . Kyrgyzstan, . Moldova and Turkmenistan, . assisted in the registration of offshore companies.,
. In July 1995, Mr.
. Tom began working in the Moscow office of Deloitte and Touche CIS as a consultant, specializing in projects involving the use of Russia's bankruptcy laws for the restructuring of bankrupt enterprises. In addition, he continued to engage in patent law and amounted to a summary of the provisions of the RF legislation concerning the rights of trademark. Tom was also the initiator of the inclusion of advice on protection of intellectual property in the services of the all-Russia network of centers for business services in the project the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
. Later, in February 1997
. Tom Stensmor joined the Tax Department of the Moscow office of Deloitte & Touche. Since that time, . he was involved in analyzing the structure of tax planning and advise on issues of Russia and international tax planning firms, . many of which are compiled by Fortune magazine's top 500 leading companies in the world,
. In addition, he was responsible for a monthly tax newsletter Deloitte and Touche CIS. Although busy with work, he managed to keep the column "Tax Advisor" in the newspaper "Moscow Times", the most popular among foreigners living in Moscow.
. In July 1999, Volume Stensmor was transferred to work as the head offices of Deloitte and Touche in St. Petersburg, where he headed the friendly staff of the firm, working in the northern capital
. "He's our best. Since it is easy and pleasant to work, he is ready to help in any situation, he is a great professional and a very good person "- say about him his subordinates. Realizing that in order to acquire new customers, it is essential to know about the company, Thomas continues to be the author of the column "Tax Advisor", this time in the newspaper "St. Petersburg Times ".
. When it comes to St. Petersburg, . city, . Tom had to know and love, . he said, . that the founder of North Palmyra - Peter I, . his view, . the most significant figure in Russia's history, . and drawing analogies between the Petrine era and our time, . considers, . that now, . as then, . in the process of radical change, . place in all spheres of life of Russia, . changing the course of history and the country moves to a qualitatively different way of development.,
. Based in Moscow, Tom learned to speak in Russian, without going through the special language
. He is married to house our compatriot and says in Russian. Tom does not want to leave Russia, loves this country, and considers time spent here a wonderful period in my life. "I never thought that stay here for so long," - he says thoughtfully, - "but I have no reason to leave."

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STENSMOR Thomas, photo, biography
STENSMOR Thomas, photo, biography STENSMOR Thomas  Head Office 'Deloitte & Touche CIS' in St. Petersburg, photo, biography
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