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Yumin Oleg

( President and CEO-for-Profit Partnership 'Association of Securities Institutions')

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Biography Yumin Oleg
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President and CEO-for-Profit Partnership "Association of Securities Institutions" (www.asi.fincor.ru) since 1999. General Director of JSC "Daiga" (www.fincor.ru), JSC "New information technologies since 2000.
Born June 8, 1967 in g. Omsk.
In 1984 he moved to St. Petersburg and entered the Leningrad Technological Institute. Lensoveta in engineering cybernetics faculty.
From 1987 to 1989 he served in the Soviet Army, where he qualified surveyor 5 level and the master of construction. Supervised the construction of several facilities in Russia and Belarus, . served as surveyor, . Wizard, . superintendent at different sites - as the defense, . and civil, . was marked by the Medal "For Distinction in Labor", . various awards of the district and for high performance measures,
. Almost immediately after returning from service in parallel with the continuation of studies in a business venture in the field of marketing, retail and wholesale trade. Since 1991, the head of ECP "Ministry of Economic, subsequently CJSC Ministry of Economic,. Until 1994, the company was engaged in real estate transactions, then all the activity was related to financial and securities market.
In 1994 - the director of the firm calculated at the St. Petersburg Futures Exchange, CEO of the Clearing Center "Parity". Member of the Clearing House. With his direct participation in St. Petersburg was formed Russia's largest market of financial derivatives, and the company did not just become a national leader in options and futures instruments in the period from 1995 to 1997. They made an undeniable contribution to improving the legislative framework for the derivatives market for the assets of the financial market, developed a unique system of risk management in commodity exchanges. Since 1998, the General Director of JSC "Brok-LSD, a company specializing in the market of municipal loans, corporate securities, Saint-Petersburg Currency Exchange, a regional member of the emergency section of the MICEX, as well as other exchanges Russia.
After the 1998 crisis, the company's activities were refocused to work with local budgets, non-payers and public activities. In June 1999 Oleg Yuminov was elected Director General of Non-Commercial Partnership "Association of Securities Institutions", which brought together about 20 professional securities market participants of the North-West.
In early 2000 he was elected President of the Association - in fact, the only association of its kind in the North-West Russia. They were a lot done in the direction of protecting the professional interests of members and the organization of various inter-regional projects, the submission of the Northwestern community in various regions of the country, the press and online media.
With his direct participation in many companies to introduce and improve Information and Dealing System for OTC markets, which in fact anticipated the boom in online trading in mid-2000. In cooperation with members of the Expert Council of the Federal Securities Commission were developed change regulations that reduce the financial burden on the regional participants of the securities market, improvement of licensing laws. Also, the association had prepared recommendations and materials for the MAP and the Federal Securities Commission to improve the legal regulation of stock exchanges and stock exchange activity, the normalization of taxation of transactions with securities derivative CB. Association and led Yuminovym OV. Company Daiga "actively participate in the regional project" The Market Growth of St. Petersburg, designed to ensure the inflow of investment in new or developing projects in the region in partnership with CUBE.
Oleg is constantly improving their skills, is open to new beginnings.
In 2000 he graduated as an external student of the North-West Academy of State Service of the specialty "Jurisprudence". This allowed him to better defend the interests of professional professional community at the regional level, and Russia, . particularly, . Disputes between the professional actors in the field of stock trading and enforcement of legislation on securities markets and commodity exchanges,
. Several cases have received wide publicity and are actually jurisprudence in Russia.
Now he is actively involved in the reconstruction and the formation of the regulatory framework St. Petersburg Futures Exchange, speaking as an official consultant of the project.
As the head of Internet trading company, working in several different directions in the sphere of high technologies, it strives to maximize the level of protection of interests of clients or partners. The company is expanding inter-regional contacts: in addition to membership in the St Petersburg and Moscow stock exchanges is also a regional member of the Nizhny Novgorod Currency and Stock Exchange
. Participates in a number of charitable projects in the CIS level, supported the internationalist Research chronobiological Forum on the Internet in 2001, . interacts with the scientific journals ( "Reality and the subject") and companies ( "Synergetics", etc.) in research, . advertising and organizing projects,
He is fond of psychology, the theory of cyclic processes, socio-political outlook, issues of religion, politics, macroeconomics, the problems of Russia's role in the geopolitical process.
Hobbies: travel.
Married with two children.

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Yumin Oleg, photo, biography
Yumin Oleg, photo, biography Yumin Oleg  President and CEO-for-Profit Partnership 'Association of Securities Institutions', photo, biography
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